How To Get Amazon Prime Student Discount in 2021?

Amazon is an American global innovation company situated in Seattle, Washington, which centers around web-based business, E-commerce, online streaming, and AI. It is viewed as one of the Big Five organizations in the data innovation/ IT industry. Amazon has already gained widespread popularity in many countries by providing E-commerce services and providing other services like Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.

All these services have been beneficial and are enjoyed by a humungous customer base. Not only can you find a variety of items on Amazon, but every once in a while, there will be sales such as Great Indian Sale, Freedom Sale, and they also have sales during festive seasons. Features like this make Amazon a big hit in the minds of the customers.

The year 2020 has been a rough year for all of us, and the E-commerce giant is no exception. So far, Amazon's target group was mainly the earning section of society. They recently started the Amazon prime student discount that enables students to access Amazon Prime membership at a subsidized rate.

In this article, we will be focusing on the features, eligibility, and ways to get the Amazon prime student discount. Continue reading to know more!

What Is Amazon Prime Student Discount?

With the ongoing pandemic, many small businesses have collapsed. Recently Amazon joined forces with Sprint a telecom service provider in the United States that helps provide a free 6 month period of trial for students looking for affordable ways to have a prime membership.

The Prime student discount allows students to experience the full amazon prime experience at a meager cost, $6.49 a month! With the ever-rising inflation in the world, it is a good option to utilize this subsidized version of Amazon Prime for the students. You can enjoy all the fun features of a prime membership with just a few clicks!


1. Features of Amazon Prime Student Discount

  • Affordable Pricing- The list of items that can be bought on Amazon is endless. With having a prime membership, some items can be bought at a cheaper rate. The other benefits that come along with a Prime membership can also be availed by just paying $6.49 per month instead of the standard $15 per month.
  • No Shipping Charges- Usually, the shipping charges are added at the end, thereby increasing the total purchase amount. This will not be the case with a student discount. Once the membership is bought, there will be no delivery charges, and the deliveries will be faster.
  • Prime Music Subscription- When the Amazon prime student discount is availed, you will also get a prime music subscription for free! You will be able to listen to and download thousands of tunes for no charge at all. The music library has a variety of music genres that can suit any mood.
  • Prime Video & Library- In addition to the prime music app, you will also be getting an unlimited access to prime video and the library. Here you can read books, watch and download any movie or show that you like! It also has shows subtitled in a large number of languages so that no one is left behind.
  • Deals Prioritization- When you are a prime member, you will be notified a few minutes early about the discounted prices when a sale is going on. This means that the student discount holders will be given higher priority than non-members.

2. Eligibility Criteria of This Student Discount

So far, this student discount is only operational in the USA. There is a similar program in India, but it does not have a free 6 months trial period. One needs to be a student of any recognized university in the United States and have ID proof of the same. A crucial aspect is that the student has to have an email ID ending with .edu to be eligible for the discount.

How to Avail The Amazon Prime Student Discount?

There is only one effortless way to avail of the discount. Getting this discount at the start of a recession is a great way to ensure that your budget is in check. Listed below are the instructions. Follow them carefully:-

  • Go to Amazon's Website- You can open the website on any device and then open the 'Student Subscription page'. You can search for it in the search bar on the top of the webpage. You can also access it through this link:-
  • Select 'Start 6-month Trial' Option- It will be present either on the top right corner of the screen or at the bottom of the screen. This will help you avail of all the benefits mentioned above.

  • Login/ Create an Amazon Account- If you have a login ID, enter that. Otherwise, you'll have an option to make a new account through which you can get the prime student discount. Only a few details will be asked, such as your name, E-mail ID, and phone number.

  • Type in Your University Details- Amazon will definitely verify your credentials, so make sure you do not make any typos while giving in your university details. It is a fairly simple process, so don't get worried. If this process doesn't work for you, you can always avail of the offer with the help of your email ID ending with ".edu".

  • Give Your Payment Details- This is the last step in the process, and then you can have fun with the student discount. You can be sure that Amazon will not use your payment details during the initial six months of the discount. And even once your first 6 months come to an end, you will only be charged $6.49 per month.


The Amazon prime student discount is a great deal for students as so much money can be saved while not compromising the quality of the service. This article aims to help you overcome your doubts regarding the subscription as it is a low-cost and risk-free initiative taken by the E-commerce giant. Have fun shopping, listening to music, reading, and even watching the shows you love with the help of the student discount!

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