Leo PlayCard: Download Latest APK for Android

Do you play games online? If yes, then you must be knowing the problems one face while playing the games. No, I’m not talking about the challenges you get. Here, we are talking about the situations where one needs to purchase gems, coins, and life by paying them.

For gamers like me, it is a serious issue. I really want to get all the life, gems and coins but without spending money for it. But guess what? I’ve found the solution. Yes, today, we are going to discuss about the Leo Playcard app through which one can get all the gems and coins without spending a single coin. How? Well, let’s scroll it down.

 What is Leo PlayCard?

Leo Playcard is an app which helps you in hacking the game so that you can get all the gems, life, coins, etc wi.thout wasting money on it. In other words, for Android users, it is a hacking app. and you know the best part of this app? You simply don’t need a rooting device for this app. yes, you really don’t need to root your device for this app.

You can do the in-app purchases through Leo Playcard and also, it supports many games like temple run, 8 ball pool, vector, etc. The latest version of this app is Leo Playcard 1.2.

How To Install Leo PlayCard On Android?

Since the application is not in the play store, you need to follow the following steps if you really want this app for making free in-app purchases.

  1. For downloading it, you need to go to its official site. Click here.
  2. Once you click, you need to click on ok to confirm the downloading.
  3. Once you download the apk, you will get redirected to the settings.
  4. You will see an option unknown sources on the security tab.
  5. Simply click on it so that it will allow you to download other than google play.
  6. Install it.
  7. You will see the button Launch once installed. Click on the button.
  8. The launch screen will appear so that you can enable the app by clicking on Leo Playcard disable.

9. You are done now. The app is ready to use.

 Features of Leo PlayCard

Now, let’s read some of the amazing features of this app.

1. Compatible with almost every game

Leo Playcard is compatible with almost every app. There are many alternatives of the app like creehack, freedom apk, appsara, but among all of them, Leo Playcard works with the maximum number of application. It also has a free inbuilt card which can be used on google play.

2. Unlimited and Free downloading of apps

Here, you can download unlimited applications without paying a cost for it. All you need to do is to open the app where you need to make a purchase and enable Leo Playcard. Simple. No? Also, be it a premium or a free app, you can always make changes according to you.

3. A new version comes with new features

With time, the app will come with a new version. And the best part is, with the new version, there will always be new features which can ease your work. With the recent update, they have added the new feature which will help you in fixing errors and crashes.

Pros and Cons of Leo PlayCard

Now, before you use it, let’s understand its pros and cons first.


1. You can do unlimited in app purchases without paying any money.

2. It will somehow save your device as it does not require rooting while installing the app in the device.


1. You can not buy a new app/game through it since it only works on In-app purchases.

2. You can use the app for offline games. However, you won’t be able to use it in any online game.

3. If you get caught while using it, your account may get suspended. So be careful.

4. Hacking is not a legal thing. So the chances of getting caught will always be there.

Alternatives of Leo PlayCard

Just in case, if you are unable to use this app, but you wish to get some free gems, coins and life without spending on it, you can try the alternatives of Leo Playcard. You will easily get many alternatives of this app.

However, I would prefer recommending the few alternatives like appsara and creehack. You will find them very similar to Leo Playcard. But there will be few different features too which you will get in the application which you might not find here.

Talking about Creehack, it does not require any activation button. also, it’s activation and installation process is very simple and easy to do. Just like Leo PlayCard, it also supports most of the apps.

Similarly, appsara also does the same work. However, its installation process is different from both Leo Playcard and Creehack. but the app is totally different from creehack and Leo playcard in terms of its features.


Wrapping up, Leo Playcard is basically an app which will hack the game for you so that you can make the in-app purchases without paying. Though it might contain some risk, it can be beneficial for you if you use it cleverly.

You can also customize your favorite games with the help of Leo Playcard. Also, you can use it without rooting your device. It is indeed the best application you can use for getting the free gems, coins, life and much more power which is needed for winning a game.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a gamer like me, simply install this app with the help of given guide. Install and enjoy!

Happy Gaming.

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