10 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android

Looking for a girlfriend? or a Girlfriend Simulator?? Find out the best Virtual Girlfriend apps in this article.

Isn't it amazing when everybody gets someone who thinks about them, who cherish them, who make them upbeat, despite everything you are single, possibly in light of the fact that you have better options as far as life partner or no one understands you the way you know yourself and you sit like a fool waiting for your ideal match.


Trust me, I understand what goes inside that heart and this is the motivation behind why "Techy whale" has brought you 10 best Virtual Girlfriend app.

Try not to worry, a couple of people may think what are Virtual Girlfriend applications?  Keeping all things in mind, these apps are developed for the people you 'miss' identity in a relationship, for the people who face issues while finding their ideal match i.e., these apps give you features where you can find a virtual girlfriend. Besides, you have the privilege to outline her like you can pick her hair shading, hair length, eyes shape, body shape and numerous different things. So here we are with top 10 Best Virtual Girlfriend Simulator Apps just to help you find the girl of your dream.


10 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

Here is a list of the best Virtual Girlfriend Apps to appreciate in the world of imagination and love. To Live and appreciate an existence we might have never imagined with a young lady we always wanted. Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps.

My Virtual Girlfriend App

My Virtual Girlfriend is a mobile application to start a funny and a flirty conversation with your girl. This app lets you select girl of your choice as it has more than 100 beautiful and unique girls. Virtual Girlfriend is somewhat similar to games for dating sites. Some of the best features of this app are you can choose any girl of your choice. A young lady of your fantasy and dream, a simple approach to connect to your girl.

If you wish to have a date and start a conversation with your girl then My Virtual App is the best. All you need to do is choose a girl of your choice with whom you need to start a conversation. Also, it is possible to change the shape of her face, hair and skin color, clothes. Best is that you can give a name you desire. After all, this is done you are ready to fall in love with a girl of your choice.


This app even lets you find several types of making an acquaintance for your girl. Start the conversation, go to the cinema, play games like mini-golf and so on more ahead, but do remember each choice you make for your girl has its own rewards and consequences, which might be a drawback for you. The feel of your touch can gain you more points. Remember one wrong move can make a difference with your girl. At every step of your relationship, you move you are one step closer to your goal. Thus experiencing the inexperienced.

Price: free with in-app purchases

Download free from Play store.

Virtual Girlfriend Momoda

A 3-D Virtual application which lets you have a girl of your choice. Virtual Girlfriend Momoda is a beautifully and amazingly designed application which is absolutely safe to access. Won't it be amazing to have a supermodel as your better half? So this is where you will meet the best supermodel of our planet. You can easily exchange words, the way you feel like talking to her and making her the best company for all time.

The best feature of this app is that your girlfriend can even dance for you and turn round 360 degrees. You can even change her dressing style, shoe, hairstyles, hats and so on. Here you can actually experience the unreal and feel all the fun you wanted to have.

Download Virtual Girlfriend Momoda from App store.

My Real Girlfriend

My Real Girlfriend application is a good chance and a better choice to meet a girl of your dreams. An easy to use and enhanced with 3-D graphics app. This app lets you spent all the exciting time with your better half anywhere as per your choice in virtual reality. You can start a conversation on different themes and in any language, you are comfortable with. Likewise, you can help her to put on something else according to your decision as she has her own particular closet.

Show your girl of your dream to your friends! You can even make videos of her while playing to see her in reality. Experience all the fun and spent all the memorable time with her.

Download My Real Girlfriend from Play store.

My Virtual Manga Girl

In need of a virtual girlfriend? So, friends, the wait is over. My Virtual Manga Girl is an original and best simulator of a virtual girlfriend in Manga style. Here you can care for your girl and cheer her up for whatever efforts she makes to impress you in her style. She likes to wear beautiful clothes and to change her hairstyle. Food! She’s even fond of food and tasty meals. So, be ready to her whims.

The interesting thing about the game is you'll never get bored, as the developers have added some interesting small games. The “three-in-row” is one of the most popular games of all.

Although the developers marketed My Virtual Manga Girl as a full simulator in the style of Talking Tom Cat. This game is simply a typical Tamagotchi. So, you can feed the girl, dress her, put to sleep and be the best companion. Across the board office, it has a decent stable and music framework and dependable functions admirably.

Download My Virtual Manga Girl from Play store.

Virtual Girlfriend 3-D Anime

Are you still dreaming of a virtual girlfriend aren’t you? You can have your girl right now absolutely free! As the app heroine is incomparably beautiful and pretty. You can have all the fun with your girl. She has her own emotions and feelings for you. Make sure you go through all the features of virtual girlfriend 3-D anime.

Many other apps have a similar type of function like you can change the color of her hair, hairstyle, clothes and many more features but this app includes more than 15 different features to enjoy.

Make her fall in love with you by taking care of all her needs, or else go for the girl of your dream, “a pop star".

Download Virtual Girlfriend 3-D Anime from Play store.

Naughty Girlfriend

Is it true that you are still in a search for your ideal match? Be cool, you can go for Naughty Girlfriend application. This Naughty Girlfriend will dance for you as per your wish and yes flirt and communicate with you. She is a superb dance and will come up with amazing moves for you to enjoy. You can choose her style, the way of dressing, change her appearance as per your taste, with the combination of the background of your choice.

It is possible to manage her emotions and feelings, make her happy, sad, angry, etc. It's all about a fantasy world and its pleasures.

Download Naughty Girlfriend from Playstore.

Virtual Girlfriend Joke

Are you bored? Cracking jokes are one of the favorite pastimes. Virtual Girlfriend Joke will sure sort help you to overcome your boredom. Do you want to start a conversation with a pretty soul? So this app will help you out!

You need to choose a girl you want and then start a conversation, as a joke. Ask her all sorts of questions and she'll answer them on one call.

You can be the star of your gang as you have a girlfriend of your choice. You can even have fun with the random question and answer session.

Download Virtual Girlfriend Joke from Play store.

VGAR Virtual Girlfriend

Getting bored and don't have a girlfriend? So gear up, and get acquainted with pretty, smart and beautiful girls with VGAR Virtual Girlfriend app in your pocket. The age limit to use this app is above 18 years. That’s why this game aims to make you fall in love with the girl of your dream.

You can choose a girl from varieties of options or else create your own girl. The best part is you can even capture photos of your girlfriend and be the hero of your gang.

Download VGAR Virtual Girlfriend from Play store.

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

Do you want to start a conversation with your girl? So here is Julie. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie App lets you have all the fun you desire. Julie enjoys talking on different themes. It was designed with 3-D animation and has a real voice, which actually gives a real touch to your girl. She can even exchange and express her feelings such as love, sympathy or distaste, and anger. Along with features to dance, kiss, smile and much more as per your desire.

You can even create your own Julie with all, feelings and gestures, the way she speaks and answers all your question. You are left with plenty of options to grab your girl.

Download My Virtual Girlfriend Julie from Play store.

Smart Virtual Girlfriend App

Do you need a smart girlfriend as smart as you are? Your wait is over. The Smart Virtual Girlfriend App lets you have a smart and intelligent girlfriend. While having a conversation with your friend you can even send her photos and she will certainly scan them all.

But privacy is what it matters to her, as she has her own private life, so do not disturb her while she is sleeping or doing shopping. You can later on go for her experience.

One annoying thing about the app is that it contains a lot of ads.

Download Smart Virtual Girlfriend App from Playstore.

Top Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android

  1. My Virtual Girlfriend App
  2. Virtual Girlfriend Momoda
  3. My Real Girlfriend
  4. My Virtual Manga Girl
  5. Virtual Girlfriend 3D Anime
  6. Naughty Girlfriend
  7. Virtual Girlfriend Joke
  8. VGAR Virtual Girlfriend
  9. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie
  10. Smart Virtual Girlfriend App

Happiness is the point at which someone is happy and the reason behind is you. A huge number of alone individuals from everywhere throughout the world are united here with Virtual Girlfriend Apps.

A place to meet a young lady of your decision, to impart and discover your adoration. In our present-day world, where we are pressed up with our bustling timetables, these applications draw out the best of all. By continually having a young lady other than you and sharing every single snapshot of your life and making it a critical one. So this is the place!!

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