Fix: Google Play Services Keeps Stopping Issue [6 Ways]

Does your google play services keep stopping? Google Play Services is a background app developed by Google for Android devices. It essentially makes it easy for all the different apps made by Google to synchronize with each other and function efficiently. A few apps are so dependent that if Google Play Services is uninstalled, they will also not work. That is why it important to make sure that this mere background app is running properly.

This extremely helpful app does tend to go haywire and stop working sometimes, but in cases like that don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Just follow these simple methods listed below and we can assure you that your Google Play will start working right away!


How To Fix Google Play Services Keeps Stopping Issue?

Listed below are 6 quick and effective ways to solve the Google Play Service keeps Stopping issue. Please follow the instructions carefully before executing them.

1. Restart Your Phone

As simple as this may sound, it’s one of the most effective ways to resolve the ‘Google Play Services stopping’ issue. Hold the power button and switch off your device. Wait for 10 seconds and then switch on your device. Check now if the google play services are still showing error.


It is also advisable to check your internet connection. If your WiFi or data speed is slow then Google Play Services will not be able to open on your device. By doing this, Google play services should be able to work again but if it does not, follow the other methods.

2. Clean the Cached Data of Google Play

Clearing the cache or the unnecessary data of the app will make Google play store run smoothly and will not slow down your device. The steps to clean the cache are as follows:-

  • Go to your device’s Settings -> Apps & notifications -> See all apps -> Google Play Store.
  • After opening the Google Play Store folder, select Storage and then press on “Clear storage” or “Clear data”.
  • After finishing this head on to Google Play Services. Click on the Menu button and then go to Show system, clear the cache/data here as well.
  • It would be better if you install the latest version, the steps will be listed in the next method.

3. Update Google Play for the Latest Version

Sometimes, having the older versions of the Google play store can result in the Google play services error. In order to prevent Google play services from stopping you should always keep updating.

  • Open the Google Play Store app.
  • Go to ‘Menu’.
  • Select ‘My Apps & Games’.
  • From the list of pending updates, tap on the ‘Google Services Framework’ (if there is any update to be made).
  • Switch off and switch your phone on to see if this helps in resolving the issue.

4. Make Sure that the Date & Time are Correct on your Device

Whenever your device is online, Google keeps track of the date and time. The servers react in a negative manner when there is no time found on the device. That is why it recommended having your date and time correct on the device.

  • It is very easy to fix this, go to Settings -> System -> Date & Time, check whether the ‘Automatic Date & Time’ is on. If it’s not switched on, just press on it and it will start.
  • If the ‘Automatic Date & Time’ is on and the Google Play Store is still not working, you’ll have to set the Date and Time manually. To do this you will have to turn the ‘Automatic Date & Time’ off and then enter the correct numbers. Then restart your phone, and check whether Google Play Services is stopping or not.

5. Enabling Disabled Apps

Few apps are dependent on the proper functioning of other apps. With apps like Google Play Store, it is important to check whether any of the other Google apps are up and running. You might’ve disabled some app which resulted in Google Play Services stopping. To resolve this issue just follow the instructions given below:-

  • Go to Settings -> Apps, then get to the bottom of the page.
  • All the disabled Apps are at the bottom, find the apps that are disabled, and just press on ‘Enable’.

6. Installing the Latest Version of Google Play

This method is a little more technical than the others, but don’t worry because we’ll guide you along the way. Occasionally, the Google Store might be in the process of getting updated, but the update hasn’t been made for Google Play Services. In order to fix Google Play Services stopping error just follow the steps listed below-

  • If you are connected to any VPN, disable it.
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ section and open ‘Apps’.
  • You need to uninstall Google Play Store and install the ‘factory version’ of the same.
  • Now disable the Google Play Services and Google Play Framework, and install the ‘factory version’ of both.
  • Launch Google Play Store and create a new account to operate further.
  • Search for the Play Services Info app and install it.
  • Once you finish installing the app, update Google Play Services through the Play Services Info app.

This will solve the Google Play Services stopping error and let your device have the updated version of Google Play Services.


That's it! After going through the above methods we're sure that at least one of them will work for you. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully for the best result. If it doesn't work on the first go, don't panic because you might have missed a step or two, just try again after a while.

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