Gboard Keeps Stopping: 7 Ways to Fix the Error

Gboard stopping issue is quite common and simple to resolve. Gboard is the virtual keyboard app developed by Google. It has a variety of features such as a built-in search option, search bar for emoticons, multilingual characters, voice typing, glide typing, and so many other cool new features. It is effortless and convenient to use.

However, sometimes Gboard keeps stopping, or an error shows while using Gboard. This mostly happens when there are new updates, but the version on your device is not updated, or your device is not compatible with the new fixes. Don't worry because the 'Gboard keeps stopping' issue can be fixed with the help of the methods given below.


How To Fix Gboard Keeps Stopping Error?

Listed below are 7 easy and quick ways to have your Gboard up and running in no time! Make sure you read the instructions carefully before executing them for the best results.

1. Switch Off and Switch On Your Device

This is the most effective and simple way to fix the Gboard not working problem. Just long-press on your power button and turn your device off. Wait for 10 seconds, and then switch your device on. Check whether the Gboard is stopping or not.


2. Enable/Default Keyboard

If Gboard is not the default keyboard, then the Gboard keeps stopping error will show up. In order to set Gboard as default, follow the steps given below-

  • Go to Settings-> General/ Additional Settings -> Language and Input.
  • After opening Language and Input, you will find a section called Current Keyboard or Default keyboard, depending on your device.
  • Click on on 'Current Keyboard or Default keyboard' and select Gboard.

This will make sure that Gboard is your primary keyboard instead of the inbuilt keyboard of your device. It will also make sure that Gboard does not keep stopping and runs smoothly.


3. Clean Out Gboard's Cached Data

Many a time, due to updates and bug-fixes, a lot of files and data are stored in the apps; when we remove these files, the app will run better. The memory gets filled with unnecessary data; deleting cache from Gboard is not complex if you follow the instructions given below:-

  • Go to Settings-> Apps -> Gboard.
  • After you open Gboard-> Storage -> Cached data.
  • Clear the cached data by selecting the option.

If you want to delete all apps' cached data-

  • Go to Settings-> Storage -> Internal Storage.
  • Go to the Cached data section.
  • Press on it to delete all apps' cached data.

Deleting the cached data will free up the memory and give more room for the running apps to function. This will help fix Gboard keeps stopping the issue in under five minutes!

4. Update Gboard App

If the app is not up to date with the new changes and fixes, it might act up and not perform to its full potential. This will inevitably result in the Gboard stopping problem. To solve the problem, we just have to install the new updates released for Gboard.

  • Go to Google Play Store and tap on the 3 line icon on the top left corner.
  • Go to My Apps & Games ->Updates.
  • If you find Gboard in the list, update it.
  • If you do not find the app, it is understood that your Gboard has already been updated.

Once the update is completed, your Gboard will start working like before!

5. Reinstall Gboard App

Due to the constant updating and modifications done to the software of the app, it is possible that sometimes Gboard stops working. In this case, another quick and effective method is to uninstall and reinstall Gboard. Listed below are the steps to help you along:-

  • Head on to Settings -> Apps ->Gboard.
  • You will find the Uninstall option on the top itself. Press on Uninstall.
  • Once it finishes uninstalling, go to Google Play Store.
  • Install Gboard again.
  • You will have to make Gboard your default keyboard.

Once you're done with the steps given above, check if your Gboard is stopping or not.

6. Check Whether Your Device is Updated

In a few cases, the Gboard app is up to date, but the device is not, and this will lead to Gboard stopping errors. We need to make sure that the device is also compatible with the modified version of Gboard. To check whether the Android device is updated or not, follow the steps given below-

  • Go to Settings-> System.
  • Look for any pending updates.
  • If there are any, update your device.

When the device has finished updating, the Gboard keeps stopping error will also go away, and you will be able to use all the fun features of Gboard.

7. Reboot

If none of the other methods work and you feel like you need to go to the absolute end, try rebooting your device. This method involves you to reboot your phone to wipe out all the existing data on the device and then start afresh.

It will certainly fix the Gboard keeps stopping issue, but along with that, your data on the device will also be wiped. This is a very drastic method, and do this only if you are absolutely convinced about taking this measure.

  • Head on to Settings-> Back up & Reset device.
  • Your device will start working like a new one.

You will now have to login into your google account and then install Gboard again. This will definitely solve the Gboard stopping issue.


Following the methods listed above will make sure that Gboard works properly on your device. Make sure to go through the instructions to get the best results and not falter in the process. If the methods don't work for you just wait for some time and try again!

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