175 Free Minecraft Premium Accounts Password 2022

Get a list of Free Minecraft Accounts with username and Password. We have included over 200 Premium Minecraft Accounts and Passwords lists that you can use for free. Apart from that, learn more about Minecraft Premium Account Generator. 

Minecraft is one of the most famous games out there with millions of players playing it. It was named the Best-selling video game ever in 2017.  The main highlight of the game is that it depends on one's imagination and strategy which is simply just more fun than leveling up in pointless games. If you too are a fan of Minecraft and are interested in getting a free premium Minecraft account, read along to find out how!


Features of Premium Minecraft Account

Although Minecraft has a free version which you can enjoy, the features offered by it are very limited. Premium Minecraft Accounts have the following exciting features:

  • Unlocks custom Minecraft skins for characters.
  • You get new characters.
  • It lets you save the game at any point in time.
  • It unlocks new modes

How much does a Minecraft Account cost?

You can get a Minecraft Account for the amount of $26.


This is a one-time purchase. But keeping in view that even children enjoy Minecraft, and Minecraft's increasing popularity, free accounts were introduced in 2019. It makes this fun game accessible to everyone who cannot afford to pay for a premium account.

175 Free Minecraft Accounts And Passwords 2022

Here is the Free Minecraft Accounts and passwords list that you can try. 

Sample Accounts; 

externable@gmail.com remote12 March 2021
Rentolosirld2@gmail.com saij9eiMee April 2019
gabribus11@gmail.com Windows8.1 February 2019
uebellackerich@gmail.com Uebellacker05 March 2019
larrp@msn.com peershelpI May 2019
sponebobrocks123@gmail.com sylvia2381 May 2019
gyanile@gmail.com craftedgames23 March 2019
alex.frato@gmail.com MineMagicPf

Some more free Minecraft Accounts list

Here are some more Minecraft Account and passwords. 

  • Email: Sajidngalam@gmail.com
    Password: alitaktuk
  • Email: perdiansyah34@ymail.com
    Password: linasida
  • Email: Hadyanhasri@gmail.com
    Password: xanax146
  • Email: Hadyanhasri@gmail.com
    Password: xanax146
  • Email: Oconpank123@gmail.com
    Password: bysonr15
  1. wildishk@gmail.com – sausagesx3
  2. buttereaters2@gmail.com – gizzzy123
  3. trayman2000@live.com: sailboat2
  4. superpowerjs@gmail.com Friend11
  5. xboyx@live.dk Hej50465002
  6. repsaj1129@hotmail.com viper21
  7. on3_trickz@hotmail.com Sold!er15
  8. pngwedding2014@gmail.com:Saraswati5
  9. meganstringer@gmail.com:aggregate23
  10. carol.rhodaback@verizon.net:cr3895
  11. binyominchaim@gmail.com:kugel37
  12. tylercabral@yahoo.com:hate0443
  13. mwg@sssnet.com:runner
  14. dpsolan@gmail.com pong9999
  15. JTWpcID@gmail.com 15jweiner
  16. esat_101mavi@hotmail.com Rm9p28hruf
  17. Larrp@msn.com ChuchuRicky1
  18. sponebobrocks123@gmail.com sylvia2381
  19. zamaniegotino@yahoo.com bryan2004
  20. shannon.casey010@gmail.com keegan33
  21. layton1231@outlook.com: Fatman007
  22. reukgras@email.com: LadyenWilly
  23. jjjadefranko@gmail.com: franko10
  24. unwarypvp@gmail.com: snooze123.
  25. Nobelguymur@gmail.com: Nobelguymur2761
  26. skaterboy1313@yahoo.com: boogerboy1313
  27. j5r4s12a2@yahoo.co.jp: jinriku523
  28. sirenscahel@gmail.com: Ab175021343
  29. icudxiii@gmail.com: Spencer13
  30. jodeevolt29@aol.com: Truedox1
  31. jackall04@gmail.com: Foxtail19
  32. b.1@hotmail.com: Buster323
  33. bosstheross@live.co.uk: saunsheep1233
  34. osthoff@googlemail.com: SIBUNA1996
  35. alois21@hotmail.fr: montre21
  36. imremamedov@hot.ee: killer007

Since the list is checked by many people, it is very much possible that this Minecraft account password list may not work for you. 

Free Minecraft Premium Account Generator 2022

Heard about Minecraft Password Generator?? 

Well, let me tell you. All of them are totally fake. They are made to look original but you will never get any working account using them. 

So stop searching for Premium Minecraft Account Generators online. 

How to Create a Free Minecraft Account

Follow the steps given below to create an official free Minecraft account:

  1. Open a web browser on your PC or smartphone and visit the official site of Minecraft.
  2. Enter all information that the page prompts you to enter such as username, password, date of birth, and email.
  3. Click create an account.
  4. On the next page, put a tick on I am not a Robot and enter a CAPTCHA.
  5. You will receive the verification code in your email.
  6. Enter the verification code.
  7. Your Minecraft account is ready to use.

How to get a Premium Minecraft Account for free?

Try the following methods to get free access to Premium Minecraft Account:

1. Convert Free Minecraft Account to Mojang for Premium Account

  • Press Enter.
  • Enter Minecraft account details including email, username, and password.
  • Complete all other required information and tick the check box to prove that you are not a robot.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Check whether or not the entered information is correct.
  • Click Migrate Account to proceed. 
  • Select your email to receive a verification code consisting of a 4-character code that will be sent.
  • Enter the code in the field and click the verify button. In no time, your free account will be migrated to the Mojang account.

2. Migrate your Free Minecraft Account to Nulled.io

Another method (though risky) is to use Nulled.to

  • From your browser, launch website nulled.to.
  • Create an account with a username, password, and email.
  • At the homepage, find the Gaming menu item.
  • Click and the page will load.
  • Scroll down and click Other Games.
  • Here you will see many games that offer free accounts such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Uplay accounts, and others.
  • Click on any Minecraft.
  • You will receive multiple threads. Follow them
  • Some of them may not work; therefore you need to give each of them a try. If you are lucky, you will get a free Minecraft account real quick.
  • For the tips, open Minecraft official at the same time as you open nulled.to. 
  • When you get the working account, go ahead and create a new profile on Profile Name. Use your information for gender and date of birth.

This shall get you a premium Minecraft Account. 

Final Take!

I hope that this article helped you get free Minecraft accounts. In case if you face any difficulty, please feel free to comment and let us know. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
I hope you found the article informative and enjoyed reading it. This is all for the day. Thanks for reading!

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