How To Get Pubg UC For Free? [3 Methods]

In recent years the wave of Pubg has captured most of the gaming industry. For most people, Pubg is equivalent to an addiction that is quite difficult to retire from. Pubg has become the most popular game around the globe in the year 2019. Various factors act as a catalyst to boost the hype of this game. 


If you are a Pubg player, then you must be aware of the fact that Pubg Uc is one of the most enchanting verticals that enhances your gaming experience. Using Pubg Uc, one can buy designer skins of several objects (Vehicle, Bag, Weapon, etc.); moreover, one can buy the Royale Pass with UC which has some premium benefits in the play.

What Is Pubg UC?

UC is not necessarily required to play the game, but to boast among friends and teammates, players prefer to buy the Royale Pass and the Elite Royale Pass that costs 600 and 1800 Uc, respectively. One can buy Uc in-app purchases on Pubg. The cost of 60 Uc is 0.99$, and for bulk purchases, the amount is comparatively less. 

Apart from official in-app purchases, many sources claim to provide you Pubg Uc for free. Several Uc generator websites affirm to offer you free Uc. Thereby we have implemented detailed research to expose all the fake sources and to bring you the trusted sources from where you can get Uc for free.


How To Get Pubg UC for Free?

If you have ever searched for methods of getting Uc for free, then you must be aware of the fact that there are a bulk of Uc generators and other web platforms that claim to provide you Uc for free. Many YouTubers claim about specific applications and websites that give you free Uc. I want to clear it out that most of these platforms are fake, and they are used to drive traffic to get views and clicks.

Is It Possible to Get Free UC on Pubg Mobile?

The answer is yes, it is possible to get the Uc for free, but the procedure is indirect. Instead of getting Uc directly, you will get the equivalent amount of money to buy the UC. Specific indirect ways may help you to get Pubg Uc for free.


Real Ways To Get Pubg UC for Free

Here we have mentioned some genuine methods which may help you to get Pubg Uc for free. These methods are safe and legal. Methods discussed below can be quite time-taking, remember every good thing takes time to happen. Let straight get to the methods themselves.

1. Pubg UC Giveaway

Yes, you read it right, many popular YouTubers and people on other platforms initiate giveaway, wherein they give an amount equivalent to the cost of 600 Uc to a few selected people who participated in the giveaway.

The host describes the procedure of participating in the giveaway. Here I have not mentioned the name of any YouTuber due to copyright issues. You can easily find YouTubers and web platforms on the Internet where you can join for giveaways. I recommend participating in multiple giveaway contests to increase the chances of winning.

2. Google Rewards

It is one of the most liable indirect sources of getting Pubg Uc for free. Google reward is an initiative of google where one can earn money by completing easy surveys. These surveys are location, gender, and age-specific.

There are several algorithms available over the Internet to boost the numbers of surveys and the paid amount. The amount received for completing surveys is directly credited to the play store wallet, and it can be utilized to purchase an application or for in-app purchases.

I recommend this method to get Pubg Uc for free as the success rate of this method is more than the first method.

3. Pubg Tournaments

This method of getting free Pubg Uc can be beneficial if you are an expert player. There are many Pubg tournament platforms where you can win a good amount of money by paying a minimal entry fee.

The winning amount directly depends on the amount of entry fee, if you are a Pro Pubg player I will recommend you to try it. A tournament can be played solo, duo, or in the squad. There are many tournament platforms available that can be easily found over the Internet.

Does Fake Pubg Mobile UC Generator Work?

The Internet is crowded with hundreds of platforms that affirm to aid you in generating Pubg Uc for free, directly to your account. Moreover, many YouTubers promote such Uc generators in their videos. Such platforms and individuals deceive their audience for their interest.

No generator is neither genuine nor working. Their ultimate goal is to generate money by driving traffic to such websites. I suggest you stay away from such scams if you value your time.

Final Words

No doubt, Pubg is one of the most demanded and addictive games of this century. Not only males but females love to play this game as well. In this game, Uc is the official currency that can be used to purchase attractive skins and a Royal pass. Most of the gamers like to purchase attractive skins and costumes to boast among friends and teammates.

Pubg Uc can be officially purchased from in-app purchase inside the game. Certain genuine indirect methods are there using which one can get Pubg Uc for. In this comprehensive article, I have mentioned a few literary techniques that will guide you to get free Pubg Uc.

If you have any doubts or queries related to the article, feel free to ask me down in the comment section, I will get back with the answer as soon as possible. Share this article with your Pubg friends and teammates to help them get free Pubg UC.

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