Free Spotify Premium Codes for 2022

Hey guys, today we are talking about Spotify (a music application) with whole new features and various plans. We are here to tell you people about Spotify premium codes. Enjoying music in your room, bathroom, gym, or anywhere ad-free is soothing and relaxing. This article is for music lovers and those who want to enjoy music ad-free. I am sure you all gonna like it. So read till the end. Spotify Launches in South Korea | Business WireWe all know, there are lots of music apps out there but Spotify is one of my favorites. There are over 50 million songs available on Spotify. It has about 4,568 collections of audiobooks. Normal Spotify app can be free but there are no such features in the app. It lags some features or we can say options that are required for a good personal experience and avoid those itchy distractions.

Here Spotify premium comes into play. Spotify premium charges approx. $9.99/month which holds all the functions and features required by a daily Spotify user. But what if I can tell you that I can help you get it free! Sounds interesting! Let's get started 


What Is Spotify Premium?

Spotify premium is modified or we can say a premium version of the free Spotify app which holds some latest and useful features. Spotify premium account is way much fun and better to operate than a normal Spotify free account.

1. What Are The Pros Of Spotify Premium?

Here is the list of pros that come with Spotify Premium.

  1. Enjoy ad-free music
  2. Get rid of shuffle play
  3. Can download approx. 3,333 playlists in up to 3 devices.
  4. Enjoy high-quality music(320 kbps) which is nonsupportive in normal free accounts.
  5. Can also sync the songs on other devices.
  6. Create and edit playlists.
  7. There are some additional features like podcast services.
  8. Downloading songs on our device is a great feature of Spotify premium.
  9. Can listen to multiple radios free.
  10. Unlimited skips.

Types Of Spotify Subscriptions

We all know how famous Spotify is famous all over the world. All the artists and people around the globe use it. So let's discuss its subscription types:


1. Spotify Free

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free - Howchoo

Spotify free is good but lags some features which are required by the user or which are useful for the user. Although it provides unlimited listening time, there are itchy and irritating ads that can seriously off your mood while listening to songs. Neither you can download the songs nor you can enjoy high-quality music. Most of the users have to use Spotify free because of the payment scenario of the Spotify premium app.

2. Spotify Premium

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In Spotify premium, unlimited listening time is there as well as you can also download the songs. Spotify premium gives the users a whole new experience with its features and look. Songs are played in high quality (320kbps) at a premium. 

3. Spotify Family

Spotify Knows You're Sharing a Family Plan With FriendsIt has almost the same features as 'Spotify Premium'. This plan is for the family as the name suggests. The family members can enjoy up to 6 Spotify premium accounts under 1 roof with one discounted monthly. Songs play in high quality without any ad interruption. 

Getting Spotify Premium Account For Free

Excited about your free Spotify premium account! Have a look down to free Spotify premium accounts which I'm referring to you 

1. Free Spotify Premium Accounts with Passwords

This is the easiest way to get a Spotify premium account without spending a single penny. Here I have provided a list of accounts (email and password) for a free premium account. Have a look below:


Password: 4paulsons

Password: jelly253


Password: September 74


2. Free Premium Account With App

  1. First, you need to download the Spotify premium application.
  2. Just enable the unknown sources settings on your smartphone or android.
  3. After installing the application, download any VPN app from the play store like turbo VPN
  4. Now go back to your Spotify app and it automatically redirects you to the Spotify premium account.

Free Spotify Premium Codes 2022

So what is a Spotify premium code and how to get it? It is a QR-like a scannable tag that can be used to quickly share or access a piece of content within Spotify. It helps in getting a premium account. Here I'll provide some codes which are helpful and 100% working. These codes are for new users only. Before using these codes, just complete the signup process first.

After signup opens the next window click on profile and goes to your account. Now click on Redeem and in the next screen put the codes below and try them 






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So this is all about Spotify premium, its features and how to get it free, and at last Spotify premium codes. Hope you guys understood this. The Codes given here are up to some time. In case you are stuck in middle, do tell me in the comments section. I will surely help you.

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