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There are many ways to earn free coins at Wizard of Oz, but these tricks are new to earn an endless stream of coins. Many users start searching for methods and hacks for free Wizard of Oz coins instead of buying. While playing many games, you need to buy coins and gems which will help you to unlock various features. These features help to upgrade your profile so that you can enjoy the game fully. Therefore, we explained methods and tricks to earn free Wizard of Oz coins.

What is Wizard Of Oz Slots?

The Wizard of Oz Slot is popularly known due to its availability as a slot machine at Las Vegas Casinos. Now it is available online to play for free on smartphones, tabs, and other devices. You can also use real money while playing in many countries except the USA and Canada.


You will find all the characters of Wizard of Oz which includes the Lion, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Glinda, and the Wizard. This game is developed by Zynga which has millions of users worldwide.Wiz

Why Are Cheat Codes Better?

Cheat codes are better than any hacking software. It is so because you can get free Wizard of Oz coins without using money. While you may need to pay a little amount of money while using any hacking software. Also, cheat codes do not permit the flow of viruses while hacking software does.

You do not need to waste time as well as data on downloading big hacking software. Cheat codes work on all devices which include Android, iOS, etc. One of the best reasons to use cheat codes instead of hacking software is that you do not need to jailbreak or root your device.


All the hacking tools and generators are fake. They will never help to earn free Wizard of Oz coins.

1. Cheat Codes To Earn Free Wizard Of Oz Coins

As we discussed earlier, cheat codes are the best way to earn free Wizard of Oz coins. You need to follow some basic rules to get activated these cheat codes. To use these codes, you need to open the Wizard of Oz game console and then type any of the given code.

After entering the code, wait for a while and magic will lead you to the unlimited free coins. We found some cheat codes on the internet which may or may not work. Some of the cheat codes are given below:

  • rrJc6QlkD0HjJn_5H : Starter Pack
  • KYJi13FAVOW3aS7_wP : Free Coins Pack 1
  • 4jE7G02apb3PcgA_RR : Free Coins Pack 2
  • eIkvtlUvYrlMIQM_il : Free Coins Pack 3
  • evBBn60Znj53Eb0_nZ : Free Coins Pack 4
  • lv5ucPCk32M2ai1_8L : Free Coins Pack 5
  • pxndtVZ8DSCA06H_H5 : Free Coins Pack 6
  • MFnRgDa4oSalkaq_Uz : Free Coins Pack 8
  • oXpY8wGCrt48KkN_pv :  Free Coins Pack 8Wizard

2. Organic Way To Earn Free Wizard Of Oz Coins

Basic knowledge of Wizards of Oz leads you to win more coins. If you can keep some basic fundamentals in your mind before rolling the spin, you will win more Coins. It is not only luck but also a good strategy that makes you win. Some of those strategies are discussed below:

  • Bankroll Management: This management strategy helps you in aiming while playing the game. It will teach you how to set bets for accuracy. It also tells us to risk the amount which you can afford to lose. Never try to bet more after losing in a row. Thus play within your budget, and you will end your game with more wins.
  • Maximum Bets: You will be asked to set your bet before every game. While playing such a game, you need to think critically. And thus, this technique comes in handy while playing the Wizard of Oz game. In this way, you can earn free Wizard of Oz coins.

3. Payouts To Make Free Wizard Of Oz Coins

Every logo has a different meaning. Everyone faces issues to understand the value and functions of each logo. Thus here we can discuss the credits and functions of each and every logo.

1. Wild: It is one of the most important symbols of the Wizard of Oz game. Wild is the alternative of everything in the game except the Jackpot. The feature of this symbol is to form winning combinations.

2. Jackpot: Jackpot is another important symbol that pays 10,000 credits for five symbols, 1000 for four, and 100 for three symbols. 

3. Wizard of Oz Icon: It pays 1,000 credits for five symbols, 250 credits for four, and 75 credits for three symbols.

4. Dorothy: It pays 750 credits for five symbols, 150 credits for four, and 50 credits for three symbols.

5. Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man Combined Symbol: They help Dorothy throughout the story. Similarly, they will help you with 500 credits for five symbols, 100 for 4, and 25 for 3 symbols.

6. Ruby Slippers, Wicked Witch, and Cat: These three symbols have different functions. They all are separated from each other. Although, they can give you 150 credits for five symbols, 25 credits for four, and ten credits for three symbols.

7. Hot Air Balloon, House, Tornado: These three combined objects offer you 100 credits for five symbols, 20 credits for 4, and five credits for three symbols.

Bottom Line

These all are the methods you can try to earn free Wizard of Oz coins. All the above-discussed methods are tested and working effectively. You can apply one or more methods to collect free coins.

Therefore, we recommend you not use any other crack or hacking tools as they all are fake to our knowledge. The developers upgrade the game within a shorter period of time which makes it more difficult to run any code.

Also, use any of the mentioned codes at your own risk. We are not responsible if your account will be suspended or banned after using it. You can ask if you have any doubt while using these codes. Fee free to contact us in the comment section given below.

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