Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android & iPhone [Free]

Have you ever had those days when you are so busy, that you can't even write a simple text? And then you realize that you forgot to wish your girlfriend on her birthday. At that moment, all you ever want is to go back in time and make it right. But it's not possible.

So you try to prevent it from happening again, by scheduling it. However, all it did was notify you, and you missed again (Ouch!). Actually, That kind of happened to me. Well, somehow I was able to save my relationship, twice, but that's not going to happen every time.


So if you use WhatsApp, and you want to schedule your messages so that life could a little less messy, then Welcome to another post. In this article, I will tell you Different Ways To Schedule Whatsapp Messages on Android and ios Devices.

Note- The listing provided below does not follow any order, it is totally random.

Apps to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android

Here are some free Android apps to Schedule Whatsapp Messages;


1. Whatsapp Scheduler

As the very name suggests, Whatsapp Scheduler is an android app designed to schedule messages specifically for Whatsapp. It has a really basic UI and is pretty simple to use. With this app, you can send messages at any specified time to any number of people. You can also choose to resend a particular message at a given frequency. The app will also notify you, every time it sends a scheduled message.

Let's say, you want to wish morning to your colleagues, every day. Just type in the message, schedule at whatever time you want and set the frequency. This will send a good morning text to whomever you want and as many times as you want it.


2. Schedule for Whatsapp

Schedule for Whatsapp is another great message scheduling app. Just like, Whatsapp scheduler, this particular app is also designed solely for WhatsApp only. Actually, it is so focused that, name excluded, the UI of this scheduler looks exactly similar to that of Whatsapp.

Looks aside, the Schedule for Whatsapp apk has a pretty straight forward design. Using this app is also really simple and if you got stuck, you can either go to its FAQ section or contact their 24x7 customer support for help.

By using Schedule for Whatsapp, you can send a message to either one contact, or create your own group. Set the time and frequency of your messages, and that's it. Your messages are scheduled and will be sent accordingly. You can also review your scheduled messages any time, and delete it, in case you have a change of heart.

Schedule For Whatsapp- Schedule your Whatsapp messages whenver you want.

3. SKEDit

Unlike the other two apks, which were solely designed to be used for Whatsapp scheduling, SKEDit is made for versatile use. This application lets you schedule 5 different things at once.  With SKEDit, you can schedule Whatsapp messages, important emails, texts, Facebook posts and also set call reminders. No internet connection? No problem, Once scheduled, SKEDit will complete the tasks with/without an internet connection.

This application is one in all solution for all your reminders. You can download this apk, directly from Google PlayStore or any other third party site. Just install the application, put in your contacts, select communication methods you want to automate, write your texts and schedule it. Those are 5 simple steps for 5 different platforms to save you from 5 days of reminders.

4. GB Whatsapp

You might think that GB Whatsapp is just like the other scheduling apks that I have shared so far. But that's not the case here. While other applications work as an extension to Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp is more like a better, improved version of current Watsapp.

Well, first of all, it can schedule our Whatsapp messages, so it fulfills the basic requirements. However, that is one of the several amazing things this app can do. For starters, you can use two different profiles with GB Whatsapp. Send videos up to 50 MB, schedule messages for 600 peoples, use special emojis, write status up to 255 characters, and use your Whatsapp profile directly with GB Whatsapp or disappear.

This application has got everything Whatsapp failed to offer.

Schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone

You can use the following apps to schedule Whatsapp messages on your iPhone or iPad.

 1. Scheduled app

The Scheduled app is more like an ios version of SKEDit. This app not only allows you to schedule messages for WhatsApp, but it also provides support to other applications as well. With Scheduled app, you can schedule messages on Messenger, Line, Twitter, Skype, WeChat and iChat. You can also link this with your calendar to automatically send wishes on birthdays, anniversaries or any event.

You can also send messages to multiple people, set different frequency you want, skip and remove messages, snooze, repeat or delete messages as well.  The Scheduled app is a perfect option for those who need a scheduling app for business purposes.

2. Jailbreak iPhone

Well if you want a simpler solution, then Jailbreak iPhone is an ideal solution for you. It is a pretty basic app that will help you schedule your Whatsapp messages. You don't get any special features, except for the flexibility with frequency and number of contacts you want to include. But unlike other apps, this particular app costs you around $1 per year.

So if you want a basic application to schedule your messages, you will have to Jailbreak it first. And then only you can use the scheduler.

Final Words

Chatting, messaging or texting is an important part of our daily life. Thanks to this, it is easier to keep in touch and maintain any form of relationship. But on the other hand, staying in touch is not enough these days. You have to, actually, you need to be more considerate in order to have a better relationship. Which is just not possible considering how busy our life gets eventually.

In a situation like those, these WhatsApp scheduling apps come in handy. Just spend about an hour to configure the app, and forgot all the birthday notification or anniversary message for as much longer as you want. And with time, these apps will get better with coming updates. But it is still not suggested to rely totally on a piece of software.

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