vShare Download for PC & Android [Free]

Hi there, Looking for a tutorial on how to download vShare for PC and Android? This article, we'll guide you through different steps on how to download the vShare app for PC and Android devices, so simply follow up the article and stated steps in order to download the vShare app for your PC as well as Android with ease.

So, Let's get started.


What is vShare?

First, let's talk about what is vShare. vShare is a third party store used to download games, ringtones, themes, and many more for free. It also lets you install paid applications for free on your devices. The application is developed by "Thinker pro". It was made to ease the pain of the users who don't want to or can't afford basic apps from app stores. Therefore, vShare is an app developed for PC, Android and iOS devices for the same. Hence, downloading and installing vShare is not much of a hassle. But one can not directly download it from the play store, app store or Microsoft Store. In order to download it, one has to take a bit of pain to download and install it from a separate site.

It is one of the first apps one can use to install all the paid apps for free. Without jailbreaking your iOS devices or Android devices. One can also tend to connect their iOS devices to their Windows PC. In order to download, share or store the apps and data to their PC without any hassle. The Windows PC version of the software lets the user connect iOS, Android devices to it. And hence tend to store and share the data, the user wishes to share with PC directly.


Therefore, In order to download it, one should follow the steps stated later in the article. Sperate for PC, Android, and iOS devices users.

Features of vShare

vShare is an amazing app for PC, Android, and iOS. Because of its features. Therefore some of the features are as follows:

  • Free application store:

It is a free store to download all the Android and iOS apps for free. At high-speed data transfers and download speeds.

  • Support for different OS:

It also tends to support different operating systems. Constituting Windows PC, Android devices and iOS devices including the apps for those devices.

  • Free application Download:

All the apps available in the vShare store are available to download for free. No need to pay anything for any device.

  • All types of content:

vShare provides all types of content including games, ringtones, wallpapers and many more for free. If you iPhone is Jailbreak and having old version of FaceTime app you can download latest version FaceTime App for free.

  • No root or Jailbreak required:

The app doesn't require android devices to be rooted or iOS devices to be jail-broken. It works just fine with normal Android and iOS devices.

Therefore, the features listed above make the vShare one of the most prominent app available in the market. For paid app purchases for free on PC, Android and iOS devices.

vShare Download for PC

The vShare app was created for iOS users first, In order to download the paid app for an iOS device without a jailbreak. But after the success of the app on an iOS platform, The "Thinker pro" tend to create the app for PC and Android device also. The use of the app for the PC variant is to connect your iOS and Android devices to the PC. In order to store the files, download apps, and backup and restore the data from the PC itself.

Therefore, listed below are some steps in order to download vShare for PC:

Step 1: First visit to the official site of vShare http://www.vshare.com/

Step 2: Next, click the download button on the screen.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file and run the setup. wait for the dialogue box to appear. after that click on One Key Installation button.

Step 4: Wait for a new window to appear and let the setup get finished up.

Step 5: Now simply click on the try it now button.

Step 6: The application is now ready to use.

That's it for the PC download. After the above steps, one can simply enjoy the vShare app on PC.

Download vShare for Android

As for the Android users, Thinker Pro created an app for that OS too. Downloading the app for Android is not that of a hassle too. But one needs to download it from its official site as being the third party it is not available on play store. So in order to download the app on android follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the APK file from the given link Download APK

Step 2: Open the downloaded file from the file manager.

Step 3: Make sure you’re allowing app installation from “Unknown Sources”. To do that go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources and enable it. After that carry on with the installation again.

Step 4: Open the downloaded APK from the file location and click on the Installation button on the screen after the above process.

Step 5: After the installation is done. Press the Open button there on the screen.

Step 6: That's it, Enjoy using vShare.

Therefore, the above steps explain and guide the users through the process of downloading and installing the vShare for android devices.

Hence, the vShare as explained above. It is a third-party app for downloading the paid and unaffordable apps from the Play store and app store. Therefore, it is a completely safe and sound solution to download all the major and fun content for free. Hence, in order to keep it safe and, updated developers provide different types of update versions to download for free.

When a new version is available, the pop up to update gets on the screen of the user's device. So it also isn't a hassle to update to the latest version.

As of to conclude, the above article guides and explains the readers through all the steps required by one to install the vShare on their PC as well as Android devices easily. It also provides them with information about vShare and its features.

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