How to See Sensitive Content on Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking website. And every social media app has sensitive content within. We will be discussing how to see sensitive content on Twitter. Twitter is mostly used by people to interact with each other via videos, pictures, blogs, and comments on posts. Twitter belongs to AMERICA and is headquartered in SAN FRANCISCO. Twitter is identifiable by its logo. This logo is simply a bird. It is called a Twitter bird. It was accompanied by an image of a bird.

Who can see your Tweets – Twitter privacy and protection settings


The posts and messages by which users interact are called Tweets. Twitter is available on the play store and apple store. When we download a Twitter application from the store we need to make an account on Twitter so that we are registered on Twitter. Those users who register themselves on Twitter can share posts and comment on any other posts.

But on the other hand, those users who are not registered on Twitter can only view the contents of posts. They are not allowed to do any comments and post anything on Twitter. Twitter can be accessed by application software and also on the web interface.

About Twitter

Twitter is a very useful application that keeps us updated with day-to-day information happening worldwide. Many accounts are verified on Twitter. They may be some important person or celebrities. Twitter also has strong policies and rules against shared sensitive content. Sometimes Twitter suspends users' accounts so that they cannot harm users with their content.Open Culture on Twitter: "Hi @jack or others at Twitter. Why in the world would people see this message with our tweets? Education shouldn't count as “sensitive material”?…" Twitter users do share sensitive content on Twitter. Users can use sensitive media features to hide that in case them whenever they want to hide sensitive content. There are many mutual connections on Twitter but there is not any direct connection with them. If you want to hide your content from then you can restrict them by doing settings.


1. Sensitive Content on Twitter

There are diverse types of users present on Twitter social media. They share different types of content. All users need not have the same taste as other users. Some users share content related to violence, sexual acts, anti-national acts, religious acts that may not be relevant. Twitter has the authority to handle these types of acts.

Twitter has the policy to suspend the account of the user who shares these types of content. Whether that account is verified or not it doesn't matter. If you do unauthorized activities on Twitter then you have to face the consequences.How to Remove The “Sensitive Content” Warning on Twitter

On the other hand, there are other security policies of Twitter. The best part about Twitter is that it makes sure the comfort zone of its users. Whenever you come across content that is sensitive to users, then Twitter asks for your permission whether you want to see the sensitive content or not.


It appears like, its content is sensitive- do you want to view the sensitive content or not. Then after that, it's totally your choice whether you want to view that content or not. You can restrict that content by simply choosing “don't allow”.

How to See Sensitive Content on Twitter?

There are different sources of sensitive content. Their procedures are different from each other. You must know how to view sensitive content on Twitter. In this article, I will write about the procedure to view the sensitive content.

1. On Twitter Account

In this part, the account of Twitter users sends sensitive content. It will not open without our permission. It displays the warning “it contains sensitive content”.

  1. First, you need to open the Twitter app on your device.
  2. Go to the Twitter account that sends sensitive content.
  3. Then it asks for your permission whether you want to view the sensitive content or not.
  4. You simply click on the yes button to view the content.
  5. You are done with “view sensitive content”. Remember that you should have enabled seeing media with sensitive content.

2. On Twitter Media

Sensitive content is also from the Twitter media. The sensitive content is also sent by the Twitter account from Twitter media. It also asks for our permission to view sensitive content from Twitter media.

  1. First, you need to open the Twitter app on your device.
  2. Then open the Twitter media account to view the sensitive content on Twitter media.Twitter Media Studio
  3. After you have opened the Twitter media account, you will show a pop-up asking for your permission to view sensitive content from Twitter media.
  4. Click on the allow button to view the sensitive content on the Twitter media.
  5. Then you are done with how to view the sensitive content on the Twitter account's media.


So guys I hope all your confusions are clear regarding how to see sensitive content on Twitter. Well, this is a piece of personal advice from my side not to indulge insensitive content on social media platforms. I had bad experiences. Anyways, in case you still have any questions regarding the same then do tell me in the comments section. I will surely help you out. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter.

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