Snapchat Stories Not Loading - Fix it Now!

Snapchat, the social media network to share your snap stories about what's going on in your life. There are Millions of people using Snapchat all over the world & you can be in touch with anyone you know using Snapchat. But many users face a problem while using Snapchat complaining that their Snapchat stories won't load. Many users were facing problem like getting a black screen while loading stories or problem loading stories for some specific people only.

So today, I will help you fix Snapchat story not loading issues.


Be it iPhone, Android or Windows SmartPhone, these solutions would work on all 3 of them. So, which O.S. Smartphone you are using & are facing a problem with Snapchat, just follow the below steps one by one on "how to fix Snapchat when stories won't load?".

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Check Internet

Whichever internet connection you are using, be it Wifi or Mobile data, check whether it is working or not. You can also switch your connection from Mobile data to Wifi if you have both. Or you can just turn off the source of the Internet once & restart it after a few seconds. The Snapchat story won't load error might solve after checking the internet connection.


2. Relaunch Snapchat

Now, let's begin with the simple steps to solve the Snapchat stories error. Relaunching is easy but people don't do it correctly though, I will guide you on closing the Snapchat correctly.

  • While your Snapchat App is ON, just press the home or back button. (It will exit but not close the app)
  • Now, tap on the Options button & check the recently used Applications. (Button next to your Home button is the options button)

  • It will show the Snapchat App, close the App from that list now.
  • Then, now can launch the App again.

After you relaunch the app, check if the problem persists. If it is still there, don't worry, we got a lot more ways to try & solve the error.

3. Restart your Phone

If Relaunching the App didn't work, why not let's try Restarting the phone only and solve the Snapchat friends stories won't load error.

  • On the right side edge of your phone, press the Power button below the volume keys.
  • Your device will ask for Reboot or Power Off, press on the Reboot option.

  • Wait till the phone restarts now.
  • Again start the Snapchat App & check for the problem now.

4. Clear Conversation

If your Snapchat faces the issue with loading only a few friends stories then try this step and solve the error.

  • In your Snapchat, open the friend's ID with whose account the error is occurring.

  • Click on the Options (3 dots) button.

  • In the list of options, choose Clear Conversation History.
  • Click Clear, to delete the chats.

After the conversation is deleted, close the Snapchat app & then relaunch the app to check if the problem exists.

5. Re-Add a Friend

If your Snapchat faces the issue with loading only a few friends stories & clearing the conversation didn't help you then you can try this step. You have to first remove the friend from your friend list & again add him back in your friendslist to resolve the stories won't load error on Snapchat.

  • In your Snapchat, open the friend's ID with whose account the error is occurring.

  • Click on the Options (3 dots) button.
  • Click on the Remove Friend option from the above list.

  • Press the Remove button now.

  • Now, since you have removed the friend from your friend's list. Let's add him back again.
  • In the friend's list click on the Add friend (Human with a + sign) symbol. [Second option from the top right corner]

  • In the search box, type your friend's ID.

  • Click on the + Add option.

  • This is how it will show after your friend is added back with an Added mark.

So, now you can check that the error doesn't exist now and you can see your friends story again.

6. Re-Login to your Account

Sometimes just logging out & re-logging back in may solve big problems & there are good chances that my Snapchat stories won't load issue too will get solved.

  • Go to your ID in the Snapchat App

  • Click on the Settings option now.

  • Scroll down to the Log Out option.
  • Then Click on Yes option, if you want to save your Login Info.

  • Then press on Log-Out again.

  • Since you have logged out, try re-login now.

Your problem will get solved now & you can load all snaps back again.

7. Clear Cache Files

What? Your problem isn't solved yet. Don't worry, sometimes the error is harder to solve. I have a few more steps for you but in this particular step only it will get solved since we are going to Clear the cache files.

  • Go to Settings & in the settings go to Apps section.

  • Now in the Manage Apps choose the Snapchat App.

  • Click on Clear Data option now.

  • Press on the Clear Cache option.
  • Restart the Snapchat App now & login again.

The Clearing cache files method will remove all the stored data related to your Snapchat Id & you have to re-login. After completing this step, I am your sure that your stories won't load on Snapchat issue is no more existing.

8. Update Snapchat

No good results yet, still I have 2 more steps for you. The stories won't load error has to be solved for both of us today. So, let's try these 2 steps now & get a win.

  • Go to Playstore & from the sidebar menu choose My Apps & Games option.

  • Then in the Installed Apps section, choose the Snapchat App.

  • You can see the Install Updates option if any new update is available. Else it would be Open when updated to the latest version.

  • Click Install Updates, if available and update the Snapchat to the latest version.

If there was an error from the Snapchat side then Updating the app would help you solve the error, else move on to the next step with me.

9. Re-install Snapchat

If you have followed the last step & still your playstore is open as in the above picture then just click on the Uninstall button & then after Uninstalling is completed, click on the Install option again.

Or if you have closed that then follow the steps with me.

  • Go to Settings & in the settings go to Apps section.

  • Now in the Manage Apps choose the Snapchat App.
  • Press on the Uninstall option now, to begin with, the uninstalling process.

  • Now, open playstore & search Snapchat.
  • Click on Install, and wait till it gets installed.
  • Re-login to your Snapchat account.

The problem Stories won't load in Snapchat might have been solved with trying these step.

Did it Work?

So, we have tried 9 different ways by which we can solve the snapchat stories won't load error on iphone or Android. The problem could have been caused due to either from Snapchat side or internet connection issue or some other issue in your device. But, all the issues are mentioned above & have been a solution provided to each of them.

Please do mention in the comments below for any queries or suggestions, I would like to hear from you on the same topic.

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