Subway Surfers Cheat Codes [Updated List 2022]

21Looking all over the internet to find Subway Surfers Cheat Codes? Well, look no further. Subway Surfers cheat code is an absolute favorite game for many of us. With the cheat codes, you get unlimited access to coins and keys, and that's the whole point of the game, isn't it?

Excited already?


The pandemic has got to the worse of it already and we are all looking for ways to pass our time and Subway Surfer is the ideal fun game to play with your friends and compete. Moreover, it lets you travel to different countries through your mobile screen. Much needed especially when you are locked. 

Do you know the redeem codes option that Subway Surfers has and opens your door to unlimited keys, coins, characters, and much more? We are here to talk about these freebies and how these subway surfers' cheat codes will save you some running time.


Working Subway Surfers Cheat Codes

Trying these cheat codes will not only serve you an added advantage in the game but you can also flaunt your high-voltage epic running in front of your friends. Here is a list of Cheat codes to use.

  • 200designs - Gets you 2k Coins and 2 Keys
  • bdaylaunch - Gets you 3k Coins and 3 Keys
  • 9yearsrunning - Gets you 9k Coins and 9 Keys

All these codes are valid only for a limited period of time. So, if I were you, I would on my way to use these Cheat Codes.

Subway Surfers Cheat Codes


Expired Subway Surfers Cheat Codes

Here are some of Subway Surfers Cheat Codes that are expired. Make sure to not use them and in case you do, they aren't going to work out.

  • houstonkeys - Gets you 6 keys
  • 2infinity - Gets you 3k coins, 1 booster, 3 keys, and 1 headstart
  • cosmicfriday - Gets you 3k coins and 3 keys
  • singaporedollars - Will give you 5,555 coins
  • back2moscow - Gets you 9,001 coins
  • fridaycheers - Gets you 1,000 coins and 5 keys
  • luckyday - Gets you 8,000 keys
  • Naughty2315 - Gets you 2,000 coins
  • OGK3BEY - Gets you 10,000 coins
  • WHT6JP5 - Gets you 7,000 coins
  • springtime - Gets you 5k coins and 5 keys
  • Tonsofkeys - Gets you 100 keys
  • mmcablegoat - Gets you 5 keys
  • GIEFROCKETPLZ - Gets you a Rocket
  • Sybo10k - Gets you 10,000 coins
  • HappyHolidays2020 - This code will get you Mimi
  • eggstremecoins - Gets you 5,000 coins
  • Sybo10k - Gets you 10,000 coins
  • UnlockBCN - Gets you 13 keys
  • RaveFriday1 - Gets you 2,000 coins and 3 keys
  • Nice1721 - Gets you 2 keys
  • BaliSummer - Gets you 10 keys and 10,000 coins
  • bdaycoins - Gets you 7,000 keys

How to Use Subway Surfer Promo Codes?

Having these cheat codes is not enough, you also must know how to redeem them. So, if you are unaware and have absolutely zero knowledge about how to redeem or use these cheat codes, you know what to do.

Keep Reading.

  1. Go to the menu of your Phone or PC, look for Subway Surfers, and Open It.
  2. Once the game opens, on the top-right corner, you will find 'Settings'. Click on Settings
  3. You will now see a window pop up in front of you. You can simply just scroll down until you find 'Promo Codes'
  4. Click 'Promo Codes'
  5. From the above list of working cheat codes, enter any.
  6. Once done, click on 'Done'
  7. The rewards should immediately reflect.
  8. You will see the mystery box on your screen, tap to open it and then, enjoy your reward.

Note: These codes are subject to validity. They expire too soon. Therefore, just in case the code doesn't work for you, consider it expired.

Subway Surfers Cheat Codes

How Can you Get Subway Surfers Promo Codes?

Subway Surfers are proactively posting on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. Keeping an eye on these forums will take you all the way to these promo codes.

The game releases new cheat codes/promo codes every month. Since these codes are active for a limited span of time, they are subject to expiry soon. However, we do our best to track these codes and bring them in light to you and for you.

Developers are also very keen to publish these promo codes and cheat codes during special festival occasions or game events. This article will have all the updates, so you need to stay hooked and keep checking it regularly for upcoming cheat codes.

Subway Surfers Cheat Codes


We all know how addictive Subway Surfers is and the stretch of playing it for continuous hours is unstoppable once you get started. However, the sad story is when you don't have enough keys and you have to start all over. All that effort goes into vain.

But not anymore, since these subway surfers' cheat codes could help you out to have unstoppable gaming and running experience while playing subway surfers. And as I made this clear, these codes work only for a certain period of time, so if you want them, grab them right away this minute.

Till we meet next, keep reading and keep playing!

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