Free Super Animal Royale Codes for 2022

If you are here, reading this, I am sure you have are a Super Animal Royale player or have played it in your earlier days. If you are still playing it, time to get excited because we are here with Super Animal Royale Codes that will get you a lot of freebies.

That is the whole purpose of promo codes, right? To get you free stuff from the game. We know your urge and that is why we have brought some of the working promo codes. This game has been an absolute favorite for many and is completely free to play. However, the business model change that has recently been introduced adds a lot of free stuff to the game like 32v32 S.A.W.


Honestly, there is no better way to kit your animals around using these Super Animal Royale Codes. Let's get started, shall we?

Super Animal Royale Codes

About Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale is a fun, 2D multiplayer game with a shot of twist. The game intends to fight for your survival. With different weapons like shotguns, grenades, etc, you can dispose of your enemy even in the strangest of places.


This game is soon to join the Xbox marathon and players can't wait to get started. Participation has already begun and if you are still not aware, we wish you luck *wink*.

All Super Animal Royale Codes 2022

There are different kinds of Super Animal Royale Codes that you can use in your game to get free stuff. However, there are chances that these codes will expire in the coming time.

These codes are subject to availability and can expire at any time. Therefore, it is best to be quick with these codes once you have them on you. Let's dig through.


Super Animal Royale Codes

1. Active Super Animal Royale Codes

Below are the codes that are up and running. These don't expire until you use them. Make sure that you use these codes once for your account.

  • LOVE: This super animal royale code gets you a Rainbow Umbrella and a Baseball X1 Rainbow Cap.
  • NLSS: On successful redemption of this code, you get
    • X1 Red Button Up Shirt
    • Josh Umbrella
    • Police Hat
    • Red Striped Shirt
    • Jeans Vest
    • Velvet Robe
    • Skull Beanie
    • Police Outfit
    • Egg Umbrella

Super Animal Royale Codes

  • SUPERFREE: This code gets you Super Fox Beanie.
  • SQUIDUP: To get yourself a Squid Cap, use this code.

2. Super Animal Royale Seasonal/Holiday Promo Codes

We all love holidays and Super Animal Royale knows that quite well. This is why it has launched its seasonal set of codes which are up for grabs only during the respective calendar year.

Note: These codes won't work all year round.

  • DAYOFTHEHEAD: This super animal royale code gets you a Mariachi Hat and a Mariachi Outfit.
  • USA: Get the following items from this code: -
    • Uncle Sam Outfit
    • Stars and Stripe Baseball Hat
    • Stars and Stripes Hat
  • CANADA: On using this code and after successful redemption, here is what you get: -
    • Mountie Outfit
    • Hocket Stick
    • Mountie Hat
  • HOWLOWEEN - This code gets you a Howl Mask.
  • CRISPRmas: Who doesn't love Santa? Get a Santa Hat and Santa Outfit using this code.
  • NEWYEAR: If you use this code on a New Year, You get a Party Hat and a Dress.
  • SAKURA: You get Sakura Fan, Sakura Umbrell, and Sakura Kimono if you use this code.

Super Animal Royale Codes

3. Expired Super Animal Royale Codes

  • BIRTHDAY2020: Get a Pixie Party Hat, 2nd Anniversary Cake Gravestone, and Pixie Umbrella using this animal royale promo code.
  • DREAMHACK: Get a Dreanhack 2019 Dallas Umbrella through this code.
  • SUMMER: To get a colored pool needle, use this code. Purple Pool Needle, Blue Pool Needle, Green Pool Needle, and Orange Pool Needle are the options you get.
  • MAY4: Get Purple Super Light Sword, Blue Super Light Sword, or Green Super Light Sword from this code. All these items are now available Cackling Carl's Cart items.
  • SAKURA: You get Sakura Fan, Sakura Umbrell, and Sakura Kimono if you use this code.
  • BIRTHDAY: Pixile Party Hat and Anniversary Cake Gravestone using this promo code

How to Redeem Super Animal Royale Promo Codes?

Haven't redeemed a super animal royale code yet? We have got the steps for you! Follow these steps to get a super animal royale code.

Step 1: Visit the Super Animal Royale Game.

Step 2: Find the Cogwheel Button that you can find on the top-right corner once you are on the screen.

Keep Going!

Step 3: When you click on the button in Step 2, you will find a menu screen. On the menu screen, find the coupon code button.

Step 4: From the set of coupon codes that we have provided, use any to redeem the reward.


Time to bid adieu amigos! Hope you had fun! Use these super animal royale codes to get freebies while you play the game. In case, the code doesn't work, consider it expired.

Don't worry since we keep updating our page regularly. So, stay tuned for new codes!

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