Roblox Ninja Legends Codes For Free 2022

Love Roblox Games? Then you certainly love Ninja Legends too, we are hoping. Ninja Legends is such a popular and versatile game and people in all corners have been playing the game to the fullest. But wait up, if we are guessing it right, you are here to search and find your way across some of the best Ninja Legends Codes, right?

Well, if you are nodding your head on the other side, then you know what to do.


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The Ninja Legends Codes in this article are fully working and help you redeem gems, coins, and so much more. We have managed to be as specific as we could with these codes so that you don't have to go through the trouble.

Ninja Legends Codes


About Ninja Legends

Ninja Legends is a Japanese-oriented game and consists of stuff like swords, pets, and so on. It is all about fighting around with opponents and the aim is to win.

Two significant reasons why players love this game is how it lets you virtually explore the world which is so much needed during this pandemic! 

The second is how difficult it is to level up in the game.


The more difficult a game is, the more fun it is to play. Additionally, people take it more seriously. To improve yourself, you can always put in the required effort and dedication.

The Ninja Legends Codes are a blessing in disguise since it is very difficult to get yourself the best swords, pets, etc when you are playing the game. Even if you put in all your effort, it is time-wrenching, therefore, using these codes actually helps.

Ninja Legends Codes

All Ninja Legends Codes List 2022

All the codes that are currently available and are functional are listed below. Make sure to check them out because there are a LOTSSS of codes to work around with.

1. Gem Codes

To get free gems, use the below code.

  • Christmasninja500: Gets you 500 Gems

2. Chi Codes

You get Chi codes, tons of them if you use the below codes.

  • innerpeace5k
  • silentshadows1000
  • skyblades10k
  • goldupdate500
  • goldnija500
  • darkelements2000
  • dragonlegend750
  • senseisanta500
  • epicflyingninja500
  • epicelements500
  • ultrasecrets10k
  • legends200M
  • DesertNinja250
  • Masterninja750
  • dragonwarrior500
  • blizzardninja500
  • zenmaster500
  • fastninja100
  • swiftblade300
  • mythicalninja500
  • epicflyingninja500
  • legends500m
  • shadowninja500
  • secretcrystal1000
  • dojomaster500
  • skymaster750

3. Auto Train Codes

  • epictrain15: Get 15 minutes of Auto-Training if you use this code
  • roboninja15: This code gets you 15 minutes of Auto-Training too.
  • autotrain15: Use this code to get 15 minutes of Auto-Train
  • darktrain30: Gets you 15 minutes of Auto-Train

4. Coin Codes

  • launch100: Use this code to get 100 coins

5. Soul Codes

  • sparkninja20: Get 20 souls by using this promo code
  • soulhunter5: Get 5 souls if you use this promo code

How to Redeem Ninja Legends Codes?

If you are well-versed with the gameplay, you already know this but extracting and using Ninja Legends code is a simple and hassle-free process.

Once you are in the Ninja Legends game, look on the screen and you will find a 'Codes' button on the top-right corner. The below screen is what you will.

This is where you can enter your redemption code and hit Enter. The code will redeem if it is active. All the codes that we have shared are currently active.

However, the sad part is their subject to availability. These codes are valid only for a certain period of time and expire as soon as they are used. Therefore, our advice is that you quickly check these codes to see if they are working.

What Will Chi Codes Get You?

If you are playing Ninja Legends Codes for quite some time now, we are sure you know what Chi gets you.

Chi codes will help you buy pets. The purpose of these pets is to increase your multiplier and will help you get the number of chi and coins you are going to earn when you grab them all through the map.

Leveling up gets easier if you collect these currencies quickly. Additionally, a player also gets the added advantage and ability to jump high and reach the highest islands.

What Can You Get From The Coins?

This is also a very commonly asked question.

Coins are used to buy stuff like swords, belts, and even let you upgrade your character. Given that it is so important, you will definitely want to have more of it.

That's why you have the codes, right?

Get some coins already!

Ninja Legends - Tricks!

Already a Pro? Then you can skip this part and if you are just a novice, keep reading.

  • The motto is to swing your weapon across and gain Ninjitsu
  • Use this Ninjitsu to increase the damage as well as to upgrade your health.
  • Once you have enough Ninjitsu, you can sell them in exchange for coins or can upgrade items in your shop.
  • To increase stats, you can buy spectacular pets.

Ninja Legends Codes

Final Words

Answer this - Was it fun? 

To see so many codes and to use them? Please let us know if these codes worked for you or the cat took your bite. These codes can expire anytime and if you are getting an error while redeeming them, I advise you to be quick.

Visit the official page of Ninja Legends to stay updated about the Ninja Legends Codes they release periodically.

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