Who Viewed My Instagram Profile? Check Here

Instagram, the saving grace of Facebook, and our partner in crime. As it's one of the most widely used social media platforms, with a massive global outreach there's always this question bugging you "How can you check who viewed your Instagram Profile?"


Well, if you're an avid Instagrammer with a public profile who is looking for answers then this article is for you, to answer your questions and debunk few misconceptions. Also, if you are an Instagram stalker, you should definitely go through it.

Is it Possible to check who view your Instagram Profile?

Instagram carters over a billion monthly active users, with the numbers skyrocketing in the lockdown. It's a platform that helps people to post pictures and videos, check their friends' social lives, and follow their favourite celebrities.

However, no two people are alike meaning not everyone shares the same interest. Some people or some of your acquaintance might use to stalk your profile. And admit it, at some point in our lives, we all have stalked someone without following them.


So, how can you know your profile visitors who don't follow you? Can Instagram let you see who viewed your profile?

Without any further ado, let's find out if we can stalk our stalker.


Can I check who viewed my Instagram Profile?

Well, the reality is you can't directly check who has viewed your Instagram profile because there aren't any features. To date, Instagram doesn't have any built-in functionality, tools, and apps that can allow you to check who viewed your profile.

Needless to say, Facebook-owned Instagram has all the data you require to know regarding who viewed your profile but they aren't willing to share citing user-privacy concerns. Facebook has already tarnished its reputation by cashing in and compromising user's data and interests. So, now Instagram is playing safe otherwise considering they were to share our data, it could result in some serious damage as the user-engagement would drop substantially.

Why Instagram doesn't allow checking who views your profile?

Why you may ask? Let’s put it this way a vast majority of Instagram users pass their time on the app by viewing other's profiles without themselves posting anything on their profile.

Now if Instagram were to disclose the data on their activity, there’s a good risk that they’ll limit their app usage as compared to earlier which is quite unfavourable from a business standpoint. A decline in the number of users would mean a decline in their engagement although they weren’t posting anything they were still being targeted and fed with ads like anyone else. As a result of the disclosed data, they could avoid using the platform altogether.

Special Workarounds to Check who Views Your Instagram Profile

Now that we've established that there's no tool to find out who viewed your profile. However, there are some special workarounds or tricks that you can use to get an idea. You can use these to figure out who visits your profile.

Take a look at them.

1. Using Instagram Stories/Highlights to check who views your profile

Instagram's stories/highlights feature can be used to check who all have visited your profile recently. All you have to do to use this feature is tap on your profile picture icon then click on the bottom left corner of your Instagram story. This will expand to show you a list of the users who have viewed your story including those who don't follow you.

This feature helps you to find out about your profile's visitors and also allows you to block users with whom you don't want to share your Stories, by simply clicking on the menu button present on the right side of the user's name and clicking on "Hide Story" option which makes it pretty easy to block any of your Instagram Stalker.

However, Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours so you’ll have to check the list frequently, provided you upload stories often. Otherwise, if you’re looking to track someone in particular from a long-term perspective then you can check that via Highlights, which also displays lists of users checking your profile and doesn’t expire after 24 hours. (provided they view the Highlights)

2. Using Instagram Business Accounts to check who views your profile

You can also find out who viewed your Insta profile with the help of an Instagram business account. An Instagram business account provides you access to valuable information regarding your Instagram pages’ traffic, views, and clicks. However, there’s a catch- these insights won’t disclose the names of the users who’ve checked your profile.

If you are okay with it, then it’s pretty simple to convert a personal Instagram account into a business account. Follow these instructions-

  • Head over to Instagram Settings.
  • Click on the “Switch to Business Profile” option.
  • Now link your Insta account with a Facebook Page that you administrate.

Instagram will then prompt you to select which contact information you would wish to access from your Facebook profile because users must have to update at least one contact info in their Instagram business account. You're all set with your new Instagram business account.

Words of advice-  Instagram Insights does not collect historical data and only begins collecting data after setting up the Instagram business account.

3. Check People May You Know

Instagram keeps recommending to you the people you may know and would like to follow. It utilizes the information from your contact book, accounts you follow, accounts that follow you, and other data stored on your device. One more factor for people's suggestion is when someone frequently keeps visiting your profile without any interactions (stalk you), then Instagram adds their name to your 'People you may know/Suggested' list.

So, whenever someone appears on your profile but you don't know anything about that person, then you may conclude that the other person checks your Instagram profile.

4. People who like your comments

If you are fond of commenting on posts, reels, and IGTV videos on Instagram, then you may find people liking your comments. And, the people who like your comments are 70% more likely to visit your profile and check it.

So, whenever you receive a notification saying that- "Someone liked your comment...," then you may conclude that person might have checked your Instagram profile.

Can I use third-party apps to know who viewed your Instagram profile?

If you look upon the iOS store and Play Store, you will find umpteen number of third-party apps with fancy names and misleading descriptions which will convince you to believe that it’s possible to check who viewed your account and find out about the stalker’s profile. However, to do so, these apps ask you to permit them to access your Instagram account.

But, do they even work? Certainly not because they are fake. For starters, these apps have very bad ratings for obvious reasons:

  • They don’t work as per their “description”. These apps deceive us by pretending to work and to back it up they start showing a list of random Instagram users that continue to change whenever you open the app.
  • Instagram has made it very clear that it only shares a user’s profile details with third-party apps that haven’t been reviewed by the company. Moreover, Instagram’s latest API, which was introduced earlier this year, has tightened the security comparatively. So, such apps are utterly useless now.
  • They are spammed with ads.

I'd strongly recommend that you should avoid using them.

Why you shouldn't use such Third-party Apps with your Instagram Account?

So, to answer your question and sorry to burst your bubble but there's literally nothing we can do to find out who views your profile. Is it too much to ask? "Yes, indeed," said Instagram. Some apps reveal who followed or unfollowed you recently.

However, granting permission to third-party apps are a disaster because they can hijack your account and can sell your data. So, I wouldn't recommend that.

Arguably, the only effective workaround seems to check your Instagram Story/Highlights to find out. However, this list doesn't count the users who went through the posts on your profile.

Final Verdict

Dear readers,

We need to stay safe and conscious of social media platforms. If you think online platforms are safe heaven then you are mistaken. You need to get your facts right because with a significant rise in cybercrime cases, it has become very unsafe. Your number one priority should be yourself and your data which shouldn't be compromised.

Finally, If not knowing who's visiting your profile makes you uneasy and anxious, then the most feasible alternative would be switching to a private account.

Well, that's about it from our side. Hopefully, this article has shared all the valuable insights with you. We make sure that our articles are well-curated which answers your questions. Ultimately, it's all about your satisfaction.

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