How to Fix Roblox Error Code 277?

Nobody likes to face errors while playing games. Especially those that keep appearing regularly, and are very hard to get rid of. Roblox Error Code 277 is one of such errors that you might have faced somewhere in your Roblox gaming career. And if you are looking for its solution, then this post is the place for you. 

By following the below-mentioned methods you will be able to easily solve this error. Moreover, we will also cover all the topics that revolve around the error like, What is it? and How is it caused? So, without any further ado, let's begin. 


What Is Roblox Error Code 277?

Roblox is a famous gaming platform that allows you to create your own game with the help of your imagination. According to a report released in 2019, Roblox is having more than 100 million active users per month. Additionally, the platform is famous in all genders as it has more than 45% of female users. Now that you have a brief knowledge about Roblox's popularity, so now let's directly jump into the explanation of error 277. 

Roblox Error Code 277 is very common but among the most irritating problems for all the Roblox users. As per a survey, this problem is mainly faced by Windows users. Whenever you will face this problem then you will find yourself getting disconnected in the middle of the game or even not able to enter the game itself. You will see an error message, stating:


" Lost connection to the game server, please reconnect (Error code: 277)"

By default, the game will provide two ways to tackle this problem, "Leave" and "Reconnect". Almost 90% of the users will go with the reconnect option. But eventually, that's not going to work, therefore, you will be left with only the "Leave" option. 

At this point, you might be having questions like, Why developers are not doing anything to solve this issue? Aren't they aware of it? The answer is Yes, they know about this problem, but unfortunately, they haven't figured out any official solution for it. 


Hey, Wait!!! Don't feel disappointed, as we along with some other experts have figured out various methods by which you can easily get rid of this issue. So, now let's talk about that. 

Causes Of Roblox Error Code 277:

There can be multiple reasons because of which you might be facing this issue. But mainly, there are two reasons, first, caused by the Roblox server itself. The only way to solve the issue if it is caused by the Roblox server itself is to wait. Wait for the developers to fix it is asap. But if the error is caused because of the second reason i.e, lies at your end. Then you can easily get rid of them by applying some quick fixes that we are going to mention down below. Some of the issues that lie at your end are as follows:

1. Damaged Windows Files

It can be the main reason why you are facing this problem. Some of the Windows files might have corrupted because of installing corrupted software or files. Along with the game Roblox, this error is also going to affect the speed of your computer. You can easily solve this problem by fixing the Windows Registry. 

2. Too Much Cache Data

There is a great possibility that you will be facing this issue because of having a lot of cache data. What cache data does is that it freezes up your device and leaves you with issues like Error 277. You can solve this problem by going to the settings or the Control Panel of your device

If the reason for you facing such errors is based on the above two mention points. Then it's very easy to solve it, but if it's not, then the situation became quite tricky. But still, there's nothing for you to worry about, as we are also going to explain how to solve Roblox Error Code 277 if it is not caused by the above two mention points. 

Roblox Error Code 277 Solutions

You must be thinking that it's very hard to get rid of such errors. But believe us, it's not. You can easily get rid of them by following the different methods that we're going to mention below. 

1. Download Latest Browser Updates

It's always good to use a browser that is trustable as well as performs stably in your system. There's a great possibility that you might be facing such errors because of using unknown or untrusted browsers. 

You should go with the Google Chrome browser as it comes from a trusted source. Additionally, you should always keep your browser up-to-date if you don't want to face errors like error code 277.

2. Roblox Utility Tool

This is the best way to get rid of Error Code 277. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to know how it's done. 

  • Based on the configuration of a device, Download and Install the Roblox Utility Tool.
  • Open it and wait for some time to find out what problem you are facing. 
  • Now click on the "Fix" button to start solving your problem.
  • Once the tool is done with solving your problem, you can restart your device.

3. Roblox Compatibility Mode

It's always best practice to download all the latest updates for your Windows. Therefore, it is recommended to use Windows 10 latest update, as it is the best windows for running Roblox. 

To solve the issue related to compatibility follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Right-click on the Roblox shortcut icon, go to the Properties option, and then select the Compatibility Tab.
  • Now click on "Run Compatibility Troubleshooter". 

  • Check the option stating "Run this program in compatibility mode for"
  • Finally, choose your Windows version from the drop-down menu and click on Apply. 

Now open Roblox and see if that error is gone or not. If not, try the next method. 

4. Roblox Log Files

It's necessary to keep deleting unnecessary log files of Roblox. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to know how it's done. 

  • Open Run dialogue box by pressing Windows+R 
  • Now type this thing carefully, %localappdata%Roblox\logs, after entering it press Enter key.
  • Select all the files by clicking the Ctrl+A shortcut key. And permanently delete them by pressing Shift+Del

  • Now again follow the first step to open the Run dialogue box. 
  • Type %USERPROFILE%AppData\LocalLow\BbxLogs, and press the enter key. 
  • Now follow step 3 to delete all the files.

5. Check Connectivity

It also might be possible that you will be facing such issues because of your poor network. So, it is recommended to use a network with good downloading and uploading speed to play games like Roblox.

Final Words

After knowing the reason, and the solutions of Error code 277 you should have understood that it's not a great deal to come across such errors. We hope this post will clear all your doubts. But by any chance, if you still have any, feel free to comment that down below.

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