Best Free TV Streaming Sites in 2019 [Legal]

If you like to spend most of your time watching TV series, then you should not worry about cables and TV subscriptions. Because now you can watch TV series online and enjoy your favorite shows whenever and wherever you want. Yes, today, we are going to share the list of best free tv streaming sites.

How To Watch Free TV Streaming Sites?

With the evolution of Internet, you can easily stream TV series online and watch them. Sometimes you can watch TV series online without subscription while in some cases you need to have a subscription. the main benefit you will get in watching tv series online through free tv streaming sites is that you are free to watch your favorite tv series anytime. all you need is the internet and you are good to go. you don't need to stick in front of your tv to watch in the particular time. So, let's discuss some free tv streaming sites here.


Best Free TV Streaming Sites

There are a lot of free TV streaming websites available from where you can search your favorite TV shows. And so here we are sharing the top 10 best free TV streaming sites on which you can watch TV series online. These free TV streaming sites are the best way to watch TV series online on a busy schedule.

Netflix- Favorite TV Shows Streaming site

One of the favorite TV streaming sites is Netflix. You would have heard about it as it occurs in every list of best TV streaming sites. Apart from the TV shows, you can also stream movies online and enjoy it for free. The website offers a trial period of about 30 days after which you need to get a subscription. From the favorite sports shows to the controversial talk shows, you can stream TV online. It is a fantastic website that you can try to watch TV series online.


Hotstar- Best Streaming App for TV Channels

The next streaming site is a web based portal, launched just before the 2015 World Cup. An Indian based online streaming app, Hotstar became popular among the Indian youth at a very rapid speed. The people started watching their TV shows or serials on the Hotstar app, in case they missed it due to some reason. You can watch TV series online at Hotstar by just logging in and giving some details. Apart from this, one of the main features that help Hotstar get a place in the top 10 best TV streaming sites is that it streams shows that even Netflix doesn’t offer. These shows come under the Premium category of Hotstar, and you require a subscription to watch them. While you can watch most of the shows online for free, there are some that will require a subscription.

You can download the Hotstar app quickly from Google Play Store. It is the best TV streaming sites for the fans of HBO TV series.


TV Duck

While some websites are equally good for streaming TV series and movies online, some of them can be chosen only to watch TV series. TV Duck is the correct site to stream TV series and shows if you are using Vudu or Netflix like sites for movies. The main reason behind this is the main page of TV Duck has the streaming links from Vudu and Netflix only. You will find the streaming links of the favorite TV shows and series on the home page of TV Duck. You can search the various shows and get the link to all the episodes of a single TV show on one page. Lastly, you might need the subscription of Vudu or Netflix for free streaming of TV series online on TV Duck.

TV Land- Best Free TV Streaming Sites

You can call this online streaming site as the complete land of TV shows and series. This website allows you to stream the full-length TV show that offers extensive collection. The TV Land offers its services on your smartphone as well. You can download the TV Land mobile app and then register on it. Create an account with TV Land and start watching TV series online. After creating an account, you can also create reminders of your favorite TV shows. The TV Land is one of the best TV series streaming sites as its database is regularly updated. So now you can watch brand new episodes of your favorite TV show on a regular basis.

Hulu- Top Site to Stream TV Shows

The next site that you can try to stream TV series online is Hulu. It is the most popular place to stream full-length TV series. One of the advantages that you can enjoy with Hulu is that it updates its database within 24 hours.

So now you know where to go when you want to watch \the latest TV series online. Also apart from the wide range of TV shows, you can enjoy movies and great documentaries on Hulu.

You can either search for the TV show through the TV tab or the Search box. Hulu offers some shows for free to watch. Otherwise, you will need a subscription to watch TV series online. You can also try the seven-day free trial and complete your TV series before the time is up and then cancel it.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is the recent addition to the list of top 10 best TV streaming sites. With the legal licensing agreement, the Tubi TV doesn’t offer a full range of the popular TV series and movies. But you will find some interesting categories to browse through. You might be wondering if it doesn’t offer the popular TV shows, then it might not be of great use.

But guys, if offers show within some interesting categories like- “Highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes and “Not on Netflix.”  And so set up an account with the website and enjoy the unlimited services that it offers.

Watch Series TV

Another TV streaming site for 2017 that you can try is Watch Series TV. The home page of the site contains all the latest additions in the TV series and movies category. It categorizes the shows according to genre, artist or the title of the show or you can use the search box and stream your favorite TV show or movie.

With Watch TV series, you can watch TV series online by streaming it through the links provided by the popular and latest TV shows. It doesn’t demand any third party sign up, and so you can stream TV series online without a subscription.

Popcorn Time- Best Free TV Streaming App

The next site is entirely different from the ones stated above. Popcorn Time is an open source application that you can download on your device for free streaming of TV shows and series. The site is a huge competitor to Netflix as it also lays its titles like the latter. But one of the major drawbacks is the pirated content offered by Popcorn Time.

And so while some of them like to torrent the files online, some would hesitate in using Popcorn Time. But no matter what, this is one the best TV streaming sites for free which offers fast streaming and high-quality media.


Viewster allows its users, to watch TV series online and without even downloading it. Also apart from streaming movies and TV shows online, if anime series interest you, then Viewster is right for you. You can search your favorite TV shows according to the genre and watch it online for free. Locate your favorite TV show and click on the play button to stream online your favorite TV show.

The database of this amazing TV streaming site is updated regularly, so you can keep a check on the latest episodes of your favorite TV show. Also, don’t forget about the kid’s shows that you can enjoy only on Viewster.


The last in our list of top 10 best TV streaming sites to watch TV series online is Crackle.

You can watch full-length episodes and even create a list of your personal favorites and watched shows. So now you can keep track of what you are watching. The Crackle website is accessible across various platforms and is compatible with both the site and the phone app. You do not require to create an account to watch TV series online with Crackle. But if you want to avail the watch list service then you can sign up for free with them. So stream and watch show online with this last but a fantastic Online TV streaming site 2018.

We hope with these sites, streaming the various TV series and movies become a lot more fun. These were the top 10 best free TV streaming sites on which you can watch TV series online. You can always go with the trial period with every streaming site and then switch to whatever suits you the best. Try any of them and do remember to share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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