10 Best Linux Distros for Beginners, Gamers and Programmers

Are you a gamer or programmer? Or a Beginner in Linux? Well, this post can help you in many ways. Find out the Best Linux Distros of 2018 that you can start using on your Desktop or Laptop. Every Linux Distribution is good for one task or the other, this article will help you understand the distro that you need to install.

But before getting started, let me add some basics.


What Is Linux Distribution?

For knowing the best suitable Linux distro for one’s own system, we first need to know what a Linux distribution is. It is an operating system made from a collection of software and which is based upon the Linux kernel. It comprises a lot of tools and features.

Starting from Linux kernel to various exciting tools, documentation, additional software, a desktop environment and many more. There are the features that are very important for the proper functioning of Linux distro. Most of the software is an open and free software that is compiled to help in its proper functioning.

10 Best Linux Distros

Here is a list of the Linux distro that is the most useful for your computers and laptops. This would help the user to get a suitable Linux distribution for his own system.


You can use these Linux Distributions for Gaming, Programming, Coding, or for just regular use.

Elementary OS

If you are looking for a very competent distro, this is the right choice for you. It has an ingenious design and outlook. Elementary OS is undoụbtedly the most attractive distributions because of its layout, and this looks similar to that of MacOS.


There are not some preinstalled apps, and you might have to install a few apps that you need to form the App center.

It might also reduce the performance speed and quality. This, however, comes bundled with the epiphany browser, Geary email client, and a few other basic tools that would be enough for you to keep going. You can always install the rest of the apps that you need as and when required.

Site- https://elementary.io/

Linux Mint

This is one of the best distributions that you can choose if you are shifting from a different platform. Linux Mint has a number of versions, and all of them are known to be extremely user-friendly that adds to its popularity.

Linux Mint is known to support a lot of media files, and the user can play any DVD or music file out of the box without any complication. This further adds to the popularity of this bistro.

The latest version of this is the KDE version that has an amazing and attractive desktop environment featuring many latest apps like Spotify, Skype and WhatsApp.


Arch Linux

If you really want to try out something new, something that is not very smooth to use or user-friendly, then this is the choice for you. This is indeed the most advanced and complicated distro that you can choose to use. This has the best possible desktop environment and allows you to install different packages as per your need.

This, however, has so much to offer that the faint-hearted would definitely not be able to use all the features. Though this is technically advanced, users are provided with a perfect guide and necessary help whenever required at the initial levels.

The technicalities increase for the better at advanced steps to increase and improve the overall performance.

Site- https://www.archlinux.org/


This is one of the most commonly used distros all over the world. Most of the users find this exceptionally useful so much so that people consider ubuntu synonymous with Linux distro altogether, but this is just an example of it. Ubuntu is widely famous among users for innumerable reasons.

Firstly, Ubuntu updates itself after every six months, and thus the user has a new version of Ubuntu to use after every six months. Ubuntu also releases an LTS version that stands for a long-term support version that helps you to provide security and free from the hassle of continuous upgrades for five years.

The second last upgrade of Ubuntu used the unity desktop background which posed a problem for Windows and Mac users as it was slightly different and thus lacked familiarity. Recently, the latest version of Ubuntu uses the Gnome 3 desktop environment that is entirely smooth and user-friendly.

Site- https://www.ubuntu.com/

Ubuntu mate

This is a version of Ubuntu that is widely used by the users.

This keeps on upgrading and improving itself after every six months. This is definitely a fascinating and important feature because upgrading the distro after every few months can be tiresome and problematic as it consumes a lot of time.

Once the user is free from the problem of upgrades, a lot of work can be done quite smoothly without any hindrance.

Site- https://ubuntu-mate.org/


This is an entirely lightweight Linux distro for netbooks, mobile devices, and laptops. So, for if you are looking for a lightweight distro, this is the one for you.

Site- https://lubuntu.net/


If you are a person who is worried more about privacy than performance, then tails are the one and only distro for you.

This makes sure that starting from your location to other data, everything is kept absolutely private and safe. Privacy is the primary concern of tails, and it will never let you down.

This is used a little less by the users because its performance is not as good as others. However, when it comes to maintaining privacy, tails tops the list alone.

Site- https://tails.boum.org/

Zorin OS

This is also an Ubuntu distro that has a similar appearance as that of the windows OS with a graphical user interface. Though some of the users point out that a lot of inconveniences is faced while installing additional apps, the glamour and the layout of this OS is to die for.

And this is precisely why it has gained popularity over time and is being by innumerable people nowadays.

Site- https://zorinos.com/

Deepin Linux

This is a Debian based distribution that works with an attractive and competitive OS. The user gets a considerable number of customization options, and this is what makes this one of the favorites among the users.

Starting from its features, to layouts, this  is indeed one of the most competent when it comes to functioning.

Site- https://www.deepin.org/en/

Linux mate

This Linux distro is also known for having features which are mostly useful for new users. The desktop background and the in-built apps are the most popular features of this distribution.

Site- https://mate-desktop.org/

Given above is the list of the most commonly used Linux distributions all over the world. These are based on the reviews of the users who have been using the distro for a long time and are experienced in this case.

Users must always remember what is his priority first. All above mentioned Linux Distribution satisfy different needs of the people and are designed for different purposes. Thus, one must be sure of what he needs exactly and based on that; he should choose the correct distro for his system.

If you are still unsure about what to choose, it is always suggested that you go through user reviews in order to get a brief idea about how it functions and what are the inbuilt features present in it.

The above list contains the most commonly used Linux distro which serves a wide range of purposes and is designed to serve the best in every case, and thus these are the best indeed. No doubt users prefer these over all other Linux distros because these are hassle free and also user-friendly. It is still suggested that the users go through the features well before making a choice.

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