10 Best Picasa Alternatives for Windows and Mac

Gone are the days when the pictures were in the form of print. In this modern era, people prefer taking pictures through their cellphones and camera. Even after clicking the picture, they also have the feasibility to edit the picture accordingly. For example, if you think that you can tone yourself fairer or slimmer or something like that, you can also do that with the help of picture editor. You might have done it by the help of Picasa till now. Isn't it? But if you are bored of Picasa and want to try something new, then, here, we are going to share the top 10 best Picasa alternatives.



Picasa has always been an incredible collage maker and photograph editor. There is a scope of alternative options to Picasa which might fill a similar need in better ways and furthermore have different highlights to offer. Picasa will never again get refreshes and hence it regards the change to different amazing options to Picasa. Also, Google is closing down Picasa. There are many amazing Picasa options available, you can check this Picasa substitute. So, Let's move on!! 🙂

Best Picasa Alternatives

As you know that Picasa is a standout app amongst the most popular and amazing photograph editor and viewer. It is used by many people. But yes, few people don't care for a few highlights of Picasa so they are hunting down the choices. Here are top 10 best Picasa choices that can be used by the individuals.

1. Google Photos

It is a standout amongst other choices for Picasa. In google photos, individuals can view works from Picasa and you dont need to open another file for using Google photographs. By chance that you as of now have a google account then it's perfect! no worries. All you need to do is log in to google account and your photos and videos will be saved automatically.


Google Photos is the perfect option for Picasa as it might be a more up to date and at a better stage.


2. Windows Photo Gallery

Windows Photo Gallery is somewhat similar to Picasa however it is easier and has a better User Interface. Once more, it does not have the cloud storage choice yet it fulfills other option to Picasa because of the photo editing and collage making option.

The photograph editing highlights should keep you fulfilled and satisfied. This app also enables you to share the photos with your personal group or transfer them to your drive.

3. Microsoft Photos

Microsoft is the best and wonderful app. If you are a windows client then you can use the Microsoft Photographs as the best option for Picasa. You can store and make some essential changes with the help of this software. The user interface is easy to handle and use. So make the best of your pictures.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best and amazing cloud storage app for storing media files. You can use this app as a media storage and organizer for all your photograph. One of the drawbacks which this app contains is that you cannot do any kind of editing but, you can set folders and store them easily with no issues.

5. XnView MP

It can be used as the best Picasa option. It can be used for storing photographs and furthermore you can edit them. The interface of this application is great and you can have a link to information about the photographs. All you need to do is invest some energy to know how to utilize it because of its remarkable and amazing interface. Link

6. Phototheca

Phototheca is a simple to use and simple to manage the application. It enables you to sort photographs and compose them all at one single place. It has a paid form which offers extra highlights, for example, seeing pictures by the date and time, a course of events mode, slideshow see any number of different alternatives.

7. Flickr

It began with Yahoo Messenger and here we are discussing yet another app of theirs, Flickr! In spite of the fact that there lies enormous question mark with respect to what might this photo editor have in store for the future. Starting at now, this can be a reason other option to Picasa as it gives its best and amazing storage facilities.

Yet there is a decision to be made with respect to whether to continue this app or not. Until at that point, appreciate Flickr! And make a good use of it.

8. Photoshop Elements

The Photoshop element is best to edit photographs with different and amazing features and you can likewise store photographs with the help of this software. The interface is additionally simple to use with different and wonderful highlights.

9. The os X photos

On the off chance that you are using Macintosh then os x photos is a standout amongst other choices. You can use as you sort out your photos and editing app. You can likewise play out some extraordinary features with this application, for example, auto upgrade, shading, and light change.

10. Paint.net

Paint.net is additionally a decent and best option for Picasa. The highlights of this app are like FastStone and Jetphoto. You can store and as well as do some changes with the help of this software and the User Interface is simple.

10 Picasa Alternatives

So here are the 10 Best Picasa Alternatives that we mentioned above. Explore all these and start making your photograph the best of all.

  • Google Photos
  • Windows Photo Gallery
  • Microsoft Photos
  • DropBox
  • Xn View MP
  • Phototheca
  • Flicker
  • Photoshop Elements
  • The os X Photos
  • Paint. net

In this article, I have included the top 10 best Free Picasa choices. So, if you are bored of Picasa, it is the high time to use any of these alternatives of Picasa.

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