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Every common person when struggling in buying a book will find as a source of finding any book for free as an alternative for buying those but the time has come in finding the alternatives for as it announced its formal shutdown on 29/05/2017 in an email to its subscribers, it also informed that they had lost their domain, so they need to move their domain from to but the below given are some best bookzz alternatives.

Start using any as you can easily find thousands of eBooks that you can easily download for free.


10 Best Bookzz Alternatives

Here we are listing Top 10 bookzz alternatives where you can find your free books easily. So, you don't have to worry now, try these alternatives for your favorite books.

Library genesis

It’s a Russian based website with largest books collected in its database, the count ranges around 1.5 million of non-fiction books and an equal number of fictional books. All the books present are absolutely free and easy to download.


It has a very good search engine with search fields as THE COLUMN SET DEFAULT, TITLE, AUTHOR(S), SERIES, PUBLISHER, YEAR, ISBN, LANGUAGE, MD5, TAGS, EXTENSION even with search options as download type, view results, results per page, search with musk(word*), search in fields.

Even provides free access to Scientific articles, Fiction, Comics, Standards and Magazine.

It's well popular for its domain change even if its domain blocked by any government authorities then it turns to other main domain and gives full access to its viewers with the same website design as the older domain. This can be given the priority without checking others.


The latest changed domain of library genesis is given check once

Note: Even the above-mentioned domain may change after few days.

Text Book Nova

Textbook Nova is the best alternative for Bookzz it also had a good count of free books which cost in amazon kindle, google play books and in some other best providers.

It has a search engine with searching capabilities as entering a Title, Keyword, author, or ISBN or browse by category.

After Libgen, this could be the replacement for Bookzz.

Check now:

Open Library

Open Library is an open, editable library catalogue building towards a webpage for every book ever published. The best place for finding the free books as an alternative for Bookzz, it separated it’s all books categories with well-defined science, fiction, non-fiction, magazines. Users have the choice to contribute new information or corrections to the catalogue. If the users are interested in libraries or big data, they encourage you to have a look around the Open Library API.

Every book can easily borrow and can be read online or can be downloaded easily at any time.

Even it had an account login availability for its had 4,791,095 unique visitors, 29,719 new members, 64,353 catalogue edits, 581 lists created, 107,494 eBooks borrowed.

Check it here:

Free E-Books

Another alternative with categories like Fictional audio books, Non-fictional audio books, Children audiobooks and stood on the list as one of the most liked websites for free e-book downloads. It doesn’t allow anonymous to have full access to the book downloads it restricts them limiting download in books.

To have full access to downloads an account holder on their website can easily download books without any download limit.

Check it here:


The world’s largest scientific articles store. 50,000,000+ articles for free.

Around 2,784,195 books, 52,429,917 articles for free as organisation since 2009.

It gives its users a very good search options and makes them easily access their books.

Users can sign in to the site if really be fitted with the site can provide donations in improvement in their services.

Check now:

Free book spot

Free book spot is another best alternative where users can get search engine option of tile, author, ISBN searches.

It even provides latest books option to get to those directly also provide a compact view of the web.

Check now:


Best website with a lot of categories as Architecture, Artbooks, Biographies, Comics, Cultures/ Languages, Encyclopaedia, Dictionary, gambling, Graphic Design, History/Military, Newspaper, Mobile eBooks readers, Programming, politics, Sociology and lo more.

With highlighting popular eBooks on its right middle on their website.

It’s the best website for finding a lot of free magazines.

Check now:

Internet Archive

Website with over 230 billion of web pages searches on the internet, one the most popular site in the field of eBooks sites.

It alone has more than 50 million of books available for download in different sectors. Apart from that, it has over 12 million of text files and a lot more. This makes the website a good competitor for other eBook websites.

Now it’s the time to have a book from this website by checking through


Gutenberg offers over 56,000 free eBooks with epub, kindle books access online. The most older books can have found here with copyrights expired.

There is no requirement for registration or login anyone can download all book with free access, even the users were provided with reading online option. Project Gutenberg supports Net Neutrality.

With a very good user interface where every user has his rights to provide feedback on bugs, errors. The most books found on this website were copyright expired.

You can check it here:


Download free eBooks and textbooks with different website languages options as English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech.

Following on the websites, the facebook page can let you get a daily new free eBook notification on your FB page.

It provides a 30-day free trial and charges later $3.99 per month with filtering options of most popular, editors picks, most read, marketing, finance, management. This could be the best fit for a paid version of eBook website.

A device computability website with broadening your knowledge has with +800 eBooks in the library with new books added every week.

Check it here:

Sites like

Now, let's take a quick look to all the bookzz alternatives we have shared above.

  1. Library genesis
  2. Text book nova
  3. Open library
  4. Free E- books
  5. Booksc
  6. Free book spot
  7. Ebook3000
  8. Internet archieve
  9. Gutunberg
  10. Bookboon

All the above websites give you the access to the copyright-free eBooks and copyrighted but it’s illegal in downloading those copyrighted books without the permissions from the publisher of the book that’s why some of the websites above provide only the copyright expires and copyright free eBooks and epub or online books for reading and downloading.

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