23 Best Roblox Games To Play Free in 2021

Roblox, a platform that is suitable for people of all age groups. Roblox games have continued to give competition to high graphics oriented games like PUBG, and COD. Unlike PUBG, the games that you will find on Roblox are for fun-loving people. These games have been designed for all those people who want to laugh in their free time. If you are looking to spend your free time playing light-hearted games done you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share the best Roblox games in 2021. So without any further ado, let's start gaming!!


Best Roblox Games For 2021

Roblox is an online gaming platform and you can play games present on it with your friends. If we talk about the numbers when there are more than 50 million games present on Roblox. And in this post, we are going to mention the best among those.

1. My Restaurant

Are you fond of cooking? Yes, then this game is definitely for you. In this game, you get to play the role of a waiter, cook as well as and entrepreneur. You can take the help of different members to accomplish your task in the game.


Add beautiful pieces of furniture and food items to keep your restaurant running and convert it into a billion-dollar business from an ordinary restaurant.

2. Hide And SeHifek Extreme

Hide and Seek extreme is one of the easiest to play Roblox games. Everyone on this planet has played hide and seek in their childhood, and this game also runs on the same concept.


In this game, you can either be the person who is hiding or can be the person who is searching for all the hidden people. With more than 2.1 million visits, it is one of the most played games on Roblox.

3. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Everyone loves to visit amusement parks in their childhood. And this game gives you the opportunity of reliving that moment all over again. In this game, you have to build your own amusement park and fill it with extreme rides.

You can enhance the beauty of your park by adding trees, teacups, and carousels. Theme Park Tycoon 2 is equally popular to Theme Park Tycoon.

4. Counter Blox

Here comes the game that lets you play with guns. Counter Blox, this game works on the concept of the very popular game, Counter-Strike. It is a 5Vs5 shooting game.

The last man standing wins the game. You can even buy in-game products to give a complete heroic look to your character. And according to some players, the fun of playing Counter Blox is very much similar to Counter-Strike.

5. Scuba Diving At Quill Lake

We all have dreamt of hunting down treasures and discovering mysterious items. Scuba Diving At Quill Lake gives you the same experience. In this game, you have to find out treasures located deep inside the blue lake. You can even upgrade your character and gear to complete different missions more easily.

6. Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest, a Roblox game whose first and foremost requirement for you is to be 18+. It is a single-player game where you have to fight against enemies and collect all the loot for yourself.

By defeating enemies and discovering treasure you can upgrade your equipment and improve your hit and damage points. This is a must-play game for all those people who want to defeat an army on its own.

7. Zombie Stories

If you are fond of playing Call of Duty, then we are pretty sure that you will have a great time with Zombies Stories. In this game, you get two modes, i.e. story and arcade mode. As you keep increasing your level you get the chance of unlocking more equipment and weapons.

The only downside of this game is that it is full of bugs, but developers are trying hard to make this game bug-free.

8. Flee The Facility

Flee The Facility is one such game that will always keep the adrenaline pumping in your body. In this game, you will have to work as a team and hack into the computer so that you can exit the building.

There will be one player whose main job will be to kill all the other players and put their bodies into a special chamber. This game is recommended for all those people who want to experience the thrill in their life.

9. Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces, a must play a game for all those people who love playing games like Counter-Strike and PUBG. It is an FPS game that is totally based on tactics, skills, and strategy.

You will face recoil while firing through different guns, the developers have added this effect to make this game more realistic. As you start going to a higher level,s you also get the chance of unlocking different new weapons and other equipment.

10. Tower Defense Simulator

As you can guess by the name itself, the concept of Tower Defence Simulator is very simple you have to protect your base from enemies. And for protecting your base you can ask help from other players.

During the initial stages of this game, you get two units, i.e. sniper and scouts. And once you have reached a higher level, then you can unlock unique items using coins. You can also compete against your friend in the "Versus" mode.

Top 23 Best Roblox Games To Play With Friends

Here's a list of the 23 best Roblox games that you can try. All these games have a very huge fan base and are fun to play.

  1. My Restuarant
  2. Hide And Seek Extreme
  3. Theme Park Tycoon 2
  4. Counter Blox
  5. Scuba Diving At Quill Lake
  6. Dungeon Quest
  7. Zombie Stories
  8. Flee The Facility
  9. Phantom Forces
  10. Tower Defense Simulator
  11. Be A Parkour Ninja
  12. Booga Booga
  13. Vehicle Simulator
  14. BMX - Simulator
  15. Murder Mystery 2
  16. Jailbreak
  17. Bad Business
  18. Work At A Pizza Place
  19. Floppy Fighters
  20. Q - Clash
  21. Strucid
  22. Arsenal
  23. Vibe Station

Final Words

With that, we have come to the end of this article. We hope that you will like our list of the best Roblox games. Please let us know which game you are going to try next. You can also share your feedback and doubt regarding this post in the comment section.

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