How To Get Free Clash Royale Gems?

To update your warriors and powers, you need more and more gems in Clash of clans. Supercell has designed many Android and iOS games but Clash Royale is one of the best multiplayer strategy games.

The characters and the plot of the game are similar to that of its parent game Clash of Clans. If you are looking for the methods to collect Clash Royale free gems, then you have landed at the right place.


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How To Earn Clash Royale Free Gems?

We can indeed collect gems in various possible ways. But on the other hand, there are some myths also. While considering the limitations of time and money, we are presenting you with some methods to generate unlimited gems for free.

1. Fundamental Way

It is the fairway to earn Clash Royale free gems. The fundamental way is the way where you need lots of time to play a game to get gems and gold. The longer you play, the more gems you will earn. Thus if you have plenty of time, a fundamental way is the best way to earn gems. Here are some tricks where you can earn gems while playing with strategy. 


A. Free Chest

You can earn cards, gold, and gems nearly every quarter of the day after opening the free chest. It is an integral part of the game which can be added after winning a match. There are two types of chests which are free chest and crown chest. Each of the chests can give you at least 2-4 gems. Moreover, you can collect 10-15 Clash Royale free gems at the end of the day. Clash royale

B. Free Quests

Quests are more fruitful than the chest. These quests not only give gems but also give free chests. Thus the possibility of earning Clash Royale gems increases by two times. Every quest gifts you 10 to 20 gems at a time. Thus a daily quest is a great option to collect free gems fundamentally. Seasonal quest rewards a Super Magic Draft Chest which gives you an unconditional number of gems. Clash royale

C. Season League Rewards

Every Clash Royale player knows about the season league where you can earn various rewards based on performance. There are many leagues to conquer more than 4000 trophies. Each league will reward you with more than 200 gems as a league bonus. Along with league bonuses, you can earn gems while completing the events. Every league has an increment of at least 50 gems where Master 1 gives you a bonus of 100 gems.Clash royale


D. Gem Rush

Gem rush is another way to earn Clash Royale free gems. Every season, you will face various gem events where you can earn a handsome amount of gems. These events are available in 1V1 and 2V2 multiplayer modes. You will earn bonus gems to destroy each tower during gem events. You will get 5 gems when you destroy the first tower. In the same way, you will get 10 gems for the second and 15 gems for the king's tower. Therefore you can win up to 250 gems during the gem rush which you don't want to miss.Clash royale

2. Buy Gems using Money

You can buy gold and gems using some cash. To do the same, visit Clash Royale online store where you will find different offers. These offers are based on your requirements and thus you need to choose the appropriate offer. After that, provide the payment details to buy gems and gold. After successful payment, Clash Royale free gems will be added to your account. This way is as quick as drinking a glass of water. But this way is more convenient if you have a lot of money to spend. Clash royale

3. Using Big Cash

Big cash is the best cash collector platform where you can win cash, coins, and gems by performing some tasks. You can earn more gems by referring big cash to five more friends. Therefore you need to complete a few surveys and play games according to the given challenges. You can also earn coins after winning games and therefore can be exchanged to earn a gift card.Big cash

4. Using Survey Websites

Various survey sites pay cash, credits, and gems after completing tasks. The quantity of gems depends on the nature of the task. Some tasks are quick as they need a few steps to be completed and in return, you will be rewarded with a bag of gems. Here are the best survey websites where you can earn Clash Royale free gems:

5. Cheat Codes

There are various cheat codes available on different websites. Well, I want to inform you that none of the cheat codes works to earn free gems and gold. These cheat codes are designed by game developers to test the different levels of the game frequently.

While developing these codes, gaming companies keep this in mind and renew all codes within every month. That is why these codes never work while accessed by players.

Free Clash Royale Gem Generator

Free Gem for Clash Royale is an application that claims to help you to increase your gems and gold as much as you want. We would like to inform you that none of the Clash Royale Free Gems generators is truly working. These clash royale generators are fake and do not work to the best of our knowledge. Thus we advise you not to use any such generators which will harm your game profile.

The Bottom Line

These all are the methods you can try to earn Clash Royale free gems for free. All the above-discussed methods are working effectively in the cultivation of gems. You can apply one or more methods to collect gems and gold. Therefore, we recommend you not use any gem generation website. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubt.

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