10 Free Games without WiFi for Android in 2018

Are you also a fan of games? Why not? Everyone is. Everyone enjoys gaming. Device gaming has undoubtedly become the favourite pastime of youngsters. But, does the internet requirements of games trouble you and at the same you find offline games not as interesting. Then, your chase ends here. We are going to tell you about some of the best free games without wifi that are marvelously amazing and most importantly they do not require the network connectivity for being played. Here stands the top 10 of them which you will like to play as hell.

10 Free Games Without WiFi

So, here the list of Free Games without Wifi for Android;

  1. Brain it on. Physics puzzles
  2. Hill climb racing 2
  3. Infinite loop
  4. Max Craft: Pocket Edition
  5. Plants V/s Zombies 2
  6. Despicable Me
  7. Six Guns: Gang Shutdown
  8. Asphalt 8: Airborne
  9. Shadow Fight 2
  10. Badland

Top 10 No WiFi Games for Android

So here, we are sharing the top 10 list of best free games that can be played without wifi. these are the games which you can play without any internet connection. Excited to know? Let’s scroll it down.

Brain it on! Physics puzzles

The first and the most interesting game in our list of Free games without Wifi is Brain it on!!

Brain it on! Physics puzzle is all and all success from the date it has entered. You are provided with enchanting physics puzzles that are fun to solve. This game has been a special attraction for the nerds. You are provided with equations and you have to find a way to solve them in the best possible way. All the upgrades in this game are free.

The best feature of this game seems to be as there are frequent new and exciting challenges are being added every now and then. This game also allows you to compete with your friends. This game is really a leader in all the brain games available.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Another game without wifi or Internet is Hill Climb Racing 2.

After the success of hill climb racing, the makers launched this hill climb racing 2 for all the race lovers out there. It comes with a commendable interface and involves the handling of a vehicle. The vehicles, in this game, and not only the vehicles but their parts too, are upgradable, providing you a better playing experience.

The game is designed for all the devices. It works equally good even with low-resolution devices. The characters in this game are also able to be customized. The game is worth to be given a try.

Infinite Loop

the Infinite loop is the best game for all the puzzle lovers. Being the game that is at par fun to play, it has become the most trending game of 2017. The game is rather being considered as the relaxing games due experience which is rather different from any other game. The game is basically all of the loops.

To connect loops is the major task of the game. The game consists of as many levels. For all types of gamers and for people not much into games, the game is a must try.

Max Craft: Pocket Edition

Pocket edition is not just a game but truly, a virtual world that will let you expose to your creativity like nothing will else do. With the enchanting graphics, the game introduces you to the colorful woods and islands.

The game provides you to explore all of the natural fantasies in one go. You explore the mountains, islands, forests, rivers, and sea. It is very convenient to play it due to its commendable controls. This also lets you switch between the characters. This game truly is the most creative game of all times.

Plants V/s Zombies 2

It is an action-packed game but not only action, it includes strategy too. With the amazing plot of the game, plant vs zombies 2 achieved over 100 million downloads and a number of awards. It lets you go for the war and also make the strategy for it. Time travel is another explicit feature of the game.

You are also set on for a research of plants in this game. Amazing controls and interface of the game make it even more better. This game is worth to give a try for a wonderful experience whether you are a action games fan or not.

Despicable Me

With over 800 millions players globally, Despicable Me is not only for Minions fan but a must for Minions fans. The game allows you to run in the most amazing of Minion uniforms. It is the official game of the Despicable movie and allows you to switch between the characters of it. You can also power up your Minions, playing the game more and more.

The game also consists of special challenges, which also give an awestruck experience. The beautiful background of the game is just another reason to play it at least for once.

Six Guns: Gang Shutdown

One of the most exclusive adventure games is free and even does not require internet. Free and offline games were really never this much fun. Gang shutdown contains unlocking too, for the further amusements based on your skills. The game is at its best in high-resolution devices and provides appealing graphics. Racing the horses, taking out the robbers etc add much fun to the game making it worth to be played.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

For all the core fans of racing games, it is almost impossible not to have played Asphalt 8. Having launched in 2k13, under the Asphalt series, provides the best of interfaces. The game allows you to race in the most exotic of locations in the best of luxury cars. The thrilling music in the background adds a feather to the cap. The feature of anti-gravity added in this game provides an experience that makes your jaw drop. You can also perform the stuns, can jump and many more. This game is, therefore on our list of best offline free games without wifi.

Shadow Fight 2

To the greatest of our surprise and to our luck, we found Shadow fight 2 in an offline category. This is a war game and an editorial choice that itself speaks about its features. The game is a simple, loving one which has the greatest of moves, styles.

The game has a variety of modes making it even more attractive. It consists of six outstanding levels in the order of increasing difficulty. Shadow fight 2 is a war game quite different and ahead of its contemporaries making it applaudable.


The Badland tops the list as it comes with stunning graphics, sound, and plot. The game has bagged a number of words for its wonderful game controls. The game has various playing modes. The immense creativity and playfulness of the game make it the best of all. The game is a must download due to the surprises which come in the way. It also supports an original local multiplayer mode. The game is an exciting package. It is simply the best game available free for offline play.


All the 10 no wifi games are brilliant and rare to have in an internet connected world where everything is going online. These games without wifi offer the joy of playing even in remote areas. The games are quite appreciable and are quite variable. So, now you know some of the best offline games for Android. Go, get on to play.