Myxer Free Ringtones App Download for Android

Are you bored of your old ringtone and want to give it a whole new look? Then its time you check out this amazing Android app, Myxer Free Ringtones App. Apart from the customizing themes and wallpapers, you can try to customize your smartphone’s ringtone as well. I am sure that up till now you might have realized that finding a good ringtone, is not an easy task.

There are so many resources that offer ringtones to download, but Myxer and its extensive ringtone catalog are one to look out for. Now you can easily set your favorite hip-hop or classical number as your ringtone with the app. Its amazing features make it the best and leader in the world of mobile entertainment. So check out this complete guide to Myxer free ringtone app, and know how you can get all kinds of ringtones for your smartphone.


Myxer Free Ringtones App

Myxer is one of the best apps to download ringtone for free for your Android phone. It offers you unlimited music at no cost at all. The users of the Myxer app get an access to the Myxer library which is updated on a regular basis. With Myxer, you not only get the option of setting your favorite music as your ringtone. But you also get to upload the music of your choice and then edit it according to your wish. For this task, you can visit the Myxer website and then customize your ringtone.

So just download the Myxer app on your phone and then log in to its official website- You can then enjoy unlimited music and songs at one place. You can also download the Myer apk file and download the songs easily on your phone and set them as your ringtones.



You will definitely find the Myxer app the best ringtones app for both Android and iOS after you check out its features.

  • Myxer allows you to share the downloaded music or the music that you created on social media like Twitter or Facebook
  • You can also share your ringtones with your contacts via email and messages.
  • Apart from ringtones and songs, the app is packed with other media like videos, wallpapers, and games.
  • You get to create your own list of ringtones making it easy to search and set as your phone’s ringtone.
  • The next feature is something which you would never expect from a free ringtone app. Myxer allows its users to build an online radio station and editing control at the song level. You can build thousands of radio stations for free.
  • Myxer enables its users to create and customize their favorite songs as their ringtones.
  • Its feature of automatic updating proves to be useful for the music library.
  • You can pump up your favorite songs by remixing it and sharing it with other people.
  • One of its amazing and exciting features is that you can also record your own voice and customize it to set it as your phone’s ringtone.
  • Lastly, the app’s interface is excellent and it is very user-friendly.

Account Type of Myxer Ringtone App

After you start using the Myxer app you will definitely unfold some more features of the app. The site offers you three different types of experience by signing up with either of its three different account types. You can sign up for free with any of the following accounts.


Personal Account (it offers media for personal use)

Mobile Artist (it is best for those who are an artist, promoter, band or part of a record label)

Mobile Partner (it is suitable for a brand, or an agency or content creator)

No matter which accounts you chose, you will have an enjoyable and smooth experience with the Myxer free ringtone app. All thanks to the intuitive interface of the app and website, that using it is very easy.

How to Download from Myxer Free Ringtone App?

To download ringtones or songs or any other media using the Myxer app, you can uptake any of the following three methods.

Via your Phone’s Carrier- You can use this method as Myxer provides a free service, but before that just make sure you check this with your phone’s carrier first.

Download through your Phone- Use your phone and navigate to the website and then sign in. Then go to the folder named “My stuff” and download directly to your smartphone.

Download through your Computer- You can also use your desktop or laptop to download music. Visit the official website and then download your favorite ringtone for free on your PC. The transfer to your smartphones using a USB Cable, Micro SD card or Bluetooth.

Download Myxer Ringtone App for iOS

Myxer provides a wide range of music. Even iOS users cannot remain away from the amazing selection of songs, games, wallpapers provided by the Myxer app. You can create your own ringtone within 30 seconds while the other paid apps require about 40 seconds to complete the task. Some users found the Myxer app for iOS a bit complicated but it is definitely the best as the music can be downloaded without any issue or error with the equivalently good sound quality.

Firstly you have to enter your iPhone number. And then visit the website on your desktop. Here you will have to enter a personalized code, after which you can download the required ringtone. Then comes the main task where you will have to sync with iTunes. This step is a must no matter which ringtone app you are using. This process though is made quite easier as the ringtone that you create yourself or select is mailed to the provided email address directly.

Myxer Free Ringtone App Alternatives

The era of using the old and monotonous ringtones that come as default is gone. Now people are indulged into personalizing them and then setting them as their ringtones. Apart from the Myxer ringtones app, there are few other apps that the Android and iOS users can try. The apps given below will help you grab those favorite tone of yours easily for your phone.


With Audiko you can set not only national but also the international hot songs as your ringtones, notification tones, and even message tones. The application stores thousands of unique and interesting ringtones that are created by different users. With Audiko you can also create your own version of ringtones and share it with other people. Also, you can change the speed and style of different top-rated songs.

And so you can begin this interesting process right away, by downloading the app and personalizing your favorite tunes.

Zedge Free Ringtones

Another app that is a must to include in the list of best free ringtones app is Zedge Free Ringtones. It offers a variety ringtones, wallpapers, app icons and lets you to customize it and your notification sounds as well.

You can save your personal favorite in a list and easily access them even through Facebook. With the help of the Zedge app, you can set the ringtones, individual contact tones, and notification tones. The Zedge app has a lot more to offer and so we would advise you to try this app as well.


Ringdroid has millions of users, as it is an original and open source editor of ringtone. You can use any audio from your phone and customize it to make it your alarm tone or ringtone. One of the savior features of Ringdroid is that if AAC encoding fails to save the ringtone, then the app uses the WAV audio format to save your ringtone. These features make it one of the best free ringtone download apps of today.

Myxer Free Ringtones App Download

You can directly download the Myxer ringtone app for your Android phone by clicking on the link given below.

Click here

We have covered the features, the website experience as well as the various methods by which we can download the media from this amazing app. So let us have a quick sum up of the pros and cons of the app.


  • Good collection of both audio and video content for download.
  • Myxer’s online ringtone creator can be clubbed with the music library pf your phone.
  • You can populate your Windows Media Player or iTunes with Myxer.
  • The app is completely free of cost for Android and Blackberry users.


  • Places outside the US might face some restrictions on purchasing some of the MP3 songs.
  • The MP3 downloader software of Myxer is compatible only with Microsoft Windows.

Thus we would like to conclude that the Myxer app is unique that gives you the access to a great catalog of ringtones and even let you create your own. The app is easy to use and the best part is it is available for free.

That was it guys. The We hope that this Myxer review would help you choose the best ringtone download app so that you can give your phone a whole new look with some really amazing personalized ringtones. So get out of that Marimba ringtone and check out some rocking tunes with these best free ringtone download apps.

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