How To Get Free Slotomania Coins? [4 Ways]

Slotomania is yet another addictive slot machine game for people fascinated with slot machines and casinos. As Soltomania is a slot machine game, the virtual coins play a vital role in this game. These coins can either be purchased from in-app purchases or obtained for free from various sources. We have been through all over the internet and have gathered some of the most genuine methods of getting free Slotomania Coins. 

Let us begin!


What is Slotomania?

Slotomania is played by more than 50 million players all over the globe, and this game is widely enjoyed by the people who are engaged in gambling. Although this game does not promote real-life gambling, yet the basic functioning of this game revolves around virtual gambling. One should have basic knowledge of slot machines to be able to understand the functioning of this game.

No doubt Slotomania is the most addictive 777 slot machine game, it functions similar to a real slot machine that can be found in casinos or gaming clubs. This game was launched in the year 2010 since then it has gained great hype and became very popular among Android and iOS users. Slotomania offers several types of slot machines and events that make it very popular among its users.


Why You Need Slotomania Coins?

It is nearly impossible to play Slotomania without coins, as they are needed to place bets. When a person initially installs the game, they get 1 million coins for free, but once they all are used, you need to purchase the coins to continue playing.

There are various methods other than purchasing to get coins for free, we have picked up some most authentic methods from all over the internet. Before we get to the methods, let us have a quick look at some of the other relevant factors.


How To Get Free Coins In Slotomania?

As I already mentioned before, coins are the main elements of this game. Although you get 1 million coins as a bonus from the game itself, players sometimes run out of coins and need more coins to continue the game. Many people try to get the coins for free, but let me inform you the internet is crowded with hundreds of fake methods and generators. Hence to help you out with this issue, I have compiled this short guide with some genuine free methods, as followed below.

1. Free Spin

Slotomania free spin is one of the most reliable methods of getting coins for free. These free spins help you get enough coins to try your luck on the main slot machine.

What is Free Spin?

While playing on the slot machine several times we get a free spin, these free spins can be used to roll on a slot machine without spending any coins. When a person runs out of coins, free spins help a person get a good amount of coins.

How to Get Free Spin in Slotomania?

Slotomania itself provides few free spins to its new players. Moreover, free spins can be earned by playing on normal slot machines or specific slot machines. The betting amount can be low when one is playing to get free spins.

2. Daily Rewards

In my opinion, Daily Rewards is one of the best methods of getting coins for free. There are several dailies and hourly rewards offered to the players by Slotomania. Apart from daily rewards, various gifts are offered as well.

3. Direct Links

Apart from in-game methods, one of the best game methods for getting free Slotomania coins is Direct Links. You must be thinking, what are these direct links, and how can they help you to get free coins? Primarily these are the link addresses provided by the game itself by clicking on which one can get coins for free. 

Each link gives you a fixed number of coins, and players can get a huge number of coins with the aid of several such links. Below are mentioned some recently added direct links that may help you to get a good number of Slotomania coins directly to your game account.

Amount of Free Coins Direct Links
2000 Free Coins Click Here
2000+ Free Coins Click Here
2500 Free Coins Click Here
3000 Free Coins Click Here
1999+ Free Coins Click Here
3500 Free Coins Click Here
1000 Free Coins Click Here
1500 Free Coins Click Here
2000 Free Coins Click Here
2000 Free Coins Click Here
2000 Free Coins Click Here
2000 Free Coins Click Here
2000 Free Coins Click Here
2000 Free Coins Click Here
2000 Free Coins Click Here
2000 Free Coins Click Here
200001 Free Coins Click Here
20000+ Free Coins Click Here
20000 Free Coins Click Here

4. Free Coins from Facebook

Facebook is yet another source from where one can easily get Slotomania coins for free. Most of you must be wondering how it is even possible? Slotomania is a social platform linked game, and this game can be linked with your Facebook account. Although you can play Slotomania with your friends as it is a single-player game, yet you can share your winnings and achievements on your profile feed.

When a person links their Facebook account for the first time, they receive an exciting coin bonus and rewards from the game itself. Moreover, people can earn more coins by sending and receiving gifts from their friends.

Fake Slotomania Coin Generator

If you have ever searched for free Slotomania Coins, you must have encountered several coin generator websites claiming to provide you coins for free. Besides these fake platforms, several YouTubers promote such websites in their videos.

The core purpose of such platforms is to generate income by getting traffic and clicks. Such platforms deceive people into fulfilling the greed of the owner. None of the coin generators work, I suggest you stay away from such fake generators to avoid wasting your valuable time.


For all the people having an interest in slot machines, Slotomania is one of the best games that can be enjoyed on Android as well as iOS devices. To help you get free Slotomania coins, we have compiled this comprehensive article, wherein we have mentioned all the genuine methods found over the internet.

Although this game depicts gambling, yet it does not promote such activity and is legal to play, you can enjoy playing it without any worry. We have also exposed some of the fake coin generators that affirms to provide people free gaming coins.

If you have any doubts related to the subject, feel free to ask me down in the comment section I will get back to you as soon as possible. Share this article with your friends to help them get Slotomania coins for free.

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