Fixed: Google Maps Not Working [5 Ways]

Google maps over the years have become our go-to navigator, 3 a.m friend, and reliable guide. But what if one "new normal" day your travel partner decides to stop/not working? This exact thing happens when you encounter Google Maps not working issue.

How would you fix it? Well, don't worry this article is a complete guide to fix Google maps not working. After going through this post, all your Google Maps related issues will be gone.


Is your Google Maps Not Working?

This technology-driven world has made us so reliable on our mobile devices that imagining a day without them would mean that we are handicapped. Indeed, we are handicapped because the days of carrying a roadmap and asking residents for directions have become a thing of the past. Moreover, no one likes to be stuck in an unknown area or meet a dead-end.

The Google Maps not working issue is one such issue that will leave you stuck at a dead end. When this happens, you won't be able to seek help from Google Maps and will feel lost. If you're also looking to resolve the issue, then continue reading to find out about the workarounds.


Why Google Maps is not working on Android?

Google Maps usually stops working due to connection or GPS issues. The issue can be either temporary or permanent. The good thing is it can be fixed easily.

Before we look into methods of troubleshooting, below is an overview as to how Google Maps tracks our location-

  • Global positioning system (a.k.a GPS)This uses satellites for tracking up to a range of 20 meters.
  • Wi-Fi- The nearby Wi-Fi from where you stand helps the app to show your location.
  • Mobile networks- Mobile towers help in providing the most precise location. However, weak signals may obstruct the precision.

If any of these factors start malfunctioning, then you'd encounter the Google Maps not working issue.


How to Fix Google Maps not working issue

If you are experiencing this annoying issue, here are the top 5 solutions to resolve it. You can apply these simple fixes to get Google Maps back running. So, you don't have to feel lost while going on an errand.

Solution #1- Clear cache and data from Google Maps-

To begin with, the root cause of the app getting crashed usually occurs due to cache conflicts. Start clearing the app’s cache and data locally. Google Maps tends to collect and stack up a lot of locally stored pre-loaded data which when not cleared for long gets corrupt. Therefore, clearing these corrupt files will help you fix the issue.

Clear the cache and data by following these simple steps

  1. Go to settings
  2. Search and click on  “Apps” or “Application manager”
  3. Find and open Google Maps from the apps list
  4. Click on Storage
  5. Now, select “Clear Cache” and then “Clear Data”

Note- If the above method fails to resolve the issue. You can also choose "Clear all data" from the same dropbox. However, a word of caution, choosing "Clear all data" resets the app by erasing all your offline maps. So, make sure you do it if you've internet access.

Solution #2 - Check the network connection and Location settings

Google Maps run much better with a stable network connection and an unwavering GPS Location service. However, you can always download and opt for offline maps but they also operate with stable Location Services. Moreover, based on the tracking area like navigation and exploration of an offline map, the result isn’t really satisfactory and helpful in smaller areas.

So,  if your Google Maps are loading slowly or any other loading-related issues for that matter, make sure you properly inspect the network and GPS services.

Follow these instructions to make sure that your GPS and internet connection (Wi-Fi or Mobile data) are working optimally-

  • Enable Location services- make sure the Location is on and check whether Google maps has the permission to access your location. You can easily access this service by sliding the screen down and clicking on its shortcut from the settings menu.
  • Enable the "Use assisted GPS" from Location Settings
  • Ensure that your APN is properly configured for Mobile Data or reboot your Wi-Fi router.
  • Reset Network Settings by opening settings app > Tap General Management > Tap Reset > Tap Reset Network Settings > Confirm Prompt > Enter your lock screen password to proceed > Tap Reset.

Solution #3 - Reset Google Play Services

Google Play Services is one of the core components of Android. It is a background service that helps is connecting all the other Google Apps and ensures smooth functioning and enhances the user experience of Google Apps. So, if the Services isn’t operating smoothly, then you won’t be able to run Google Maps to the fullest. In this case, the instructions are as follows-

The best way to resolve this issue is by resetting Google Play Services. Follow these steps to reset it-

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Go to Apps or Apps Manager (depending on your device). If you don’t see it, search by typing installed apps in the Setting's search bar.
  3. Find Google Play Services in the Apps Manager ( if you can’t find it, click on Show all apps or Show system from additional settings)
  4. Click on Google Play Services and select Clear Data.
  5. Wait until the process is finished, and log in to the Play Store once again.

Solution #4 - Update Google Maps to its latest version

If you’re still facing glitches or the app is crashing then it might be due to an older version of Google Maps. Updating apps enhance the user experience and ensure the effective running of the app.

Follow these steps to update your Google Maps-

  1. Navigate to Play Store
  2. Go to “My app & games” by clicking on Menu on the top left side of the screen
  3. Locate Google Maps from the list of “Updates Available”
  4. Click on Update

However, if there're aren't any updates then you can uninstall and reinstall Google Maps

Here's how can do it-

  1. After locating Google Maps from Play Store by following the above steps
  2. Click on Google Maps
  3. Tap on "Uninstall" reboot
  4. Now reinstall the app and your device.

Solution #5 - Enable/Allow the High Accuracy Mode

By allowing this feature, Google Maps receive very accurate signals.

Steps to enable this feature-

  1. Open the Settings app
  2.  Scroll down and click on 'Location'
  3. Head to the "mode" and switch on "High Accuracy Mode"

Bonus Tip- Download Offline Maps and Google Maps Go

Finally, if none of the above solutions work. We suggest you download and keep Offline Maps of that particular area where you're navigating handy. With Offline Maps you won't have to deal with connection glitches & other errors as Offline Maps neither requires an internet connection or GPS service. So it’s a viable alternative while roaming in foreign cities, where you might have limited internet access.

Follow these steps to download Offline Maps-

Go to Google Maps > Settings > Offline Maps

Choose the area you want to download and you're all set.

However, there're downsides of using Offline Maps, your usability of the services will be restricted. For instance, you'll only have access to driving directions without any display of walking or cycling. Likewise, no info and updates on the traffic, alternate routes, shorter routes, and lane guidance.

Another convenient alternative is installing Google Maps Go, a lighter version of Google Maps, it won’t check all the boxes but might come in handy for the time being.

Head over to Play Store > Type "Google Maps Go" on the search panel > Select the App > Hit Install.

Final Verdict

Well, that's about it from our side. Hopefully, this article fixes your Google Maps not working properly issues. Our solutions are well-curated so that you can overcome your travel woes and find a way out of the dead-end.

Well, our map of happiness is your satisfaction. So, if you've any comments, suggestions or remarks feel free to use the comment box below to express them.

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