How To Convert EXE To APK [Windows to Android]

Everyone likes gaming, especially on Android phones. Isn't it? But some games we play on windows pc are not available on our phones. Have you ever tried or thought of playing your favourite Windows games on your android phone? If not, then let's try it. You must be thinking how we can do that as windows games are in exe files. Our Android phones support apk file, not exe. If that's your issue, then I have the solution. Here I will tell you how to convert exe to apk.

Android phones support apk files. Therefore, it would be impossible to run exe file directly. To make it accessible, you need to convert the exe files into apk. Let's see how you can easily enjoy your favourite games on your phone.


EXE to APK Conversion Guide

Converting exe to APK files is not a difficult task, all you should have an android emulator installed in your PC. This tool supports Windows hence will be easy to install and use on Windows. The tool will convert your games or apps of exe file into apk, making it usable on android platform.

What Are Exe Files?

Before moving on, let's understand what exe files are. Exe files are basically executable files based on DOS and Windows, therefore support only Windows based applications and software. Thus, you won't be able to run it on any other platform.

On the other hand, Android supports apk files. APK stands for the Android application package. This type of file format is used to distribute and install an application and various kind of software in the Android operating system.


The Apk and exe files cannot be interchanged i.e you woud not be able to run apk on Windows pc and exe on android. Therefore, it is necessary to convert the files first to use it on other devices based on different platforms.

How To Convert EXE to APK Easily

Converting exe to apk file is easy, the first thing you would need to initiate the conversion is to have the file ready in your pc which you want to convert. Additionally, you will be required to download an apk converter tool in your pc to convert the file, that I will guide you below in steps.  To convert exe to APK file you need to follow these steps-

1) Go to your browser, and open Once the page opens, download the tool in your PC.


2) After downloading the converter tool, unzip the files using WinRAR or Unzip software. You will get different files inside the folder, select exe to APK converter tool. Double-click the file to run it.

3) It will open a pop up with two options- "I have a setup files" and "I have a portable application". Select the second option"I have a portable version" and click next.

4) After selecting the option of I have a portable version, you need to locate that exe file in your computer which you want to convert.

5) After uploading your exe file, the convert option would get enabled, click on it to begin the conversion.

6) Now you have to wait for few minutes because this conversion will take time. The conversion time may vary depending on the size of the file you want to convert.  It will take less time if the file is small and it will take more time if the file size is big.

6) The process is almost done. One your exe file is converted, you will get a notification that your file is successfully converted.

7) Now you have a converted apk file with you. You can transfer it to your Android devices and start using it.

Important points

1- This conversion will only work when you want to convert a small or medium size file. This process will not work on big files.

2- There are many applications available on the internet claiming conversion of exe files to APK. I would recommend you to choose wisely as many of them are just traps to fool people. They may have some malware or virus which can harm your computer or it can become a threat to the security of your files.  So, please do not fall into the trap. Changing my software is safe to use and it actually works.

3- You can also install the software in your PC by selecting the first option in step 3 above. But the process would be space consuming as it will take the memory of your Windows PC. So, I would recommend you to use the portable converter as it won't take your PC memory.

So these were the steps to convert exe to APK files by using them you can convert all your exe files to apk files. This process is very easy and convenient for you. Once you use this process, then you will easily do it to convert other applications also.

If you found this APK to EXE Convertor guide helpful, you can share and comment it. Also, if you face any problem, you can also comment.  We would love to solve your queries.

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