Free V-Bucks for Fortnite: Real Methods in 2021

Fortnite is one of the most addictive games of the decade that is played by millions of players all over the globe. Not only teens but adults too are addicted to this game. This game is trendy in most western and Asian countries. The official currency of Fortnite is called Vbuck, which can be used to make in-app purchases in the game. To safeguard your interest, we have accumulated some of the most genuine methods of getting free vbucks.

free vbucks


Fortnite is a server-based game that can be played online, either solo or with friends. Various factors affect the hype of this game, among which Vbuck tops on the list. Fortnite has fantastic paid items such as Weapons Skin, Emotes, Glyphs, etc. All these can be purchased using v-bucks.

About V-bucks

If you are a regular Fortnite player, then you must be aware that v-bucks is an integral part of the game, although it is not necessary to play the game, it amplifies your gaming experience. Utilizing v-bucks, one can purchase Vinyl for various items and the Royale Pass, which makes your player look more professional as compared to others.


Vbucks can be purchased on Fortnite in-app purchases. Besides that many other web platforms affirms to provide v-bucks for free, and many online generators claim to provide you with free vbucks.

We have undertaken detailed research to expose such generators and fake platforms. Moreover, we have mentioned some of the genuine indirect methods of getting vbucks for free.

How to Get Fortnite Vbucks for Free?

There are hundreds of methods available over the internet to get v-bucks for free, but most of them include generators that claim to get you free Vbucks. Many content creators and online streamers promote specific applications and web platforms to earn v-bucks.


Most of these applications and web platforms are fake. Their only intention is to drive traffic to generate income for themselves. I urge you to stay away from such generators and applications to safeguard your valuable time.

Is It Possible to Get Vbucks for free?

This is one of the most common questions that arise in our minds. Is it possible to get vbucks for free? The very straight forward answer is yes. You can get it for free. Although there is no hack or magic for this, there are specific indirect methods that may help you to get vbucks for free.

In most of the methods that are described below, you will get the amount (Money) or gift card equivalent to purchase vbucks.

Possible Methods To Get Vbucks for Free

As I already stated, there are no direct methods of getting free Vbucks directly into your account, but there are certain genuine indirect methods using which one can get vbucks for free.

The methods that I have described below can be quite time-taking and tricky as compared to what you have seen on other videos or blogs. But I guarantee you they are surely going to work.

1. Google Rewards

Google reward is one of the best methods that I prefer to get free vbucks, basically reward is an application from google wherein one gets paid for answering simple surveys. Here you can earn a good amount of money by answering simple surveys.

The reward money is directly credited into your google play wallet, which can be utilized for any paid application or in-app purchase. Moreover, there are several methods available over the internet to boost the number of surveys you get and increase the payout.

This method is quite a time taking, but the success rates are high as well. I will recommend you to try this method.

2. Discovering Hidden Vbucks

Yes, you read that right there are hidden free vbucks available in the game that can be obtained following the simple methods. Fortnite hides vbucks in different places across the map. These locations are dynamic and get changed from time to time. Many Reddit posts guide us to get to a specific location where the vbucks are hidden. 

A particular pattern is needed to be followed to get the prize. One should have the basic knowledge of the game to follow the pattern correctly. Recently a new place was discovered, wherein one can get 10000 vbucks for free. For better clarification of the pattern, I will request you to watch this video. It will surely guide you to get free vbucks.

3. Vbucks Giveaways

Many popular YouTubers and people on other platforms organize free giveaways, wherein they give a gift card or equivalent amount of money to a random person who participated in the giveaway. The rules for the giveaway are set up by the host. Here I have not mentioned any Youtuber or other web platforms due to copyright issues. 

You can find such individuals easily over the internet. The success chances of this method are meager, as there are thousands of participants. I suggest you participate in multiple giveaway contests to increase your winning possibility.

Vbucks Generator 2021: FAKE OR REAL?

fake generators

If you have ever searched the internet for free vbucks generator, then you must have encountered several generator websites that provide you vbucks directly to your Fortnite account. Besides, several Youtubers promote such fake generators and web platforms.

None of the fortnite v-bucks generators available over the internet is genuine or working. The sole purpose is to generate traffic to act as an income source for the owner and sometimes they use your information to hack into your account. I suggest you not to use such generators as they might steal your personal information.


Fortnite is one of the most addictive games of the decade, with millions of users across the globe. Either teens or adults, both love to play this game. In this game, Vbucks plays an important role, with the aid of which you can buy exciting items such as skins, weapons, royale passes.

Vbucks can be purchased in-game for real money. The internet is crowded with fake methods to vbucks for free. In this comprehensive article, I have mentioned a few genuine methods of getting them for free.

If you have any doubts or queries related to the subject, feel free to ask me down in the comment section, share this article with your friends and teammates to help them get free vbucks.

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