Is Disney Plus Down? Check Outage Status and Fix it

Are you having trouble connecting to Disney+? If you are, then this article will give you ways to fix the problem. In this article, we'll tell you how to check if Disney Plus is down and check for the live Disney+ outage status. We will even tell you ways to troubleshoot the app. Keep reading to find out more.


Is Disney Plus Down?

No Disney+ Is not Down Right now.

Disney Plus is a hit among everyone! It has countless movies and shows for kids and adults, so everyone is happy. The streaming service works on a subscription basis, you will have to pay $6.99 per month. In addition to this, one Disney Plus account can be viewed on 4 devices at the same time.

Sometimes, Disney Plus will just refuse to work and keep showing an error instead of your entertainment dashboard. In that case, there is a good chance that the server of Disney Plus is not working properly and there is an outage issue. There are ways to check Disney Plus' server and outage status.


Using the status check, you can identify whether the problem is on your end or theirs. If there is no outage issue with the Disney+ server, then you can follow the ways to troubleshoot your app in the section provided below.

Ways to Check if it's down?

Given below are 2 ways to check if there is a server problem at Disney's. This way you can be sure that the logging-in problem isn't because of your crappy internet connection.


1. Disney Plus Server Status

By going to the Disney Plus Server, you can check if there is any server problem. This should be the first step to do when you can't connect to the website. By simply clicking on this link you can see if there is an issue in real-time. There are many other sites that show the current status, but 'isitdownrightnow' is the most reliable website.

2. Twitter Account

All of Disney Plus' latest news and other information will be upon its Twitter account. You can find not only their outage issues but also their latest and upcoming movies and shows. Apart from connection problems updates, they even have celebrity appearances every once in a while.

If you are a Marvel fan then you should know that all of Wanda-Vision's updates are posted on Disney Plus Twitter account. If you don't already have a Twitter account, go make one so that you never miss out.

3. Current Server Status

As of now, the Disney server is working very well without any disturbances. As of mid-March 2021, there was only one severe outage that affected the working of the site. You can see the report on the site, and the picture of the same is here.

Troubleshooting Ways for Fixing Disney+ if it's Not Down

If you have checked the server status and there is no problem on their end, then you should try out a few troubleshooting methods. It is better to make sure there is no problem with your device or internet connection before you contact Disney+ customer care. The troubleshooting ways are given below.

1. Restart Web Browser

All you need to do is close all your browser tabs and open them again after a few seconds. There might've been a temporary internet connection problem with your browser. An alternative to closing all your tabs is to press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the website.

2. Clearing the Cache Data

Clearing cookies and cache data is a great way to get rid of all the unnecessary data on your device. The clearance enables more room for non-temporary data and even makes your device run smoothly.

3. Restart Device

If you have any tech-related problem, my go-to solution is to restart the device. Restarting your device doesn't necessarily fix the problem, but it'll close all the background apps and when it starts again there will be more memory space.

4. Check for Updates

In a few cases, the automatic update feature might be off. So when an update is available for the Disney+ app, you would not get the update. This might interrupt your connection. It is better to check for any updates that are available for the app and turn the automatic update on for it.

If none of the above methods are fixing your problem, then you should pull out your final card. The Disney Plus Customer Care. You can reach out to them on this website. You can also call 888-905-7888 to reach out to the help center, however, this will only work for viewers in the USA.


That's a wrap on 'Is Disney Plus down?' We hope you were able to find the server outage status useful for checking whether Disney Plus is down or not. Ensure you try all the methods to check there is no problem on your end. Have fun watching uninterrupted Disney Plus!

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