How to Play Skyrim Together? [Free Multiplayer Mod]

Are you looking for 'how to play Skyrim together (multiplayer)'? Your search ends here. In this article, we'll give you 2 easy ways to play the latest Skyrim Together mod which enables multiplayer gaming. This mod is developed by the 'Together Team' who are really devoted to the game. Keep reading to know more.


Beginner's Guide to Skyrim Together

Developed by Together Team, Skyrim Together is a Co-Op mod that lets people play a game of Skyrim with more than one player. Basically, one player can start a local server, and share the ID and passcode with the other users. They can enter these details and join the local server. On the down-side, only a total of 8 people can be on the same server at once.

Skyrim Together is a mod, so it is a given that there are going to be a few bugs and lags along the way. You may even experience the game crashing once in a while. But don't worry too much. An important aspect to keep in mind while playing Skyrim together (multiplayer) is that the players need to finish the quest in the same order.


This way there are fewer chances for bugs and lags. Sadly, a few options won't work such as character-altering effects. You can even use the Nucleus Co-op Mod if playing on a split-screen is your thing.

How to Play Skyrim Together?

Given below are 2 ways to play Skyrim together with your friends. One way involves downloading a third-party app called Hamachi, and the other is by downloading the Skyrim Script Extender. Both ways require Harbor, another software, to be installed for a smooth gaming experience.


A quick note to remember is that when you're playing with friends, it would be best if all of you have the same item and armor mods. This way you all can see what is happening on the screen in real-time and no one will miss out on the action.

1. With Hamachi & Harbor

Given below are the steps to install Hamachi and Harbor and then launch the game. Ensure that you pay attention to the steps and execute them properly.

  • Install Skyrim or Skyrim special edition on your device.
  • If you install any other mods, crosscheck to see if they are compatible with the Skyrim version on your device.
  • Now you need to install Harbor, a software that enables you to run the modded version of Skyrim.
  • Once you finish the download and installation process, move the Harbor folder into the Skyrim folder.
  • Launch the Harbor software and the Skyrim Together mod will be installed on your device.
  • Run your game to see if it is functioning smoothly.
  • Now we'll move on to downloading Hamachi.
  • Once you finish downloading Hamachi, open it and create an account for yourself.
  • Hamachi doesn't work without making an account.
  • The next step after logging in is to click on the power icon on the screen.
  • Then click on 'Network'.
  • If you are the host, click on 'Create' then select 'Network'. Now you can set an ID and passcode for your server.

  • You can share this ID and passcode with your friends to play on the same server.
  • Now launch the server, it will be in the folder named 'Server' in the main Skyrim Directory.
  • Open Harbor and launch the game.
  • People who are joining need to enter the hosts' IP which will be there on Hamachi.
  • Press enter and enjoy your game!

2. With Harbour and Skyrim Script Extender

Here we'll see how to play Skyrim together (multiplayer) with only Harbor and Skyrim Script Extender. Let's head right on.

  1. Install Harbor first.
  2. You can download this anywhere on your device, it doesn't have to be in the same location as Skyrim, unlike the previous method.
  3. Once it is installed, run Harbor to check if it can detect Skyrim on your device.
  4. You can easily detect Skyrim by selecting the magnifying glass icon on the screen, and then you need to go through the files to find the SkyrimSE.exe file.
  5. Once you find the SkyrimSE.exe file, click on it and the Skyrim Forever mod will install.
  6. One important thing to remember before running Skyrim through Harbor is that Skyrim Script Extender needs to be installed.
  7. You can play Skyrim together (multiplayer) once the installation is finished.

You can also check out the details from Skyrim Together's developers themselves over here. They tell you all the finer details, that rookies would find hard to understand.


That's the end of the article on how to play Skyrim together (multiplayer). We hope you were able to get access to the new mod and be able to play with your friends as well. This mod is relatively new and has a few bugs, so watch out for them. A good way is to connect to servers or computers that are familiar. Have fun gaming!

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