Is Pokemon Go Down? Check Live Status and Fix it

Pokémon Go, the gaming version of a very popular cartoon show Pokémon was launched in 2016 for both Android and iOS users. The concept of this worldwide played game is very simple, just find and catch the Pokemon's that are spread around your locality. But despite having huge popularity worldwide, the game server has a habit of constantly going down, and that's the reason people keep searching "Is Pokemon Go down?". In this post, we will tell you what's the reason behind the Pokémon server constantly going down, and how you can find it when it's down.


What Is Pokémon Go?

Pokemon Go is a widely popular game available for both Android and iOS users. In this game, you have to find different types of Pokémon that are spread around your locality and neighborhood.

Launched by Niantic Inc., the game currently have more than 14 million downloads on Play Store. Pokémon Go is not just only a game, but for many lazy people, it has become to go out.


At the time of the launch of this game, there were 150 species of Pokémon, including everyone's favorite Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Charizard. But according to some current data, the number of Pokémon's has increased to 600.

Reason Behind Pokemon Go Server Going Down

Pokémon Go is not only famous for its unique concept and huge popularity but also famous for constantly facing technical issues. Every game that is played online faces server-related issues, but Pokémon Go is a master of all those games, as it faces such issues after every few days.


The game has a habit of constantly going under maintenance because of server-related issues since its launch. According to many gaming experts, Pokémon Go has impressed everyone because of its original idea, but on the other hand, it has been a great disappointment because of the poor execution.

1. Different Glitches Faced By Pokémon Go Users

No doubt,  the developers of constantly doing hard work to remove all the glitches in server related issues from Pokémon go, and somehow they have succeeded in doing so, as nowadays people experience very fewer issues related to the game, compared to the time when the game was launched back in 2016.

Here are some of the common glitches that Pokémon Go users experience when the Pokémon server goes down.

1. Pokémon Go Froze

When the Pokémon Go server goes down, users have complaints about the game freezing. Every time there is a related issue, the game freezes automatically or fails to launch.

The worst part about this glitch is that users don't get any notification or pop-up regarding the server going down and hence are left wondering what exactly has happened to their game.

2. GPS Issue

Turning on your GPS is one of the most basic and important things to play Pokémon Go. When the Pokémon Go server goes down, the device starts to show pop-up likes "GPS Signal Not Found".

It's somehow you manage to escape this error message, you will start to experience different types of glitches while spinning Pokestop or searching for the gym arenas.

3. No Pokémon Found

Finding and catching Pokemon's is the basic procedure of this game. But if you are living in a rural area, there is very little chance that you will find Pokémon's near your locality.

However, if you are residing in an urban area and then also facing issues in finding Pokemon's, then this issue is related to the Pokémon server. Whenever the Pokémon server will go down, you will start to face issues in finding Pokemon's.

Is Pokemon Go Down? How To Find Out?

Imagine, you are playing the game without any strains, but suddenly you start to face difficulty in locating and catching Pokemon's, What are you going to do?

In such a situation, being a normal gamer, you might end up with the thought that today's isn't your day and that's the reason why you are unable to find any Pokémon. Sometimes it can be true, but sometimes there can be a particular reason behind it. And that reason is Pokémon server being down.

So, the point of making you imagine all these situations is where you should go to find out, Is Pokemon Go down or what?". Whenever the server of Pokémon Go goes down, the developer instantly updates their official Twitter handle.

The update there handles tweets like, "we are aware of the difficulties that you are facing, and we are trying hard to fix the issue asap". Also promising that they will update their Twitter handle as soon as the issue is fixed. Here's the official Twitter handle of Niantic Support -

It's always better to have a second option, to find the answer "Is Pokemon Go down or what?" You can visit the official website of "Down Detector", type-in the game name (in this case Pokémon Go), and find out whether there is any current problem with that particular game or not. On this website, you will find till last 24 hours server report of that particular game.

Final Words

Nobody likes to get stuck while playing their favorite video game because of technical difficulties. Pokemon Go is a very popular game, that has not gained popularity only because of its unique concept, but also because of always facing server-related issues.

In this post, we have guided you on how to find out, "is Pokemon Go down?", and which place you should visit to find out the answer. Moreover, if you have any doubt or suggestion regarding this post let us know in the comments.

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