How to Earn Free IMVU Credits? [Generators]

IMVU is the best 3D Avatar social app, where you can customize your avatar, connect with friends and chat in 3D. For customizing your avatar you will need something called IMVU credits. IMVU credits will no tell help you to customize your 3D avatar but also do many other exciting kinds of stuff. However, as with everything in this world IMVU credits also don't come for free, in fact, you will have to spend a good amount of real cash to get them.

But, if you are not having enough money to buy IMVU credits, then worry not, as in this post we are going to tell you how you can get free IMVU credits in 2021 by following 5 legal methods. Additionally, we will also take a look at the credibility of different IMVU credit generators.


Cost Of IMVU Credits

Just as all the other games out there, credit is something that is important to enjoy a game to the fullest. You will need an IMVU credit to enjoy the IMVU world to the fullest. IMVU credits will help you to buy different kinds of virtual in-game stuff.

Not only this, but you can also use IMVU credits for giving a completely new look to your 3D avatar. You can add new accessories to your avatar, change its hairstyle and even skin tones. Buy your favorite in-game pet, or buy a huge bungalow and club. However, for doing all this stuff, the one and only thing required is IMVU credit.


If we talk about the amount, you can buy 5000 credits by paying $5 from your pocket. The best part is that you will get a decent discount when you will buy more than 15,000 credits.

If you are willing to buy 50,000 credits, then it's going to cost you $44.95, and if you want to buy 3,00,000 credits, then you will have to pay $200. Frankly speaking, it's a huge amount of money.


How to Get Free IMVU Credits?

As seen in the above part, buying IMVU credits cost a huge amount of money and not everyone can afford it. And that's the reason, we are here with the top 5 legal methods that you can use to get free IMVU credits in 2021.

Just use this method to get IMVU credits, and use them in the IMVU world. All the methods mentioned below are safe and legal, therefore you shouldn't have any second thought before using them.

1. Free IMVU Credits Through Daily Login

If you have been using IMVU for a long time then you must be aware that the platform provides free credits every day you log in through your account. You get 500 credits every day you log in through your IMVU account. But if you are willing to gain more credit then you can participate in daily spin and more such tasks organized by IMVU.

In fact, IMVU also rewards you with free credits every time you level up as a creator on the IMVU platform. You can increase your leveling up speed by making as many items as you can. New users can instantly increase their level by creating stickers and furniture, as these two things are the fastest and easiest thing to make on IMVU.

2. Refer And Earn

Earning rewards through referring has been a part of the app market for a long time, and the same goes with IMVU. You can earn free credits on IMVU by inviting your friends and relatives to this platform.

Whenever your referral will join IMVU through your referral code, you will be rewarded with exciting gifts. Not only free credits, but you will also be rewarded with many virtual items.

In any case, if your friends and not joining through your referral code, then you can create a spare account, send the referral code from your main account to that spare account, and join through your spare account. In this way, you can earn free rewards using your own spare account.

3. Using Third-Party Websites

Internet is a very vast platform, here you will find tons of free and legit websites where you can earn free credits by completing some simple tasks. This task includes filling-in survey forms, watching a particular video or ads, spending some time on different apps, and many more. Some websites that you can check out to earn free IMVU credits are:

4. Complete Offers To Earn Credit

IMVU is aware that not everyone can afford to buy IMVU credits, and for all those users IMVU has given the, "complete the task and earn free credits option". In this task, you will have to complete some simple offers on the IMVU partners page, and for completing these offers you will be rewarded with a good amount of free credits.

IMVU keeps adding new and exciting offers frequently so that you don't have to worry about a deadline. You can visit this website for completing offers and earning free rewards.

5. Win Giveaways

Lastly, you always have the option of participating in free giveaways and earn free rewards. Nowadays, there are numerous platforms and creators that give away free credits to their subscribers and supporters. Just look out for them, participate in their giveaways, and try out your luck.

Free IMVU Credits Generators 2021

Every time you are searching for something related to the word "free", the first result that you'll come across is the free generators, and the same is with IMVU credit. There are tons of IMVU generators present on the internet, claiming that you can earn free credit just by downloading different apps for participating in surveys.

But let me tell you, all these free generators are fake, and their only motto is to steal your personal information. In fact, most of these free generators contain malware and viruses.

Therefore, you should always stay away from websites that claim that they can provide you with free credits just by downloading different apps or filling up some of your personal information.

Final Words

IMVU is a tremendous platform where reality comes closer to your 3D avatar. However, to do most of the premium stuff on this platform you require IMVU Credits. In this post, we have covered how you can earn free IMVU credits just by following some simple and easy steps. Also, stay away from free generators, as their only motto is to steal your personal information.

So, that's all for this post. Don't hesitate to share your feedback and suggestions regarding this post in the comment section below, we will get to you asap.

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