Free Fire Diamond Generator: Working Tricks [2022]

In today's post, we will talk about the Free Fire Diamond generator, i.e. different phases and methods using which you can earn free diamonds in the game of Free Fire. You can use these diamonds to buy different costumes and weapons skins.

After the ban of PUBG Mobile in many countries, the popularity of another Battle Royale game Free Fire has started to reach its peak. In the game of Free Fire, you need a diamond, its in-game currency, to buy different in-game items. Using the diamonds you can buy your favorite character and gun skins. However, not everyone can afford to buy diamonds or spend their real money buying in-game items. And if you are among such people, then this post is specially written for you.


What Is Free Fire Diamond?

The popularity of Free Fire is comparable to PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile, games that are the king of the Battle Royale genre. Recently, Fire Fire has become one of the most downloaded games on both Android and iOS platforms. The popularity of this game is equal among both teens as well as elderly age people. Free diamond is something that a true Free Fire player is always in search of.

These diamonds are the main in-game currency of Free Fire, and they are used to buy exclusive skins, bundles, and character clothes. The process of buying diamonds is very straightforward, just visit the top-up store of Free Fire.


However, not every Free Fire player can afford to buy them. And that's the reason why the lack behind in terms of skills and abilities in most of the close encounter fights in Free Fire, as every Free Fire skin and character carries special skills and abilities.

If you want to win battles in Free Fire, you must carry all the skills and abilities, and for doing so you require a good amount of diamonds.


How To Get Diamonds In Free Fire?

Buying diamonds in Free Fire is not everyone's cup of tea. However, if you can afford them then you can directly buy them from the game itself or can check out websites like CodaShop. But if you are among those people who don't have enough money to buy diamonds, then keep reading.

If you talked about the figures, buying 50 diamonds costs $0.5, 100 diamonds cost $1, and 5600 diamonds cost $4000. Looking at the person we can easily guess that it's not everyone's cup of tea to buy diamonds, not only in real life but also in Free Fire.

So, that's the reason why we are here with some simple methods that will help you to get Free Fire diamonds without paying any cost.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a great app by Google LLC that will help you to earn free diamonds. Earn Google Play credits and use them for making play store purchase. The process of earning free diamonds through Google opinion rewards is very simple, just install Google opinion reward on your Android device, create an account if you already don't have one.

Once you have created your account, you will start to come across various surveys. You will have to complete the service to earn free credits. It takes hardly 3-4 minutes to complete them. Once you have received credit in your account, you can use them to buy diamonds in Free Fire.

2. Install Free Fire Official App- Booyah

Free fire is the only game in the genre of Battle Royale that has its own official streaming app called Booyah. You should start streaming on this app and try to entertain people via your streams, and once you have gained immense popularity on this platform you will start to make real money and even earn free diamonds.

If you don't want to take the long road of creating your own streaming channel, then you should participate in various giveaways that are organized by different streamers on Booyah. And if you are lucky enough then you will win one of such giveaways and earn a good amount of diamonds.

3. Play Tournaments

Being a Battle Royale game, many organizations and Garena keeps organizing various tournaments and custom rooms. The winning prize pool of such tournaments is very high, it can go up to 10-20 lakhs. So, if you think you carry good gaming skills, then you must participate in such tournaments and start winning them. You can even choose a career in gaming, as nowadays gaming is one of the most booming industries.

There are various apps and platforms that keep organizing different custom rooms. Some of these platforms are GamersPocket, BlitzPlay, GamerJi, Playerwar, and many more. Make sure you participate in customs that are organized by the trusted platform. You can also participate in different custom organized by various YouTube and Steam streamers.

4. Help Others To Reach Heights

The motive of every Free Fire player is to Heroic Rank, the highest rank in Free Fire. But not every player has that many skills and time to reach that rank. So, such players sell their accounts to skilled players for taking their character ID to the topmost rank of Free Fire.

You can find players that are giving their account for rank push, help them in reaching the topmost rank of Free Fire, and in return earn money or diamonds for the rank push. Make sure that you invest your time in rank pushing the account of a genuine player, and remain away from people who don't pay you for the rank push.

5. Earn Diamonds Through Different Websites

There are many apps and websites present on the Internet that provide rewards for participating in surveys and downloading different apps. These rewards can be in the form of iTunes gift vouchers, Paypal money, or even real cash. You can use these rewards to buy diamonds in Free Fire. Here's a list of different apps and websites that you can look through for earning rewards.

Free Fire Diamond Generators 2022

Whenever you try to search for something free, the first and foremost results that you will get will take you to various generators claiming that you can earn free rewards by performing various tasks, and the same goes with free Diamonds in Free Fire.

Nothing in this world comes free, one way or another someone is charging something for any exchange of goods and services. There are many Free Fire Diamond generators online that can set you can earn free diamonds just by completing the human verification task. But be aware my friend, as all those Diamond generators are fake, and their only job is to steal your personal information.

Final Words

Having diamonds in your Free Fire account is the most basic thing to have if you want to enjoy this Battle Royale game to the fullest. But because of its high pricing, not everyone can afford to buy them. And that's the reason why we have provided 5 working methods that will help you to on free diamonds.

Along with this, we have also talked about different Free Fire Diamond generators present online, and how they steal your personal information by making you perform different tasks.

That's all for this post, we hope you have all your doubts cleared regarding Free Fire Diamond generator. Don't hesitate to share your feedback and doubt regarding this post in the comment section.

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