Super Kirby Clash Passwords List (January 2022)

Are you looking for Super Kirby Clash passwords then you have come to the right place? We will share a list of active and expired codes in 2022. SUPER KIRBY CLASH is an adventurous game. It's just like an action movie where there is a hero, his allies, villains, and enemies are present. It's a super cute game. Its characters are very cute in animated format. Super Kirby clash is an RPG game.

Super Kirby clash is formed by HAL LABORATORY along with VANPOOL. SUPER KIRBY CLASH is a publication of NINTENDO. After the development of the SUPER KIRBY CLASH game, it was officially launched in North America, Japan, and Europe. This game is not available on CD. It is available on the Nintendo e-shop.Super Kirby Clash | Nintendo Switch download software | Games | Nintendo There is a short story about SUPER KIRBY CLASH. Once there was a kingdom called the DREAM KINGDOM. There was a person called HORN HEAD who began to threaten the people of the DREAM KINGDOM. Luckily, a hero makes an entry to protect the people of DREAM KINGDOM, known as KIRBY with his secondary character YELLOW KIRBY. After that, they form a team to defeat the HORN HEAD.Super Kirby Clash Characters - Giant Bomb The characters of the SUPER KIRBY CLASH can be purchased with real money so that the enjoyment of the game can be increased. In this article, I will describe each detailed information about the SUPER KIRBY CLASH. You must be excited to get information about the working codes of SUPER KIRBY CLASH and how to redeem them. Let's over this introduction and move further to the interesting part. 


How to Redeem Rewards In Super Kirby Clash?

Here are steps to follow:

  1. First, you need to enter the game.
  2. Go to a shrine.
  3. Search for the password button on the topmost point.List of All Super Kirby Clash Passwords, Nintendo Switch –
  4. Click on it.
  5. A pop-up will appear displaying yes or no.
  6. Click on yes.
  7. Copy the code and paste it into the box.Nintendo of America on Twitter: "Kirby's a trendsetter for sure – that Regal-Tang Hat looks great. You know what else is great though? Free Gem Apples for everyone! Start your #SuperKirbyClash adventure
  8. To receive awards, click on the enter button.
  9. Click on password shrine.
  10. Click on A.
  11. Type the code in the box.

Super Kirby Clash Password List 2022

SUPER KIRBY CLASH PASSWORDS are promo codes released by game producers. These codes are very helpful in making gaming very fun. Whenever codes are redeemed, rewards are given.

These rewards are used to buy different things. Like we upgrade the game. Game skills are also improved. You can top it on the leaderboard. 


1. Active Passwords

Now I will provide a list of activated passwords lists. These passwords lists are available free of cost. I hope these will help you to play games. To know more about the password list, be present till the end. You will get to know more about SUPER KIRBY CLASH PASSWORD.

Redeem Codes Rewards Region
6 x Fire Fragment
6 x Water Fragment
6 x Light Fragment
North America / Europe Region
50 x Fire Fragment
50 x Water Fragment
50 x Light Fragment
North America / Europe Region
MAGOLOR 10 x Gem Apples North America / Europe Region
ハルけんよんじゅうねん 8 x Gem Apples
6 x Fragment type
Japan Region
スーパーカービィハンターズ 10 x Gem Apples
50 x Fire Fragment
50 x Water Fragment
50 x Light Fragment
Japan Region
トピックスでハンターズ 10 x Gem Apples Japan Region
つばさハンターズ 5 x Gem Apples
1 x Stamina Potion
1 x Attack Potion
Japan Region

2. Expired Passwords

Here is a list of expired passwords list:-

Redeem Codes Rewards Expiration Date
DOCTORHEALMORE 10 x Gem Apples February 10, 2020
HAMMERFLIP 10 x Gem Apples January 6, 2020
KIRBYTWITTER 20 x Gem Apples December 26, 2019
GEMAPPLES 10 x Gem Apples October 6, 2019
まいつきリンゴプレゼント 10 x Gem Apples October 6, 2019
ふじさんみえるハルけんきゅうしょ 5 x Gem Apples
1 x EXP Up
October 5, 2019

How To Redeem Super Kirby Clash Password?

There is an exciting thing about working code, these are not regionally limited. It doesn't matter what your location is. It's absolutely advantageous to all the users. It is available free of cost.


You need to spend money on it. But yes, of course, there is a limitation that if you want to use Japanese code, then you have to change the language of the keyboard to Japanese. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Click on the home button. 
  3. Move towards down.
  4. When you find a system, from there select the language.
  5. Select the Japanese language.

You are done with the language change.


As we have discussed every detailed information about the SUPER KIRBY CLASH and its PASSWORD LIST. Now we can use every function with great accuracy. It's a very easy process even any beginner can also do this. The redeeming process is also very easy. You only have to copy and paste the code. then you will redeem the codes. It's amazing to get free codes.

The best part of the code is they are regional. Anyone can use them anywhere. But the only limitation is that if you are in Japan then you have to change the language of the keyboard to “JAPANESE”. Otherwise, you will have various new codes in different seasons.

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