Hack 2021: AutoDraw, Auto Guess Tricks is a very interesting game that you can play with your friends. This doodling game allows you to do many exciting things like drawing different characters, guessing someone else drawing, and many more things. But what if you want to leave your friends awestruck by drawing the perfect drawings and always guessing the right drawing. To make this thing possible, you will need a hack. And if you were in the search of such hacks this is the best place for you. 

In this post, we will discuss two of the best hacks, i.e, Autodraw bot, and Autoguesser. So, without wasting much time on the introduction let's get straight into the topic. 


What Is is an online multiplayer game that reached the top of its popularity during this corona lockdown phase. The main motto of this game is to draw the perfect drawings and guessing someone else drawing correctly. After reading this brief explanation, you might be thinking that Skribbl will be very hard to play the game. But it's not, as our team of TechyWhale has spent hours playing it without getting bored.

It just not only provides good entertainment to you but also enhances your creative skills. You will also learn a lot of new words and their meanings that will automatically enhance your literature.


Reason Behind The Popularity Of Skribbl:

The main and most important reason behind Skribbl's huge popularity is its compatibility with almost all devices. It is supported in Android, iOS, and PC. Moreover, the game also doesn't ask for any fast internet connection. also provides the option of multiple languages, and it can also be the reason behind the huge popularity of this game. Some of the languages that are supported in this game are English, Hindi, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Hungarian, and many more. So, you can play with a stranger from another country without thinking about the language barrier. 


What Is The Use Of Hacks?

If you want to win a Skribbl game then you must know how to use the right strategies at the right place. Your brain and response time should be quick enough to guess the words before your friend. But by any chance, if you are not able to do so, and you are losing the game constantly. Then in this situation, you can take the help of hacks. 

These hacks will help you to guess the right words before anyone else by bypassing the game security protocol without even violating the game rules. Some of the most famous hacks are, Autodraw, Autoguesser, Brush size wap, and, Word helper. Hacks

So, now that you have a brief knowledge of different hacks present in Skribbl. Let's now talk about two of the most famous hacks Autodraw and Autoguesser. We will also provide their download links along with the way to use them. 

Hey Wait, before getting into the topic we will like to tell you that it's never a good option to use hacks in any game. Using hacks ruins the real competition of any game. 

  1. Autodraw Hack

Autodraw Hack is the most used hack of the game as it is the best helper for any player who is very bad at drawing. If the game gives you the task of drawing Spiderman, then using this hack you can draw the exact replica of Spiderman. 

You just need to go online and find the image of the thing that has been asked by the game. Once you have found the most appropriate image just drag and drop the image in the Skribbl drawing area and leave the rest of the work on the Autodraw Hack. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to know how to apply the Autodraw Hack.

  • Download the Autodraw Hack from the link mentioned above. 
  • The downloaded file will be in ".Zip" format, therefore you will need an extraction tool (we recommend WinRAR) to extract the file. 
  • Now, open your Google Chrome browser and click on the 3-dots. And after that click on More tools, then "Extensions".

  • Look at the top right-most corner, you will find a Developer mode option. Make sure that it is turned on. If it is turned on, click on the Load unpacked option present at the top-left most corner. 

  • Now select the extracted folder, and then click the "Select Folder" option. 

  • You will see an extension installed by the name "Autodraw for". This extension will be turned on by default. 

That's it, just start the game. Search for the appropriate image of the item that the games ask from you. Once you have found it, drag and drop that image into the drawing area, and leave the rest of the work on the Autodraw Hack. 

  1. Autoguesser

If you are not able to guess the drawings drawn by your friends then the best solution for you is installing the Autoguesser Hack. Just like the Autodraw Hack, AutoGuesser Hack is also a Chrome extension. By installing this hack you will see a list of all the possible guesses of the drawn image. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to know how to apply the Autoguesser Hack.

  • Go to Google Chrome browser and search for "Tampermonkey" extension.

  • Open the official Chrome extension link, click on "Add to Chrome". 

  • Now click on the above-mentioned link to visit the GitHub page of Autoguesser. Scroll down the page, and click on the highlighted link present under the installation option. 

  • Clicking on that link will take you to a new page. On that page click on the install option. 

Note: The image is displaying the "Reinstall" option as this hack is already installed on my device. But for you, it will display the "Install" option if haven't installed this hack before.

That's it, open the official web page of Skribble, and you will have a new option available by the title " Activate skribbler". Click on this option to activate the Autoguesser Hack.

More Hacks 2021

All the below-mentioned hacks require the Tampermonkey extension installed on your browser. 

Final Words

These were all the hacks that are still working in 2021. If you are aware of any other, please let us know in this comment section down below so that we can update our list. You can also go to the comment section for sharing your feedback and doubt regarding this post. 

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