Spotify Student Discount: How to Get it in 2021?

Have you heard about the Spotify student discount? If yes, then here we are going to discuss how to get it in easy ways. Spotify is an app that provides audio and media streaming services, launched in the year 2008 in Sweden. This app has a gigantic music library that includes over 60 million podcasts and songs from a variety of reputed record and media companies.

It's popularly known as a "freemium" app, as the songs are available to anyone who has a Spotify account and an internet connection. However, the Spotify Premium account holders can listen to music without any advertisement interruptions. They can also download songs or podcasts and listen to them when there is no internet access.


This app has an amazing feature that makes it stand out from other music streaming apps. The users can share the playlists they made with their friends, regardless of whether they have a Spotify account. It has roughly 320 million active users, out of which a big chunk are Student users. That is why Spotify smartly started to market the Spotify student discount.

What is Spotify Student Discount?

Students make up a huge part of the total listeners on Spotify. Every student without fail has a playlist for every occasion and mood, let it be working out, exam season, or a chill weekend with friends. In addition to this, the fact that college students are on a tight budget makes it hard for students to enjoy a Spotify premium account's benefits.


If you are an avid Spotify user, you will know that the premium account allows users to download music or podcasts and listen to them ad-free. The regular premium account can be purchased at Rs.119 monthly, but the Spotify student discount makes it easier for students to access the premium account. The students can avail of the premium account for just Rs 59 monthly.

The student discount not only gives a 50% discount to the students, but it also comes with free access to Hulu's ad-supported plan and SHOWTIME! Which is undoubtedly a good deal! If you don't want to continue the subscription after the free one month trial, you can always cancel the plan anytime you want.


1. Features

There are a lot of jaw-dropping features for student discounts. Some of them are:-

  • Advertisement free- This feature alone will let you enjoy your music experience on the app, without the constant annoyance from the advertisements. You can now listen to your playlists in peace.
  • Better sound quality- Premium users are selected for a better sound quality experience while using Spotify. This means that you might be in for a studio recording quality of your favourite songs!
  • Go internet free- Having a premium account makes you eligible for downloading songs offline. This will reduce the load on your data when you're traveling.
  • Song sessions- With the premium account, you and your friends can listen to the same songs in real-time. So it'll be like you're jamming to your favourite songs together, even being miles apart.

2. Eligibility For The Discount

It is quite straightforward to check whether you are eligible for the student discount. You have to make sure that you are above 18 years of age and go to a recognized college or university.

This will enable you to 4 years for the premium account. While applying for the student discount, a third-party ID identifier will ask for your College's official ID. You will learn more about it in the following paragraph.

Steps to Get The Spotify Student Discount

  • Open Spotify- After opening and logging into the Spotify account, head on to the premium section. Here you will be able to find the Spotify student discount. Or you can directly open it through this link- If you do not have an account, you can make one by giving in your phone number and/or e-mail ID.
  • Opt for student plan- You will be shown a lot of plan options. Select the student plan. Once you click on it, keep your college ID handy as you will have to use it soon.

  • Provide details- You need to enter in your details and the college details with the official college ID. You have an option of uploading them as JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, or RTF, whichever you find convenient. Once you finish giving your identification, you will be taken to the payment portal.

  • Payment- The final step consists of you entering your payment details and paying Spotify to get the student discount. The payment can be made in any manner- credit card, UPI transaction, or PayTM. And you're good to go!


Getting a Spotify student discount is an extremely effortless process that doesn't require a lot of energy. If you've followed the steps listed above, we're sure you're enjoying the Spotify premium experience by now. Once you've finished with college, you'll keep getting the service up till a year since you last verified. Then you will be automatically switched to the regular premium account. Now get ready to dive into the variety of music on Spotify!

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