How to use Tinder without Facebook?

Want to use Tinder without letting the entire school know? Or your distant cousin for the matter of fact? If you too want to know how to use Tinder without using your Facebook account to login, read along as we discuss methods to use Tinder without using Facebook as the login, the pros and cons of these methods and more!

Tinder has been one of the most popular online dating application ever sisce it was launched in 2012. Tinder allows it's users to browse through the profiles of others and based on their profile like or dislike them by swiping across their pictures. If both the parties like each other's profiles, then the application allows them to chat.  But the small issue which users have reported with Tinder is that it requires you to share your Facebook profile. In this article we will be discussing 'How to use Tinder without Facebook'.


Tinder without Facebook

Why Not login with Facebook?

As we all know, Tinder is a dating application and dating can be a very personal thing for many. Not everyone wants their friends and family to know that they are out there dating people in search of a potential partner. In case we use Facebook to login we might end up revealing a bit more than we intend to. Furthermore Facebook is not only about friends and relatives, many times there are colleagues added to one's Facebook profile. There is no point in sharing such personal things with one's colleagues.

This is the very reason why Tinder users have always been hoping for a way to use this amazing online dating service without posting it up for the world on Facebook. Now, thanks to Tinder Online, Tinder's browser version, this is possible. Let us see how!


How to use Tinder without Facebook?

Now, you can use Tinder on your desktop computers. And you don’t even need the new browser version to use this feature. In fact you don't even need to create an account.

Perform the following steps to login to Tinder without Facebook:

  • Click on “Log in with phone number”
  • Enter your phone number.

You will receive a text message with a confirmation on the phone number which just entered.

Tip: There is an alternative to using your mobile number to sign up. Yes you guessed it right, your landline number. You might ask what about the confirmation SMS. Dont worry about it, and hit NEXT anyway. Now simply press “I didn’t get a code” and choose the option to receive the code with a voice call. You will recieve a call on your landline and the code will be read to you.

  • Enter the code which you received via text message.

  • Enter your email address

Tip: For both privacy and reset concerns, use a throwaway E-Mail address to sign up.

  • Type your password
  • Enter your first name
  • Select your sex
  • Give access to android to allow Tinder to access your gallery. You will have to agree to this to continue. You will also have to agree to let Tinder access your location data, and have location services turned on to use the app.

And you are done! You have successfully logged into Tinder without using Facebook.


I hope that this article helped you learn 'How to use Tinder without Facebook'. In case if you face any difficulty, please feel free to comment and let us know. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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