50 Best Rainmeter Skins with Download Links

This article has Top 50 Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10. You can download these skins for free using the links given in the article.

If you spend more than half of your day in front of your PC or laptop staring at the windows 10 desktop, then you might get bored with the same look and design of it. So you might be thinking of how you can customize your desktop to give it a new and refreshing look. In return, you will not get bored by looking at the same look and feel of your desktop and can spend more hours doing your work efficiently.


Best Rainmeter Skins

Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10

Rainmeter is a free and open-source desktop customization utility for Windows, which was released under the GNU GPL v2 license. It allows its users to create and display user-generated customizable desktop widgets or applets that are called “skins”.

1. Simplic Rainmeter Theme  


With this theme you will have all the important system statistics and updates at your fingertips.

2. J.A.R.V.I.S + S.H.I.E.L.D OS 

This particular theme lays out all the system info, functions and programs on your desktop.

3. Panel VR 1.1 

This is a desktop theme, which displays info on notepad-like structures.


4. Sonder 

If you are looking for various updates on your desktop and you want minimal appearance and also a slight touch of classy feeling then it is perfect for you.

5. Beijing Forbidden City VR 1.1 

This rainmeter has skins neatly docked on the upper and lower portion of the screen, it provides great eligibility and also portrays a great deal of minimalism.

6. Lcars V2 

Every Star Trek series fan knows what LCARS is. It was featured as a PC operating system in Star Trek movies.

7. UI White 

It combines text, meter bars and icons, the theme presents info in a classic white which never really seems to loose its charm.

8. Halo 4 

It is inspired by Halo 4’s incredible Heads Up Display(HUD). It also comes with a set of beautiful skins.

9. Google Now 

If you are the type of person who loves to have info on the desktop arranged in a neat way then this is the one for you.

10. Batman 

Now you can turn your desktop into a Batman laboratory with a series of new icons.

11. Dark Souls 

This game has been a primary source of entertainment for thousands of gamers across the globe. So if you are a fan of Dark Soul this is for you.

12. Elementary 1.5 

This theme is the most natural theme that you can customize in the best way with every widget that you can drag into desired location.

13. Dashboard 1.8 

It is quite an appealing rainmeter skin that can quickly catch you eye. Available with round CPU and GPU temperature meters along with Wi-Fi, Battery.

14. Botanicula VR 1.1 

It is inspired by the point-and-click adventure game. This theme allows you to organize various parameters.

15. Nelamint 

This rainmeter skin is easy and fun to monitor your system.

16. Illustrated 

People use variety of themes to improve the look and feel of their desktop. This theme allows you to customize your PC’s screen by displaying clock, CPU, music player.

17. Mond 

If you are looking for some fancy fonts but you are unable to find some then you are looking at the right place. This theme has a stylish UI and you can customize that as per your own liking.

18. Evolucion 

If you want to have an eye on the detailed performance on the CPU, Temperature, Network then this is the perfect skin for you.

19. BlueVision Mod 4.6 

This is perfect for customizing a normal desktop into an awesome live desktop. This theme provides skin features like displaying clock, CPU, Temperature.

20. Triangulation 

If you are searching for a Rainmeter skin that would look really awesome and give your desktop a new look then this is a suitable choice for you. It shows multiple options like Weather, Time and Date, Ram details and much more.

21. Enmon 

The Enmon rainmeter theme is perfect for those people who wants almost everything useful on their computer screen.

22. Flat-blue 

This theme is an efficient and a stable theme for your desktop. In a nutshell, if you look out for something that can provide you everything, then this theme is perfect for you.

23. Magnum

If you are looking for a Windows PC theme which can offer a more professional appeal to your desktop.

24. Reactor 

If you are a fan of creativity and usability, Rainmeter features some great choices in creative skins and this is one of them.

25. Elementary 3 

With this theme you can get everything at your fingertips. This theme provides you several options to choose from, as per your taste and preference.

26. Cobolt 2.6 

It features a skinned version of LuaCalender along with the latest skin. It endorses 5 most boasted pictures from Instagram.

27. Gadgets 

This skin by Rainmeter is simply amazing for you if you like customizing your desktop.

28. Phenix 

This theme is the best suited for people who want to completely change how their desktop looks.

29. Outdoor-Living 

Now you can experience living out in the wild while surfing on your desktop or working in your PC, with this outdoor living rainmeter theme.

30. Wisp 

If you are looking for some material theme, then Wisp Rainmeter theme is for you. With this theme you will get beautiful dark material colour on your desktop skin.

31. Trans Intelligence HUD 

It is a mesmerizing theme that can get along with just any desktop wallpaper. The elements of this theme are somewhat transparent. It has a display clock, CPU, RAM usage.

32. Halloween 

This Rainmeter skin suit presents you with timely updates and system stats in the ultimate Halloween way.

33. Tech-A 

This theme is the best option if you want to keep track of gaming options. There are also many added features that you get with this skin.

34. Dynamic 

This Rainmeter theme welcomes you to the world of dynamics. This rainmeter suite will turn your desktop into a whole new gadget with mind blowing features.

35. Zelda 

This is one of the most famous Rainmeter themes out there, that adds beauty to your desktop. If you are a Zelda fan then, you are going to love this theme.

36. Falling Night 

This suite lays out all system stats and updates with great precision. This theme comes with skins. It shows date, time, temperature and alike.

37. NXT OS 

This theme brings all the features to the table that you would expect, it also brings with it all the programs, functions and apps. It comes with a calender, clock, battery.

38. Bookmarked 

It bookmarks all the important widgets, stats and info on your desktop, so that you can quickly access.

39. Vu Style Meters 

This rainmeter theme features a collection of VU meter-like  skins that displays various system stats.

40. Dark Origami 

If you love Origami then you have to look no further. This theme has features like an origami theme. This theme gives you the dark colour which adds up to the beauty.

41. The Maelstrom 

This theme is a perfect description of elegance, precision and convenience, when it comes to checking of various stats in your desktop.

42. Dark Orange 2 

As the name suggests, it is a desktop theme that features an orange background with a shade of red colour. The theme also include various other features like bar skins with a touch of orange shade.

43. NUXHD 

If you are looking for an elegant rainmeter theme which is also elaborate then you are looking at the right one. This theme features a clock skin, visualizer with tiny spaced bars.

44. Momento 

This theme is designed for anyone who would want to enjoy checking time, date, weather updates. The fonts are also awesome.

45. Neon Space 

It is somewhat inspired by the Sci-fi themed Neon Space video games. It comes with fantastic glow skins and vibrant heads up display.

46. Monsoon 2 

This theme will give you quick access to various updates and stats , all while you can dress up your desktop in style.

47. MappleWood+ 

The MappleWood+ desktop skin suite brings elegance and precision into your desktop.

48. Bricks 

It builds up all the skins on your desktop into a solid block.

49. Decision 

With this beautiful theme on your desktop, you can never get the updates and/or stats wrong.

50. Stereo Optic

This is a optical theme and looks much like stereo tech.

Final Words

So, these are the best available Rainmeter Skins. All of them are tried and tested so do check them out.

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