Avast Cleanup Premium Review: Should you Buy?

This article talks about the famous Avast Cleanup Premium Tool. We explain all the features and tell you whether it is worth buying or not.

If you are a Windows computer OS user, then you are pretty familiar with Avast brand name. Avast started up as a free antivirus solution for PC manufacture. Later on, it introduced it's more advanced and equipped with some bells- and- whistles feature antivirus products. Avast offers a wide range of premium paid and as well as free antivirus solutions to all the PC users. Although, the free version of the antivirus tends to be more than enough for many users.


Apart from creating Antivirus software, it also tends to make VPN software, anti-tracking tools, cloud tools and other programs for home and business. Therefore, as of its status in the market at the moment, there is no question that the brand is pretty solid and hence tends to provide its customers with the best quality products.

What is Avast Cleanup Premium?

That being said, Avast also offers a powerful Cleanup tool known as "Avast Cleanup Premium". It is the cleanup tool by avast, about which company states that it is capable of tuning up your PC, Freeing up disk space and hence also capable of fixing small issues within the PC. Also, because of its support with the antivirus app and performance tab, the company states that it is very much able to fix Junk Files, Redundant Apps, Inefficient System Settings and Obsolete Registry Entries.


Avast Cleanup Premium do stands for its name. It surely is a premium tool provided by the company, which highly excels in tunning up the PC and hence provides remarkably noticeable results. It is set to be priced at $49.99 for one year of service which includes the clean up for up to 1 user. Whereas the other version which covers the cleanup utility for 2 years is set to be $ 89.99 and $129.99 for 3 years plan. That for sure is not a cheap price for a cleanup tool. Although one can download a trial version for free, and if he/she finds it convenient and helpful, they may choose to buy it according to their needs.


Avast Cleanup Premium has a lot to offer to its customers. Also seeing that the software is priced a little high, therefore in return for your money it provides you with a fully-featured PC maintenance program that works without a flaw in it. Apart from that, it also features full integration with the other avast products, hence making it a pretty lean running program.

Apart from that, it offers many other features, therefore these features are as follows:

  • Sleep Mode:

The patented tuneup method tends to put all resource-draining applications in sleep to make your PC work as good as a new one.

  • Shortcut Cleaner:

This particular feature is responsible for removing dead shortcuts and also history lists across Windows and other applications.

  • Disk Cleaner:

It also tends to safely delete all the leftover files from Windows and over 200 most popular, PC programs.

  • Registry Cleaner:

This feature is responsible for cleaning out the hidden junk files from the Windows registry and fixes problems concerning the same.

  • tuning Dashboard and Action center:

This provides information about your PC in a quick overview form.

  • Automatic Updates:

Due to this feature, the latest updates to your most important applications are automatically found and installed without you having any hassle about it.

  • Bloatware Removal:

This feature lets the cleanup premium automatically detects the 3r party trials, ads, and toolbars you never wanted and removes them with ease.

  • Browser Cleaner:

It removes leftover browsing traces and cookies from almost 25 different browsers, including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

  • Automatic Maintainance:

It automatically allows the program to tune up your system without you worrying about it or in simpler words without you lifting a finger.

Therefore, the above context sums up about it. Hence, it contains a suite of tools that tend to clean up and tune your system completely and effortlessly.

Should You Buy It?

The software still creates a situation of doubts as people and all the program tester are still not sure whether the registry cleaner help in cleaning the junk files or not or does it impacts the system. Other than that the premium cleanup does provide the users with the basic task of cleaning up old files, cleaning up hard disks, removing old shortcuts, cleaning out old apps from the browser and deleting junk. Although these tasks are the ones you can easily carry out yourself.

Apart from that, if you were able to maintain your PC and tends to install and uninstall some applications and program daily, well, in that case, you definitely will experience a little bit of boost in your PC. Apart from that, if you are a regular user and work on Windows 10 OS, hence maintains your computer hygiene daily, well there might be no difference in the experience at all. Although, the main advantage of the Avast Cleanup pro is that of psychological support. It helps you think that your PC is getting tuned up and is maintained under such a famous brand name which is known to provide quality products to its users.

So, at a price point of $49.99 a year, should you buy it? Well, according to my opinion, it's not worth the price? it is because it performs a task that can easily be carried out without the need for an app and one can do it for free. Although, the software does provide features that tend to save you a lot of time and hassle of doing things yourselves then to the price tag of $50 a year isn't nominal or in simpler words is not worth the product has to offer.

Note: Some people might wonder whether the Avast Cleanup Premium is safe or not? The answer to that question is that the software is completely safe for a system. It dosent tend o create any tension among the OS and performs pretty well and effortlessly without exerting any impact on the system.

Final Thoughts

As for the final thoughts of the Avast Cleanup Premium, the software tends to offer users with many features, although most of them are easy to carry out by an individual himself/herself with a couple of efforts and that too at no cost at all. Apart from that, the particular software does offer some features that are out the reach of the users and cannot be done by an individual. These extra features do keep your PC intact and tuned up but for a price tag of $50 a year, it is not that nominal.

So, as for the overall review, the Avast Cleanup Premium tool is a packed product which does help the users in keeping their PC optimized and tuned up without any hassle and efforts but is not a good product to purchase, since it comes with a price tag of $50 on it. If it would have been available at a nominal price than the purchase of this product would have made it a better cleanup tool to buy in the market.

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