Is CleanMyMac Safe and Legit to Use?

Are you on the lookout for an honest review of Is CleanMyMac Safe or not? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. We have got honest reviews about CleanMyMac. Today, in this article, we will tell you everything CleanMyMac has to offer. Including its features, and whether it is safe or not. We will check whether it is worth all the money you put in its purchase or it is just a load in your pocket. So without further delay, let us see ‘Is CleanMyMac Safe or not’?


What is CleanMyMac?

CleanMyMac’s main aim is to keep your device uncluttered. It needs to keep your device free from viruses and malware. Most of the time it happens that most of the space on your device is taken up by temporary files. This, in return, fills up all the storage of your device. CleanMyMac helps you to keep all this stuff from taking up space and cleans it from time to time with its tools. Filling up of storage results in making the device’s configuration sub-optimal. CleanMyMac thus protects your device from any kind of harm.

Many of the CleanMyMac users have recommended the use of CleanMyMac for your computer and its safety. Many of them have also termed it as the best mac cleaner out there in the market. Let us look at some of its features and see whether it is safe or not.

1. CleanMyMac Key Features

The best part of CleanMyMac is that like the other Mac system cleaning services, it does not delete only the junk files from the system. But, when you download the software, you will see a computer UI, where a smart scan can be conducted by the user for a quick optimization, or you can even access many different features. Some of them are:

  • Cleanup – For system junk, trash bins, and also mail attachments.
  • Protection – Privacy and easy Malware Removal.
  • Speed – Maintainance and optimization.
  • Applications – Updater, uninstaller, and extensions.
  • Files – Space lens, large/old files, shredder.

Is CleanMyMac Legit?

CleanMyMac is indeed legitimate and has been declared safe. It has been declared safe for use by Apple and you can also find an official version for it in the AppleStore. Many consumers, however, take advantage of the additional benefits by directly getting it from MacPaw. These benefits include upgrades to major versions, additional device downloads, and major discounts on their products. Initially, it was built by a tech company, MacPaw.

CleanMyMac does nothing to help clean your Mac computer in an attempt to increase its speed. With the help of its smart scan and clean-up feature, the software helps you to get rid of your Mac computer of its junk files and unnecessary load that might slow down your computer.

CleanMyMac recorded as many as 5 million users as of 2018. This number has eventually risen over time. In case the software would have been faulty, then these numbers would have surely decreased.

Does Apple Recommend CleanMyMac?

Apple has confirmed CleanMyMac to be safe, but it is worth noting here that CleanMyMac is not built or developed by Apple. The Mac cleaning tool is Apple-Notarized. Apple Notarization is a process where the absence of malware in software that is meant for their products is verified by Apple. During the final stage of building the software, the developers sent it to Apple Notary Services, where the software’s codes were scanned and no malware was found in it.

Various other organizations find CleanMyMac to be safe for use too. They find it a safe way to optimize the storage as well as the speed of your Mac just by performing cleanup tasks that most of them can’t figure out. It does all this more efficiently than several other cleanup software.

Is CleanMyMac a Scam?

CleanMyMac is not a scam and it, in no way, brings harm to your computer. It gives no malware or virus to your computer, nor is it built by some suspicious company. It has a very eye-pleasing user design and also user experience, which makes it look like it will solve all your problems. Although it does a lot for your computer, it does not, however, solve every little issue that you may have.

CleanMyMac helps your computer to clean up excess junk files and free up RAM of your Mac computer too. By doing these actions, your Mac becomes faster and has more space for other activities.

Will CleanMyMac Delete Files on My Computer?

Many times we come across this query as to CleanMyMac deletes the files on your computer. We have an answer to that. No, CleanMyMac does not delete the files on your computer. If you haven’t commanded a particular file to be deleted, then it won’t be touched by the software.

There have been some cases in the past where the software was reported to have ‘deleted’ some unnecessary files from the computer. But, some new updates by MacPaw have helped resolve this issue and now it is easily reversible. As of some personal experience, I have known some people who have used CleanMyMac and the response has been positive.

CleanMyMac in no way does anything more than help your system optimize speed and storage on your MacBook. It will not slow down your system or remove any files without your command.

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With this, we conclude our reviews for CleanMyMac and its safety towards your computer. We have tried covering all the important points for you with which it will be helpful for you to choose your cleaning software easily now. CleanMyMac is safe. It is legit and safe to install and use on any system you want. The legitimacy of CleanMyMac has been proven with the rising number of users it has been recording over the years and the company that backs it while manufacturing.

I hope you found the article useful and it solved many of your queries too! Please leave your suggestions and comments in the box below.