Black Mesa Cheats Codes & Console Commands

In this article, we are sharing a list of Black Mesa cheats codes and console commands. BLACK MESA is a video game. It is a third-party game. It is the remake of HALF-LIFE. BLACK MESA is a type of first-person shooter game. It is the publication of CROWBAR COLLECTIVE. BLACK MESA has several versions. The first version of BLACK MESA was published in 2015. The first version has early access. The full game was launched in 2020. It is available for WINDOWS and LINUX. It is made in the source game engine. Before the launch of BLACK MESA was approved by HALF-LIFE DEVELOPERS. Black Mesa on SteamIn BLACK MESA, players have to perform various functions like tasks to play games. They have to solve various puzzles. Solving puzzles will help the users to proceed to higher levels. We can move to the next level only by solving the puzzles. This is somewhat the same as the HALF-LIFE game.

In this game, we have to collect the weapons that will come across in our ways to proceed with the game. In this game, there are many supplies that we will find during the game. We must know about the weapons that we will collect about how to use them. Black Mesa review | PC GamerThe main character that acts as the player will be protected by an important suit that will monitor the health of the player. Health acts as a protectant to players as it will compensate for the damage caused by attacks. We will find health packs scattered in different places in the game.


We have to find the health packs to protect the player from the damage caused by attacks. These will be immediately used by the player before degrading the health.

Characters In Black Mesa

There are different characters in the game. I will list all the characters of the game to better understand the game.

  1. Gordon Freeman: He is the main player of the game.
  2. Issac Kleiner: He is not visible every time. He appears very often.
  3. Eli Vance: He appears in different chapters of the gam
  4. Wallace Breen: he doesn't appear. It's just like HALF-LIFE. He is indirectly mentioned in the game.
  5. The G-Man: G-man is a special character. He catches the players from the distance and disappears. his appearance and role are somewhat the same as that of the half-life.
  6. Barney Calhoun- Barney Calhoun appears in the inbound chapter of the BLACK MESA video game. The developers of this game decided not to disclose the name, Barney Calhoun.

Steam Workshop::Black Mesa Character Expansion (Default Scientist Shirts)These characters play a very major role in the video game. These characters make the game interesting to its users. It is a live game. We can play it online. There are many other creatures in the game. They act as villains or enemies. The main characters will be against these creatures who act as enemies.


The hero of the game will defeat its enemies with the help of weapons present in the different locations of the game which we have to collect.

There are many creatures in BLACK MESA. I will write about all the creatures that are present in the BLACK MESA video game.

1. Creatures In Black Mesa

Houndeye, Bullsquid, Headcrab, Barnacle Alien Aircraft, Vortigaunt, Alien grunt, Snark, Tentacle, Boid, Zombie, Standard Zombie, Hivehand, Gargantua, Monarch, Nihilanth, Alien controller.Xen creatures on Black-Mesa-Fans - DeviantArt


Black Mesa Console Commands – All Cheats

Here is the list of cheats codes.

  1. All Weapons & ammo – impulse 101
  2. Enemies can’t hear you – impulse 105
  3. Set Friction to X – sv_friction X
  4. God Mode – god: invincible
  5. Bounce Multiplier to X – sv_bounce X
  6. Get item, weapon, or ammo – give ItemOrWeaponid
  7. Remove all NPC – ent_remove_all npc_name
  8. Enemies don’t attack you – notarget
  9. Remove NPC – ent_remove (point to the entity you want to remove)
  10. Change Map or Changelevel – map MapId 
  11. 3rd person perspective – chase_active 1
  12. Summon or Teleport NPC – ent_teleport npc_name (point with your crosshair where you want to spawn it
  13. Set Gravity to X – sv_gravity X

Black Mesa Console Commands- How to Open Console?

Now, I will write about the procedure of BLACK MESA console commands. You have to read it till the end so that you will know about the black mesa console commands. There are two methods of black console commands:

1. First method

  1. In your library, right-click on the black mesa.
  2. Click on properties.
  3. Then you have to set the launch option.
  4. Then type console.
  5. Click on launch the game.
  6. When the game is loaded that you have to type- bind toggle console.

2. Second method

  1. Click on the game.
  2. Navigate to keyboard settings.
  3. Click on advanced.
  4. Then enable the developer console.
  5. Click on save.
  6. Click on the game and hit tilde. (~)
  7. Then enter “sv_cheats 1”.

You can try any one of these methods at your convenience.


Black Mesa being the first-person shooter game is a favorite among gamers society. This also has led to more queries regarding black mesa cheats. This article had a large collection of cheat codes. You can refer to these. Don't forget to share this article in your gaming groups.

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