How to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Charging Issue?

Is your Nintendo switch not charging and giving you a hard time? It won't be a bother anymore. With this article, you can quickly fix the Nintendo Switch not working situation and get back your favorite game in no time. It might be a little glitch that can be resolved pretty easily. Let's get to it!


Guide to Nintendo Switch Not Charging

Nintendo Switch gaming consoles are wildly popular among all gamers, regardless of age. Almost everyone has a Nintendo while growing up. Over the years, there have been various versions of Nintendo gaming devices. The consoles boast of having a 6-hour battery life. Sadly, they don't really stay around for a such long time.

There are times when the Nintendo switch simply refuses to charge or the screen isn't displayed properly. This ends up messing up the quality and the overall performance of the device. In this article, we'll show you quick and easy ways to solve the 'Nintendo switch not charging' problem.


Ways to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Charging Problem

Given below is the full list of ways to get you out of the 'Nintendo switch not charging' situation. The steps are very easy to understand. However, make sure you are careful while following the instructions.

Keep in mind that if your console is hacked or has gone through any unofficial updates, then the 'Nintendo switch not charging' problem might be a by-product of the hack. To fix the issue, you will have to get rid of the unofficial update and go back to the console's original settings.

1. Charge your Device for an Hour

If you have a charging problem with your Nintendo Switch, the best way to revive it is to make it run out of battery completely. Once the device is fully drained, plug the charger in, and let the device charge for an hour. This should give the Nintendo switch time to get its basic functioning back.


2. Adapter Check

If your Nintendo switch is not up and working yet, you need to check your adapter once. There might just be a problem with your adapter that won't let the console charge up. All you need to do is-

  1. Unplug your charging wire from the adapter and your device.
  2. Check if there is any dust or cracks in the adapter.
  3. If there is dust, carefully clean with an earbud or a similar small object.
  4. If there is a crack, try and tape it tightly or buy a new one (the official Nintendo adapter might be a little pricey, so think properly before you make the purchase).
  5. Now reconnect the adapter to the charging cord and try again.

3. Direct Connection for Adapter

If you are using an extension board or a strip, then unplug your charger from it. While being connected to extension cables, the Nintendo switch not charging problem may arise. That is why it is important to plug the adapter into a wall outlet for the best result.

4. Official Adapter Check

When you use the official adapter for the Nintendo switch, that is when you will get a better overall experience. Using model no. HAC-002 will be the best for your Nintendo Switch, and will not result in any charging issues. Third-party adapters might be cheaper but they are not advisable to buy and replace it for the official adapter.

5. Restart your Nintendo Switch

If the Nintendo switch not charging issue is still present after checking your adapter thoroughly, you need to try and restart your device. Sometimes a quick restarting of the console is all it takes to fix all the problems.

You just need to long-press on the power button of the console (roughly 30 seconds). This will reset your device and you can get playing your game in no time.

6. Check the dock

Some people use docks to charge their Nintendo switch. If you own a dock, it is advisable to check your dock for any damages, or even a loose wire. If they aren't connected securely, then the console will not charge properly, hence the 'Nintendo switch not charging' situation.

7. Contact Nintendo Repair

If none of the above methods seem to fix the Nintendo switch not-charging problem, then your last resort is to contact the Nintendo repair option. The official site provides repair options both online and offline.

Due to the pandemic, there are a few restrictions for the physical repair, you can find more details on the website. Keep in mind that you need to let them know about your issue by logging into your account and get in touch with the officials.


That's a wrap-on 'Nintendo switch not charging. We hope your Nintendo device is fully functional and back to its pre-tragedy glory. The above methods are sure to work on reviving your fallen device. Make sure that you follow the steps mentioned above carefully and in the right order for the best results. Have fun gaming on your Nintendo!

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