YouTube Black Screen: 4 Ways to Fix

Did you ever face this situation where YouTube displays a black screen and does not work? YouTube black screen issue can strike at any time and this method can be accompanied by a series of unrelated problems.

Some of the most common causes of Youtube displaying a black screen or black boxes instead of videos include malfunctioning ad blockers, connectivity problems with the local network or the internet. You can fix all of these problems by yourself but it may take a while to track down the exact problem by yourself.


You may face a problem with all kinds of YouTube playback errors during your daily usage. In this article, we have decided to show you some important ways that may help you find your perfect solution to fix your problem.

How to Fix YouTube Black Screen Error

There are multiple factors that force a YouTube black screen on your screen, the major issues retaken up below with some profitable solutions


1. When you browse with poor connection

Firstly, you need t check whether you have a reliable and strong internet connection on your mobile or PC. Weak and unstable Internet connection might prevent your browser from loading the complete video properly. If your YouTube was working perfectly the previous day but now it is all black then you will find a perfect solution down below.

Solution: Check and see if your internet connection is working well, and load other web pages to see if it is a general problem. check all the networks that are running in your mobile or PC and see if they are not assuming too much traffic. change your network and restart the YouTube page or restart the browser. instead of waiting while your YouTube buffers, you can download a video to your computer/mobile.

2. Browser not Updated

If your browser is not updated to its latest version, YouTube black screen may occur. it can occur that the Adobe Flash Player still used in older versions which aren't supported by YouTube anymore.


Solution: Some of the browsers get updated automatically, or else you can uninstall it and download the latest browser again from the official website and then install it.

3. Adobe Flash Player Issues

YouTube black screen can occur if the Adobe Flash Player is outdated and JavaScript has stopped working because Adobe Flash Player is pre-installed in many web browsers and JavaScript is a necessary part for the browser to let any feature work well.

Solution: Make sure if you have the latest Adobe Flash Player and JavaScript running well in the browser. try to uninstall Adobe Flash Player and install it again to the latest version that is available. Also, check whether Javascript of your browser is on. if not, turn it on.

4. Cache Error

Other possible causes that may lead to a YouTube black screen issue are caches and cookies. You visit many websites in a day that may contain all these cookies and caches that get saved in your browser. Browsers collect these data so it can be loaded quickly without downloading repeatedly. if the endless cache and cookies clog up in your browser, when you play videos on YouTube, you will notice the lack of screen error.

NOTE: This method will clear all your data from your browser. to keep your data safe, you have to repopulate the data and readjust all the preferences.

Solution: Shut down the browser and restart, YouTube black screen will no longer occur.

For Google Chrome: Go to chrome menu then more tools/history then clear browsing data then choose the " cached images and files/cookies and other sites and plug-in data" to clear.

For Firefox: Click on the Firefox history then, clear history then "Everything" range of "Browsing and download History/form & Search. History/cookies/Caches/Offline Website Data"; or tap on Tools then Options then Advanced and finally "clear now" for Cached Web contents and offline and User Data.

For Internet Explorer: Tap on the menu icon then, safety then Delete Browsing History then, Select Temporary Internet Files, cookies and history/Preserve Favorite Website Data then tap on "Delete".

You may not need to complete every step one after the other, you can check to see if you are able to view YouTube videos. If YouTube starts working again, then you are done. But if none of the above methods work, or you are facing any problem for yourself, get us to fix it for you. All you need to do is directly explain your problem in the comments section below, and we will investigate and find solutions to your problems.

If other devices in your phone is not loading YouTube either, then one of these three scenarios can happen to you: You have somehow been banned from YouTube and cannot view videos content anymore, your internet connection is out or this is caused by some kind of server issue on YouTube's end.

Hope this fixed your YouTube trouble!

Final Words

YouTube black screen error can just happen anytime to anyone for a wide range of reasons. Don't get disappointed, instead understand the causes and solutions which this article will be featured about. this YouTube back screen problem can also occur on your mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android, the same fixing method for PC can be adopted like reinstall and update the youtube app/Adobe Flash player, clear cache and data, etc.

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