Top 10 Best Discord Bots of 2019

Today we are discussing top best discord you will encounter on the internet. Before telling you about discord bot first, you need to know the basics of discord bot. What is discord bot, how they work, how can someone use this bots, all and many more questions will be answered today in this article today.

 What is Discord Bot?

Discord bot is something that provides you functionality and structure so that your work can be done easily and faster without any problem. It will improve your servers immensely. This is like an improving tool for your servers. By using discord bots, your server will become lightweight and streamlined. There are many types of discord bots from playing music to enjoying games to creating and sending memes.


You can use various type of discord bots available on the internet. But if you are from computer field or you know about programming languages you can create your own bots as well by coding it with the help of python, java, c, and c++, etc.

We will tell you with a simplified example from which you can understand about the bot.

Suppose if you want to block someone from your server.  You will need to go to their profile, or search that person, find the block option and block. But if you want to do this task using a bot, you just only give a short command into the chat line that is "block name" from specific social media or place. That person will be blocked easily. It's a quicker approach to doing things.


Discord bot is very popular in gaming also. They are great for gamers. You can set up a chat room with the help of voice and text chat, and after that, you can communicate with other players as well who might be playing the same game at the same time. It is very easy and convenient to set up a chat server using discord bot.

It's very flexible, user-friendly. By using this, you can also use various customized tools which support your bot and enhance the functions of your chat servers. It's like the more you use it and know about it. The more you get better at it.

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10 Best Discord Bots to Boost Server Performance

If you are someone who is obsessed with using bots but do not know how to enhance more your server and giving it an extra kick, then this article is for you. Here we are presenting top 10 best boats to add awesomeness to your server. You will definitely find your perfect bot on this list.


This bot is very famous amongst all the discord bots. This will offer a variety of features for you. You can increase the capacity of your server by doing various things simultaneously. It can add the different type of layers to a server. It gives you lots of functionality. By using this discord, you can get notifications of various applications and websites. Mute your annoying friends and relatives. You can get information about particular user easy. This will allow you to have a different command for jokes and memes as well. This bot also has a feature of music lovers. You can give control for basic music playback like pause a song, replay, increase/decrease the volume of a song. You can select all the songs that you want to listen and make a queue and listen to them in that order. This all can be done by using this discoid not. This has to be a very helpful bot for everyone.

website- Discoid


Beam is a bot that can be used to communicate with lots of people, or I should say chatters. If you are someone whose channel is growing daily, by day, then you will encounter some difficulties to engage with lots of people at the same time.  With lots of people, a small stream will not be fun for you. That's when beam came in the picture. Beam will give you a platform to all your viewer to have a window in the gameplay. It will surely change the way how streamers interact with their audience.


If we are talking about discord bots, then it's impossible not to mention hexacircle. This is also all in one kind of discord bot. This bot will provide you various types of features. You can send lots of gif on your server, block or ban people; you can control your music player. This bot has a super cool system of AFK system, so you can use this system without being hesitating much.

Website- Hexacircle


This bot is one of the best entertainment on this list. This bot can use to make comic books and different types of charts as well. By using these comics and chats not only your server will look more attractive and user-friendly, but it will also give your server a liveliness and fun element also. Other then this, you can use their huge emoji feature. And if you are someone who is a YouTuber, it will make your life much easier by giving you notification easily and make your work simpler.

Website- Septapus


As you can guess it by name this bot is one of the awesome bots in this list. This bot provides a plethora of features for you to dig in and find some perfect features for can support images, Gifs, YouTube, gaming. You can host different kinds of game servers and host live polls also. This bot helps you revive your profile system without much efforts.


Aethex is one of the discord in this on which you can rely quickly if you don't want many bots. There are different categories defined by using them you can choose to use it. Like utility tools, music use, social media use, entertainment, gaming, etc. You can manage large server by this bot. You can make your server by using more appealing features like the message of the day, welcome message, etc. By using it music tools, you can also queue songs on SoundCloud as well. In all, this bot is do everything bot for all the people who are struggling with multiple bots.

Typical bot

This bot can manage the variety of things very smoothly and flawlessly. The best thing about this bot is it can set up quickly without much of everyday Hassel. It can also be used by several moderators together easily. You can send a warning, kick or ban other users very easily. There are also various entertainment features like a dice game, eight ball pool, etc.

Website- Typical bot


This bot is also very good when it comes to auto moderating for discord. You can quickly set up and start communicating via private messages. It can manage your tasks with ease and perfection. It will be the best bot for you if you are moderating a discord server on your own. It will do so much work you without taking much of your time.

Website- RH1-N0


Serum is one of the unique bots in this list because you can use it by giving voice commands. Its like one of your Seri from the phone. By using this bot, you can input commands by only using your voice. By using other discord application, you have to go to chat box and type, but by this bot, you can easily give a command like hey serum, etc. This bot is most accessible to them all.


If you are a user who loves online streaming, then this bot is definitely for you. When you go live on any application like a twitch, YouTube gaming, hotbox, beam, etc. You will get notifications from this bot. You can have complete command over what type of things you want to share with it.  You can engage your users by online polls etc.

So these are the best discord bots available on the internet. Hopefully, you will get your perfect bot by using this information. Out of all these listed bots, you will definitely find one or two bots which will work best for your server. If you are using another bot which is supercool, please let us know in the comment section.

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