16 Best Email Providers for Personal Use [Free & Secure]

Undoubtedly emails have a very significant role to play in our lives and especially if you are a business owner, email is one of your primary assets. Emails provide a clear bridge to make communication between the vendor and the client. Well, personally speaking, I use my email even for personal use and mostly rely on them as they are trustworthy. Speaking of emails, today there are tons of email providers that have plenty to offer. However, we are going to eye on the best email providers only so that selecting the best one is gets easy.

Time to drive you through the best email providers out there. Get all set to put your bets on the best one.


8 Best Email Providers

Apart from Gmail, there are many other email services that you can start using. Here is a list of 8 Email Service Providers that are as good as Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

1. Gmail

Let’s start with the obvious and the best email providers of all time, Gmail. Gmail has three plans for you – Basic, Business, and Enterprise. One can opt for either of the three depending on the storage and accessibility you need. Google is the email provider for Gmail. Gmail is accessible on your phone or your laptops. It also gives you Google Drive which is a place to store all your important data and images.

Best Email Providers


  • Easy access from anywhere.
  • Secure


  • Loading is pretty slow

2. Outlook

Outlook, along with being the best email provider, is also one of the best browser-based service servers. It maintains its connections with Exchange online and servers. With Outlook, it is easier to be more productive right from your home.

Best Email Providers


  • Unlimited storage
  • Security is right on track with the help of DMARD
  • Integration

3. Proton Mail

Back in 2014, Proton Mail became a kind of a showstopper in the world of email providers. One good thing about Proton Mail is the ability of it blending well with small as well as large enterprises. Additionally, not to forget the high-level encryption it has to offer. The whole thing is very simple with and so is the service with these bunch of cool features.

Best Email Providers


  • It allows you to add a valid date for your email to expire and go in the bin.
  • Secure since it has encryption.


  • Email encryption is a tough net if you are using the free version.

4. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo also has ranked up in the list of the best email providers as it is one of the finest web portal and a well-maintained search engine. Some of the other options that it provides include Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Groups, etc. Also, it allows users to block spam directly.


  • Good filter option for spams
  • Connecting external user accounts is easy
  • Use of search key information


  • Advertisements
  • Fewer Filters

5. AOL Mail

AOL Mail is yet another email provider that has a free email account to offer. Just like any other email, it allows users to choose and filter messages, mark them as flagged or unflagged, and so on. Along with all these, it also has tons of settings that let you fulfill your customization needs.

Another benefit that this one brings in the tray includes the ‘IMAP and POP server settings’ display on client email addresses which sure is one of the bright sides of AOL Mail.

Best Email Providers


  • Different themes
  • Spelling check before you hit off that send button
  • Customization

6. Zoho Mail

This is indeed the best email provider for you if you are someone with a small business. Zoho, unlike any other email platform, allows you to send emails for personal as well as professional use. Zoho has a migration tool that makes it easy to migrate emails directly from O365 to Zoho Mail. Also, connecting with other Zoho apps gets easier.


  • Simple design
  • Keyboard shortcuts – More than 50+
  • Easy access right from your mobile devices
  • Advanced option to search

7. Yandex Mail

Yandex mail is one secure email provider that you must consider if you want to have hassle-free email needs. It is basically a Russian company that has to offer tons of tools along with 10 GB of space for storage, calendar, and much more. All that is required of you is one login to use everything that Yandex has to offer.

The other facilities that it offers are pretty much basic and let you filter, import tasks, and contacts, and so on.


  • Importing images right from the image with the help of the URL.
  • You can set deadlines and timelines for your emails.
  • Emails can be downloaded as EML files.

8.  Mail.com

We are putting it in the list of free email providers because of one primary reason and that is, it is free. Yes, you heard me right. Mail.com is completely free for one to use. It has plenty in the bag to offer like Protection through Spam and Viruses, selecting a fancy domain name for the big list, and so on.


  • It provides unlimited space for storage.
  • Integration of social apps like Facebook.
  • Import of data in CVS and ICS format.
  • Online storage


  • Requires dual-factor authentication for users.

16 Secure and Free Email Providers for Personal Use

Here is the full list of 16 Free and Secure Email providers that you can start using for free.

  1. Gmail
  2. Outlook
  3. Proton Mail
  4. Yahoo Mail
  5. AOL Mail
  6. Yandex Mail
  7. Zoho Mail
  8. Mail.com
  9. GMX Mail
  10. iCloud Mail
  11. Lycos
  12. Tutanota
  13. Mozilla Thunderbird
  14. 10 Minute Mail
  15. Hushmail
  16. Counter Mail


Well, there we go with our list of best email providers that have the best to offer. If you want to go for email providers that are free, you can choose Gmail, AOL, Zoho, and Proton. On the contrary, if you are more concerned about your security, you can go for Hushmail, Proton Mail, or Tutanota. The paid ones are Zoho, Hush, and Gmail.

So, make sure to go for the provider that serves your purpose right. Feel free to add some email providers in the comment section below.